Vagabond Temple offers ongoing yoga and meditation retreats and strives to share knowledge, spiritual guidance and love with people from around the world.

Yoga Retreats (10)

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23 Days Holistic Healing and Yoga Training Course in Kep, Cambodia

October 21-November 12 | May 6-28, 2019–2020
    from US$1,566
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    34 Days Yoga and Meditation Retreat Programs in Kep, Cambodia

    Oct | Nov | Dec | Jan | Feb | Mar, 2019–2020
      from US$1,500
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      27 Days Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Kep, Cambodia

      Oct | Nov | Dec | Jan | Feb | Mar, 2019–2020
        from US$1,230
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        48 Days Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Kep, Cambodia

        Oct | Nov | Dec | Jan | Feb | Mar, 2019–2020
          from US$1,900
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          Pazit Barak


          Reviews (63)

          Nastasia Clement

          from Philippines, April 2019

          "Everything was perfect"

          The lessons, the food, the atmosphere.

          Lara Heliotis

          from Switzerland, December 2018

          "Great experience - can absolutely recommend it! "

          - teachers

          - the food

          - the whole atmosphere

          James Miller

          from Great Britain, December 2018

          "A good place to heal"

          Excellent vegan food, some good yoga instructors, Mary Sarah and Amanda in particular I found outstanding , incredible nature and climate, a varied curriculum of classes with an emphasis on play, dance and opening up. There is without a doubt a magic to this place. I felt a lot of change take place in myself in the week that I spent there and observed a lot of changes in those around me

          Juanita Leighton-ahnau

          from Australia, February 2018

          "Aboslutely life changing"

          The people make this place, and then there's the most delicious food. My experience here helped deepen my yoga practise, and taught me so much more about meditation.

          Tash Kenny

          from Vietnam, February 2018

          "So glad I went "

          The best place to go when you really need to recharge, and refocus. Great experience.

          Teddi-jo Van Goor

          from Indonesia, February 2018

          "7 day yoga retreat at Vagabond Temple "

          I liked the sense of community everyone seamed to share. The general atmosphere was open and light hearted. I really enjoyed staying in the tree house and had a great bunch of roommates. Also I had an amazing group meditation experience, had my first craniosacral massage, and thoroughly enjoyed the daily dharma talks.

          Mélanie Charmillot

          from Cambodia, February 2018

          "Wahou! I couldn't imagine something better"

          I loved the area, full of nature, the cosiness of the common area, the facilities, the people, the shop, the food, the programm ... everything

          Paul Thompson

          from Great Britain, January 2018

          "Vagabond temple review "

          The friendly atmosphere, fantastic instructors,great location, fantastic weather. Good accommodation

          Maria Nazarenko

          from Malaysia, January 2018

          "Amaizing New Year at Vagabond"

          Is was a truly magical experience, meeting all the positive and interesting people, going through all the course together, physical and spiritual exercises... program organised in a very interesting way as well as doing all the activities you have some time to rest and relax...was the best decision for me to spend this new year in such a unique way, I will try to come back!

          Elaine Pollock

          from Australia, January 2018

          I loved meeting people from all over the world. I enjoyed the meditation and learning different forms of yoga that I had never tried. I enjoyed the energy and positive vibes that were released from the leaders and participants. I liked the routines and singing the mantras. It was a totally relaxing experience. The music was amazing and the dancing sessions were awesome. I enjoyed eating the vegan food, even though I adore meat, and not drinking alcohol was not as difficult as I thought! My body felt great and I lost a few kg. I've started drinking ginger and lemongrass tea because of the retreat. I've picked up some great recipes and good habits.

          Delaite Kassaye

          from Cambodia, June 2017

          "Best Choice "

          I was pleased and grateful for the instructors and teachers as well as the guests at the temple. It was an eye opening experience.


          from Thailand, December 2018

          Tolle Atmosphäre, super Programm und leckeres veganes Essen.

          Nicole Denker

          from Cambodia, May 2018

          "Vielen Dank euch allen für diese bereichernde Yoga Woche"

          Das ganze Programm, welches hier geboten wird.

          Mayssa Evangelista

          from France, April 2018

          "une bulle de sérennité"

          Ce séjour correspondait exactement à mes attentes. La Nature le Yoga la méditation, les rencontres, et les professeurs de qualité qui savent transmettre et partager, en bref tout était au rendez-vous !

          Olivia Gardini

          from Laos, March 2018

          "Semaine sur les chakras"

          Toute la semaine à été accès sur les chakras ce qui m'as permis de découvrir plusieurs style de yoga. Les séances dharma m'ont permis d'en apprendre beaucoup.Il y a beaucoup d'échanges entre les participants ce qui est super! Le lieu est vraiment superbe et relaxant.

          Jackie Scherer

          from United States, February 2018

          "Le professeur de Reiki Patsi l’ensei était plus que parfait "

          La très grande disponibilité, compétence et amabilité des professeurs

          et des volontaires

          Corinna Lukas

          from Australia, May 2017

          "Really nice experience!!"

          I really liked the yoga lessons and the Dharma-Talks: high quality!! And I liked beeing part of this nice and openminded community. Especially because it does not matter where you are coming from, or how you look like. Everyone seems to be welcome ☺

          Ralitsa Yaneva

          from Great Britain, June 2019

          "Beautiful people 💞 amazing vibe 👌🏽🇰🇭"

          I love everything there... even the challenge was tasty 😋

          Andreas Mossburger

          from United States, February 2019

          "Großartiger Ort für Yoga"

          Ich war hauptsächlich dort um Yoga Stunden zu besuchen, im Wechsel von bis zu fünf Lehrern wurde es nie langweilig und war sehr abwechslungsreich!


          from Spain, January 2019

          Meeting so many new people from all over and getting to know their stories is the bestAll the lessons (Claire, Donna, Mary Sarah and of course Coby and Pazi). Excellent to be able to experience different types of yoga within little time. The morning circle and Dharma talks and the movie night was fun too.

          Olena Medwid

          from United States, January 2019

          "Life changing experience..."

          Pazit and Kobi, you are forever in my heart ❤

          Suzanne Johnson

          from Great Britain, December 2018

          "Wow! What an experience!"

          This is a truly magical place. It’s not down to one or two things, it’s everything that Vagabond encompasses.

          The grounds are beautiful, of course, but it’s the people mainly and the culture that serves everyone.

          Kobi & Pazit, Maayan, the teachers and volunteers enabled me, for the first time in my life to feel unjudged, to be free, to be silly, to dance like nobody is watching, to sing like nobody can hear. I became who I always was but have never acknowledged before.

          The food also is outstanding! I’m vegan anyway so when I realised that it was fully vegan there I was so excited. The sheer joy of having 3 delicious, nutritious meals served to me every day was incredible!

          This was my first, but not my last visit.

          Each yoga lesson, meditation, movement class, morning circle and Dharma talk was so very precious.

          Thank you Vagabond team, for everything!

          Marina Protopopoff

          from Cambodia, May 2018

          "Nurturing a peaceful mind within a beautiful community"

          Found the space to slow down, experience and build strong fondations into yoga and meditations practices.

          Surrounded by amazing scenaries, supported by beautiful souls i developed my inner child and home in my heart. What an incredibly fulfilling time.

          Returning next week ;p

          Cyndi Kruijer

          from Thailand, May 2018


          Excellent insightful instructors. Everyone was friendly and helpful. I had 2 massages over the 2 weeks that were just amazing. What I learned was timely and much needed.

          It was easy to go for walks to explore Kep and Kampot was a scooter ride away.

          Thank you Vagabond!

          Lyndsey Andersen

          from New Zealand, March 2018

          "An amazing first retreat"

          From the minute you walk into Vagabond you’re welcomed by everyone you come into contact with. All of the teachers are invested in getting to know everyone when they arrive and remembering/ modifying positions when injuries prevent certain asanas.

          The food is incredible! After a few days I was missing sugar but had relatively no other cravings when switching to full vegan because 90% of the time you would think there was some sort of animal products to give the dish the creaminess- a week later and I’m still dreaming of the eggplant curry 💔

          The accommodation is pretty basic but very homey. Everyone has their own fan and mosquito net and the option for a hot shower is there if you want it.

          The classes are well structured and spaced out so you can do your own activities in between in town. The yoga classes are well suited for all abilities and you have the option to push your self or slow down for a breather if needed. I loved that every week had a different focus and throughout the week you gained the strength and openness to try something fun like inversions, arm balances, backbends, etc. Also you did a handful of different types of yoga each week; yin, kundalini, flow, etc.

          Lastly, I walked into this retreat not knowing how to meditate and no grasp on the spirituality that yoga stems from. Kobi is very knowledgeable in tackling meditation in a way that all all levels can learn and try on their own.

          I had an amazing month at Vagabond temple

          Cassandra Mcmahon

          from Australia, March 2018

          "Life changing experience "

          The people, the program, the instructors, the love and positivity, everything

          Radiana Bratu

          from Romania, February 2018

          "Amazing journey"

          Everything about this retrait is absolutely fantastic. The community is a special one, interesting people, interesting life experiences and a very useful practice anyone can continue back home.

          Catherine Dales

          from Great Britain, February 2018

          "A wonderful 6 day stay in a very special place"

          Wonderful instructors

          Community togetherness and friendliness

          The daily program - all elements

          The beautiful setting

          Kendall Winchester

          from Vietnam, January 2018

          In lived the community and the staff members are all amazing. What ever your reason for a retreat vagabond temple is great. You will want to stay longer and never leave!!

          Mediha Sahan

          from United States, December 2017

          "Good but not so perfect as expected"

          The kundalini yoga classes are so great. Also the Classes with Kobi are so good and very useful practice tricks, you can learn from him.

          Raul Purge

          from India, December 2017

          "Its truly a life changing experience "

          Kobi and Pazit are doing their best to keep this nice loving vibe there. As soon as you get there, u feel good connection with other people. It was hard to leave that place with all these nice people there but i know i find a way back there :)

          Sarah Mckay

          from United States, December 2017

          "Gratitude for Vagabond "

          I loved the support that I received from my teachers and healers at Vagabond. The community that they have built has a way of helping you to release and recognize patterns that need to be healed. I felt so supported in such a warm and welcoming way. Everything and everyone was so gentle. The classes were incredibly informative and the teachers were incredibly knowledgeable about what they were teaching. The subjects and classes that were taught, were taught in such a way that it made it fun and easy to learn. With Pazit’s background in theater she helped everyone recognize that they don’t have to be serious all of the time which was great for building confidence. Her strength and dedication to helping people grow is something to be admired. Kobi has a gentle kindness that helps everyone to feel seen and accepted for who they truly are. They make the perfect duo! The main healer at vagabond carries such a presence of love that will help anyone to feel safe enough to let go and heal what needs to be healed. I highly recommend going beyond just the program into the healing sessions with Pazit, Kobi, or Mayan. They will help you in so many ways to unlock little parts of you, you didn’t know you had. Vagabond will change you in the most beautiful and unsuspecting ways!


          from Romania, December 2017

          "Very good food, but a lot of people"

          I liked the food very much, even if I am not a vegan.

          The vegetation inside the retreat makes it a relaxing place.

          The volunteers are nice and helpful.

          It was possible to receive free reiki from people taking the Reiki Level 2 training.

          Rachael Harris

          from Thailand, June 2017

          "A beautiful place to focus on you. "

          A home away from home, a safe place for everyone. I can honestly say that Vagabond temple has helped me to feel as if I am finally able to shape the life that I want to have. I was a wondering traveller in desperate need of somewhere to help me work out what I was doing and why and the temple did so much more than that for me. I now have the skills I need to be able to bring me back when things start to get hard and focus on what is important at that moment in time. I came to the temple with the intention of staying for a week, keeping an open mind and to take on everything I could within that week; the week very quickly became just under a month and I am so happy that I chose to stay for that long.

          Coming here whether it be for a week, month, two months you are entering into a safe, secure, happy, magical place where not only will your physical body be pushed but so will your mind. This is what kept me there, constantly learning new things from everyone!

          That was the experience- now they have moved to Kep so speaking about the accommodation won't matter greatly but it was really lovely, the house we lived in very easily became a home. The only thing in the retreat I would say could have been improved (for those that stay a bit longer) was the food. Initially it was very nice but after being there for a while you notice it is quite over cooked and with it being a vegan diet, over cooking the vegetables will take all of the nutrients from it which in the long run is not healthy. On the plus side the vagaballs are very scrummy!!

          Overall, my experience at Vagabond temple was beautiful, I have made long lasting friendships from all over the world, continue to do my self practice (which I have never done before) and am feeling so much clearer in my mind. Thank you so much for creating a space where our weirdness is accepted and encouraged. It has brightened my life in more ways than one. So much love in my heart.


          from Cambodia, January 2019



          Jessa Zwart

          from Netherlands, May 2018

          "Very friendly volunteers "

          Rose is a keeper and Sean is the best dj. For me it was very nice that I didn’t have to think about food and felt grateful to have eaten vegan and 3 proper meals a day

          Janneke Schmalgemeijer

          from Cambodia, April 2018

          "groot ressort mooie lokatie"

          het ligt naast het Bokor Natuurpark.

          Je kunt ook naar de kust lopen maar ik vond Kep niet de moeite waard.

          Ik vertrok een dag eerder ivm reisplannen van vrienden en kreeg gemakkelijk 50 procent retour.

          Prima bungalow.

          Anna Wengel

          from United States, March 2018

          "Yogi‘s paradise"

          Vagabond Temple war ganz genau, was ich mir gewünscht habe. Erfahrene, warmherzige und inspirierende Yogalehrer, ein offenherziges Miteinander und ein traumhafter Platz. Vagabond Temple ist ein kleines Paradies.

          Anita Schuler

          from Switzerland, February 2018

          Das Programm, der Spirit und die Community waren unschlagbar. Das Essen fein, gut bis sehr gut, oft etwas salzig (was aber angesichts der Hitze auch gut ist). Aber absolut kein Service bei dein einfachen dafür relativ teuren Einzelbungalows ist enttäuschend.


          from Australia,

          Vagabond temple was the most amazing place I have ever been. I could have been more thankful for my experience there! 10/10.


          from Australia,

          Vagabond temple was the most amazing place I have ever been. I could have been more thankful for my experience there! 10/10.


          Vagabond temple is a good place for newbies in yoga and meditation who are still discovering and trying to make sense out of spirituality. It offers basic beginners yoga classes and very general talks about spiritually. Dharma talks were a disguise for NLP techniques and setting up the goals but with very little understanding of how to apply it in life. Group work was an excuse for a social games that created a friendly atmosphere and closer connection among participants.

          The retreat doesn't fit anyone who already has an experience and is looking for a yoga retreat to deepen his practice. The accommodation is very basic, and for the asking price is almost outrageous. For 20 USD more I had my own room with bath and shower in Sicily in Europe (and 2x / day 90-minute advanced yoga class) while here I was stuck in an outdoor hut that is basically a bungalow squeezed on a dirt patch around the house. The hygienic conditions in which the food preparation takes place is appalling. It is literally behind the outdoor toilet/shower, next to yoga hall. Not to mention the presence of the rats drawn in by the food rests found on the ground.

          The yoga hall is an annex to the main house and is divided in two parts. The right side of the yoga hall is constructed of small hard tiles, that will hurt your knees or even back if lying for an extended period of the time. Yoga material is worn out, cushions look like they were not washed since years. The whole place looks neglected and worn down, there is a lack of attention and love that is usually a main attribute when you go to places like this.

          The temple is located in a small neighborhood filled with trash behind the main road parallel to the Independence beach. On their website they talk about closeness to the beach, there is even a photo of people on the beach while in reality you need to walk down to the main street and literally walk through the Palace hotel and use the beach that belongs to the hotel. The whole area along the coastline leading to the center of town is constructed by luxury hotels and casinos, nothing to do with an idea of yoga, meditation or spirituality.

          Majority of participants are young people who are backpacking through Asia and are open minded and is usually their first yoga retreat in life, so they are easily impressed. The volunteers that are restlessly working in the office are extremely kind and helpful. Overall, I think there are many other places in Asia who offer better quality lodging and yoga classes than Vagabond temple in Sihanoukville.

          Management Response from Vagabond Temple:

          Thank you for your review, As a spiritual retreat we are always aspiring to upgrade our services and facilities.

          Vagabond Temple is a community based yoga and meditation retreat for travelers from around the world. Our guests span a wide range of ages and backgrounds from back-packers to career professionals as well as varying levels in yoga and meditation. We offer a variety of yoga and meditation classes throughout the day, mostly from beginner to intermediate levels.

          We offer spiritual talks (Dharma talks) on a different topic each week to deepen the understanding of the yoga and meditation practices and to inspire self reflection. We are sorry to hear that the topic that we focused on during your stay did not appeal to your needs.

          In keeping with our spiritual values, our facilities are basic but clean and comfortable. The kitchen and toilets are cleaned thoroughly every two hours and we maintain a high standard of hygiene in our food preparation.

          Our center is located in a small neighborhood (however, close to downtown Sihanoukville) and it is a 5 minute walk from several beaches that make up Independence Beach. Many of our guests prefer to access the beach through a nearby hotel, as they have beach chairs and a place to order food or juice. If you prefer, you can walk directly to the public beach area from the main road. Sadly, awareness for the environment is very low throughout Asia. Our center is involved with several cleaning and education projects to raise the local awareness for cleanliness of the neighborhood and environmental issues.

          We believe that we offer fair prices for our program which includes 3 vegan meals and 5 classes throughout the day. Our center is amongst the cheapest retreats in Asia. We believe that our teachings are valuable for those who want to grow and evolve, as well as a great opportunity to connect with yourself and others on a deeper level. Many of our guests have benefited from our program to embark on and deepen positive journeys of healing, self-discovery and transformation during the retreat and after returning home. We do our best to maintain a strong international community to provide continued support after the retreat.

          We understand that our program is not for everyone and we are sorry to hear that you did not enjoy your stay. We wish you would have shared your feelings and concerns with us during your stay and allowed us to create a solution for you. Thank you for the review and please know that we will reflect on your words and make the necessary changes to improve.

          We wish you the best. Love and light, Vagabond Temple team.


          from Norway,

          Vagabond Temple changed the way I look at myself and my life. The stay at Vagabond Temple turned out to be among the most beautiful 10 days in my life.

          Yoga and meditation every day - good talks, laughs and in general - the magic of the place, the people who work there and the people who visit. Highly recommended!


          from Australia,

          Vagabond temple appears from the outset to be a basic place to stay but within lies something magical. Having just completed the two month community member program I cannot express my thanks enough to Kobi, Pazit and the supportive team. For those looking to discover the tools from within for healing, lightness or strength I cannot recommend the temple enough. Vagabond is such a safe zone to let go and really be yourself whilst being challenged by a variety of yoga practices and Dharma. For the community, guidance and practice.


          from Australia,

          My trip to the Vagabond Temple was great. I loved it. Kobi and Pazit who own and run the retreat are amazing people and the people they attract are amazing as well. It's such a positive vibe. Cambodia is a developing country and you have to expect things to be different to what they are at home. But you have three square meals a day, beautiful fresh sugarcane juice on site and great teachers for yoga, dharma and meditation. You also have access to structural integration, reiki, life coaching and more. It really is a well rounded school, because you learn so much and have the opportunity to give back to the community. I would go back in a heart beat.

          Jennifer Leclere Muñoz

          from Spain,

          I spent one week in Vagabond Temple and it was an amazing experience. People is warm and friendly. Staff is helpful and the teachers are awesome. Food is plenty full, healthy and tasty. Rooms are Comfy and clean. Be ready for some stiff muscles after invigorating Vinyasa yoga, and be ready for spiritual mind-opening Dharma talks every day. I totally recommend this experience.