Upaya Yoga Teacher Training is a traditional center delivering a deep yoga and meditation approach and a strong practice through all courses and yoga retreats.

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22 Days 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India

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    12 Days 100-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India

    Mar | Apr | Oct | Nov | Dec | Jan | Feb | More…
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    28 Days 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India

    March | October | March | October, 2019–2020
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      Instructors (10)

      Krishna Krishnaji


      Rohil Jethmalani

      Alida Maugeri

      Vanessa Fabbrilei

      Dr. Anita Rawandale

      Prem Bahadur Shah


      Dr Nitin Patil

      Neeraj Nautiyal

      Reviews (27)

      Alicja Bober

      from Poland, February 2019

      "Relief for the soul"

      Arambol has a great vibe. I love the location that is between town so it is more quiet on the beach. I loved the sea, the trees, the beach, the smiles, chill out and hard work. I discovered the version of me I really liked and I liked how I released the stress and tension. So maybe I'm not here to write the food was perfect or really bad. I didn't care about it. People and everything around made a perfect retreat for mind & body. The best intense holidays ever!


      from United States, February 2019

      "Life changing experience!"

      I was challenged at Upaya Yoga; mentally, physically, and emotionally. I am so happy that my journey has brought me to this yoga school and I will forever remember it as a place of growth. I met so many amazing people here from all over the world and I feel ready to be a yoga teacher.

      Viktor Szaluter

      from Australia, January 2019

      "Great experience"

      I'd like to thank to Upaya yoga team to provide a life changing experience! The food, the accomodation, the teachers, the teaching style, the curriculum was great! I came with a very scientific mindset and obviously many other student had a different world view but the teachers have designed and teached the classes in a way that everyone benefited from it. Come with an open mind, don't expect anything and for sure it will be a life changing exeprience!


      from United Kingdom, November 2018

      "Great experience!"

      I really enjoyed my training. My group and teachers were very good, I liked my Eco Hat a lot and also the food was good. Amazing location was just a cherry on the cake.


      from Australia, November 2018

      "Upaya yoga Goa "

      The location of the training centre is good, set just back from the beach with beautiful ocean views from the yoga shala but noisy at night time with the music from the clubs and restaurants along the beach blaring until midnight. It’s a 40 minute walk along the beach to the town of Arambol which has a small market to buy souvenirs and groceries. There was no pharmacy or medical clinic near by.

      Ymke Geus

      from United Kingdom, September 2018

      "200 h YTT "

      Amaaazing teachers! And amaaazing food.

      Hector Laiglesia Lorda

      from Japan, June 2018

      "Great experience fantastic people but so many noises (const)"

      Yoga teachers were awesome, great knowledge about Yoga very very helpful.Rohil you’re a legend my friend. Quiet place if you decide to go out of peak season.

      Yoshie Suzuki

      from United States, May 2018

      "YTT in paradise"

      Everything was great throughout my YTT training. The location is amazing, the yoga shala overlooking the ocean, greeted by sunrise and ending a day with gorgeous sunset every day. They maintain the facilities and accommodations clean all the time. Beautiful and mindful setup and you'll be happy just to be there.

      The course and instructors are all great! We had two unique and awesome instructors leading us through our YTT200 course. Both are very experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable, couldn't have been any better than Rohil and Anil.

      Stuff is also great. Prachi is a wonderful manager. She's friendly, approachable and she made sure our stay was comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

      Food is healthy and wholesome. Lots of fruits in the morning and vegetarian meals. This is India so curry is a must. But the chef sometimes surprised us with non-Indian dinner and ou-la-la pancake breakfast!

      Overall, it was a wholesome, beautiful experience, and 3.5 weeks went so fast. The course is intense, but it all worth it. I met inspiring people from all over the world and you can only meet them here. I'm grateful for this opportunity and the certificate is the icing on the cake! Thanks, Upaya Yoga!

      Diana Widmark

      from Sweden, April 2017

      "A transformationjourney"

      I liked the environment with the ocean and the surroundings of beutiful nature. I liked the food and I like the mental climate at the school.

      Michèle Van Rompaey

      from Belgium, October 2018

      "An amazing journey to become a teacher"

      The enthousiasme that all the teachers had, day in and out during this 200hrs course. The always found a way to motivate us to go a little further, deeper into the postures. Prachi is an amazing women with a hart of gold☺️ You can go from the shala into the ocean after practice

      Annika Kellershohn

      from Germany, October 2018

      The food was really amazing. Loved the variety of different dishes and the quality of it. Just yuuummy! The teachers (Rohil and Nutan) were great as well! Both took the time for our questions and problems during the class. Prachi made us all feel at home and always wanted to please anyone. Overall I had a good experience and met many nice people during this journey.

      Iris Schmidt

      from Austria, June 2018

      "200 Hrs YTT"

      The welcoming of everyone at Upaya- we were like a small familiy!


      from Italy, March 2018

      Wonderful experience, all was as expected.

      Great Food, kind and wonderful manager Prachi, Teachers Rohil and Anil and Jennifer were awesome!!

      Unfortunate loud at night due to party beach nearby, bring good earplugs.

      Michelle Robertson

      from Spain, November 2018

      " Be prepared for transformation"

      This is a powerful program not just about learning to teach yoga but an all encompassing approach to the physical, emotional and spiritual, designed to make you reach inside, reflect and reset. Highly recommended!

      Raphaella Eastman

      from United States, February 2018

      I liked the location, the food, the staff

      Samuel Martin

      from Australia, February 2018

      "Upaya's Mountain Paradise"

      The location, staff, student to teacher ratio, level of service provided and intangibles were absolutely amazing

      Alexis Harman

      from United States, December 2017

      "Absolutely Amazing Experience"

      The location and environment were great. Secluded, within nature. This is the place to go if you want to deeper your practice and go within.

      The food was always amazing and the accommodation was great. Anything you need is taken care of!

      The staff were great and really made me feel like family when I was staying there.

      The teachers were extremely knowledgeable and the schedule allowed for a lot of material to be covered. They are very genuine and really want you to learn as much as possible and understand the material.

      Sita Bhuller

      from United States, June 2017

      "peaceful yoga training "

      the location was perfect. away from the noise and chaos of town. able to focus all your energy to the yoga course. the course content was good. a lot of focus on alignment and classical style

      Maaike Groeneveld

      from India, May 2017

      "Fantastic yoga teacher training"

      The location is beautiful, in the middle of nature, very calm. I liked my private hut with little terrace. The teachers were friendly, knowledgeable, patient and very inspiring. I enjoyed the pranayama and asana classes very much. It was great that we got a lot of teaching practice. The food was healthy and tasty.

      Serge Muller

      from Luxembourg, April 2018

      "Excellent Yoga-Teacher training"

      Hospitality, quality of food and quality of yoga classes

      Testimonials (5)

      Petra Sweden

      Upaya Yoga website

      I had few classes with the amazing yoga teacher Krishna during my stay in Arambol beach in Goa. These few classes were unforgettable and Krishnas presence and teachings skills are the best. Krishna is very precise and he is not farad to tell you when you are doing something wrong, and thereafter help you to do it right. He is a pusher and will push you to do more that you believed you can which was an amazing feeling. I was so happy with Krishnas classes and I would recommend everyone to do yoga with him. He really is the best teacher I have had and I feel blessed having had the chance to learn from him.

      Christine Holtan Norway

      Upaya Yoga website

      It did not matter that I was in bad shape and had some pain when I started. Krishna is good to incorporate and adapt so that it is possible to take it at your own pace. He put much emphasis on preventing injury and overloading, especially in the beginning, and now the body is virtually painless! . There was great energy in the studio and in class, and I felt welcome right away. We learn a lot while were at it, and there are still lots of laughter and good mood, while we push ourselves as far as we are getting into. Every time I stuff something new and get some more, and it is inspiring to see that the other master more and more. Soon I stand on your head Thank you for challenging, great hours and good teaching, Krishna!

      Saskia Heringa Tnne Norway

      Upaya Yoga website

      This TTC gave me a good basic to start my work as a yoga teacher. It showed the many different sides of yoga. The diversity of yoga teachers was good, and there was a lot of knowledge to absorb. The body felt great after doing so much yoga in one month. It is nice that this TTC is for everybody, and everybody will get benefits of it, no matter if you are a starter or advanced. It was good to have this TTC as a basic, and be able to build further from her.

      Hui Hui Yung China

      Upaya Yoga website

      I decided to join the one month yoga teacher training course not only for the certificate, but more importantly I wanted to find out my real feelings about yoga. The whole month, we did a lot of practice every day. It was tough and sometimes I was really exhausted but I was very happy. I have to say it cannot be a more right decision to go there. I have made new friends and learned a lot, not only yoga asanas but also new attitudes towards life. It seems that yoga opens a new window in front of me. I love yoga and I would like to share it with everyone.

      Kalle Eilertsen Norway

      Upaya Yoga website

      I have had yoga classes with Krishna. Softens a rigid body. Top strength and balance well. Recommended :)