Unlocked is a yoga and wellness company that provides high quality retreats to Peru, while supporting non-profit organizations to provide free education.

Instructors 2

Karilynn Burks

Karilynn is Co-owner and Co-founder of Unlocked. She is a nutrition junkie who loves movement and travel. She has been teaching yoga for three years and has taught in the US, Europe and Peru. She absolutely loves teaching nutrition workshops and private and group yoga classes! In her free time, she loves to hike, play piano, hang out with friends and meet new people.

Shelby O’Brien

Shelby is Co-owner and Co-founder of Unlocked. She is an avid world traveler and has taught yoga in both the US and Peru. She has been living in Peru for over three years working as the Program Director for a fair-trade artisan project and clothing line, When she isn’t teaching yoga or working with the artisans, Shelby loves to take weekend trips to the highlands and enjoy the beautiful views from the Andes, write music, and cook delicious and nutritious meals!

Testimonials 3

Allison Fredlund

Unlocked Facebook Page

The yoga retreat in Peru was amazing! Unlocked handled all the details seamlessly - food, transportation, flight, activities, all I did was show up and had a fabulous time! And such a bargain! There weren't any hidden costs or surprises. Thank you so much Karilynn and Shelby for making my time in Peru so authentic, fun, and adventurous!

Efren Quesada Ramirez Peru

Unlocked Facebook Page

The Maximum Unlocked!!! 100 % recommended the best travel experience & yoga

Samantha Hickman Peru

Unlocked Facebook Page

These girls are such beautiful souls and energies and I have no doubt that they will do so much good for all those they come into contact with.

They have had so much experience within the yoga industry all over the world, doing so much good for people of all socio-economic backgrounds.

I am excited for them to continue their yoga journey and be able to help others grow even more, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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