Ulu Yoga offers 200 and 300-hour Teacher Trainings in traditional hatha, vinyasa and ashtanga yoga plus aerial, acro and SUP in Thailand and Bali

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Cody Pizer

Manjeet Mathur

Kehkashan Nadeem

Dr. Kalpana Karia

Janaina Mendes

Salomé Heinicke

Astri Nilantari

Caspian Burrell

Edward Pawlak

Minty Nguyen

Reviews (30)

Gio Zachardeli

from United States, August 2020

"Highly recommended yoga course"

Learning yoga with this school has been a long time dream. Two of my friends took the course and loved it and now finally thanks to online learning I was too. I met daily with all the instructors in live classes. The benefit of an online was recording these classes to watch again and review. As opposed to sitting in a classroom and just relying on my poor note taking skills. We also had private study groups with other students so I managed to form a good connections and make friends from around the world. This was the major thing I’m worried about missing out on. The traditional yoga instruction was very detailed and organized. Salomé is an incredible instructor and practitioner. I also really loved the philosophy. The format was so well structured with assigned readings and questions and follow up discussions. For years I’ve been trying to study yoga philosophy and now it’s very clear. A real treat was getting to see Bali in the videos. This gives me a huge motivation to travel there and take the course in person next year. Another thing is about the teaching examinations. I practiced teaching several members of the course on zoom. I was also allowed to teach my mother while stuck at home. I recorded myself teaching and the instructors gave me some very good feedback. This is such a great method. It’s hard at first to watch yourself, but it’s the best way to learn. I feel confident to teach and help others and am so grateful and happy with everything.

Dana Jakenson

from Austria, June 2019

"With love and thanks"

I have much love and thanks to express for my teachers. The yoga class was perfect for me since I am low level they often paired me with two advanced students so I learned much faster than I expected. The organization and guidelines for everything were throughly planned with great detail and revision I can tell since my job is building project manager I can see how every detail of this school is carefully considered from greeting guests to scoring tests and of courses teaching poses led by instructors or supported in pairs or groups. This is perfectly balanced with break times and guided activities like beach and spa excursions. I was surprised by how caring the staff was outside of class spending time with the students at breakfast and lunch and organizing outings. This too was planned by management to have a 24/7 hands in group coordinator outside of teaching. Really wonderful idea which kept the group united and motivated. I hope to return for the 300 hour course later this year. Thank you thank you thank you.

Gertrude Davis

from Austria, June 2019

"Great Experience "

The style of yoga mixing with Hatha and Buddhism is such a brilliant combination. I highly recommend giving this a try even if you have no knowledge of either. The place is so gorgeous and perfect for a quality yoga training and fun holiday in paradise. The owners are very caring and everything was perfect. It’s much less developed than Bali by comparison, but so clean and quiet full of pristine nature. I loved it!

Ridley Christian

from Austria, May 2019

"Bright Blessings "

Koh Phangan is my favorite new place in the world and my yoga experience has been very special. Mixing Thai Massage and Buddhism is such a wonderful combination. Instead of practicing all by yourself here you connect with other students physically and emotionally to deepen your practice and create meaningful bonds beyond the mat. The teachers are knowledgeable. The program is well structured and professional. The surrounding nature and beach are like a dream. So heavenly waters and sunsets. Thanks so much for these special memories.

Alex Smith

from Thailand, January 2019

"Empowering Learning Experience"

This experience has been absolutely amazing from start to finish. The school cares for me like a true friend and shared with me deep knowledge I will never forget. Far more than learning about yoga poses and alignment, which were absolutely enlightening, the philosophy and new way of thinking and being in reaity have changed my life. The food and location and beaches are all stunningly gorgeous. You can’t beleive your eyes sometimes the water colors and sunsets are like from a dream. I totally recommend you come come and stay as long as possible.

Birgit Geiss

from Thailand, January 2019

"It Touched My Heart"

The island magic is indescribable. The beach was great and it was wonderful to take out the sup yoga boards in my free time all alone and connect with the sea. The philosophy was so so deep and inspiring and I enjoyed the discussion groups very much. The yoga level is very high and the instructors are real professional. The other students were so fun and now I make friends anywhere in the world to visit.

Kelsi Kotulan

from Thailand, January 2019

"Loving Memories Forever"

This was probably the best time of my life. All day from waking to sleep we had yoga practice and philosophy or anatomy and meditation. I was so thankful for all the little tips and encouragement like keeping silence until after breakfast to honor the sacred morning time. And big thanks to all instructors for hearing us out. There personal interview on arrival to ask about my health and background. It was the first time in forever anyone cared about my real feelings and thoughts. It was strange at first I didn’t even know how to express them. Then we had group meetings with all the students to share our feedback and experience. It was a very touching memory I miss very much now. My body is healed from years of weakness and the alignment corrected so many errors in my practice I never knew. I am so so grateful for the change to practice teaching yoga and now have the confidence to continue to deepen my skills.

Kat Romanova

from Thailand, January 2019

"Wisdom, Joy and Beauty in Tropical Heaven"

I want to say thank you so much to all my beautiful teachers and classmates for this precious time. My mind has been opened to a whole new world so much I can’t believe. I know it is cliche, but really this was a life changing experience. I received so much wisdom from the instructors who I feel like my family now. I know my future is to teach yoga and continue to grow and share more this beautiful joy. My practice has improved so much in such a short time. About the location, incredible. More than I had hoped for for. 2 beaches I could walk to everyday. And a little beach at the resort great for private suntanning ;) Haad Yao Beach is so big and so many cool cafes and massage and cheap! Secret beach is so calm and tranquil. There it’s just two restaurants but both are excellent and give it a cozy vibe. The food, no complaints. Each day was a little different and tasty and healthy. In the village the school took us to some real vegan cuisine OMG. I hope to come back some day and continue my journey. Thank you.


from Thailand, January 2019

"Wonderful Time!"

I had a truly wonderful time and deeply recommend this to anyone who is looking to learn about yoga philosophy meditation and enjoy the holiday retreat in a beautiful tropical island. Big thanks to everyone, my lovely teachers and fellow companions.

Alexandra Müller

from Germany, December 2018

"Memorable and empowering"

I can’t say enough good things about my time here it was a great experience. The staff were very helpful with anything I needed. The room was perfect and had an amazing ocean view. I love listening to the waves relaxing me to sleep. .For breakfast there was a nice rice pudding with coconut milk which is perfect since I am gluten-free. And the restaurant is next to the pool and surrounded by the jungle. I especially enjoyed doing yoga on the beach for sunrise and sunset. All the most classes took place in the yoga Shala. The teachers were very inspiring with their passion and knowledge of yoga philosophy and detailed points about alignment. I am very grateful to everyone and hope I can return someday.


from Germany, December 2018

"Life changing transformation"

The school was very helpful with arranging transportation for me. And on rainy days the schedule was flexible so that we could still enjoy sup and outdoor activities. Also the restaurant was very accommodating with my vegan diet. I enjoyed eating breakfast with everyone in the morning as a community. We became a family and all supported each other. So I never felt lonely and always had friends to spend free time with. I am thankful to Edward and Shashi who drove to town when I needed special foods. And most importantly the quality of instruction for normal yoga classes was very professional and detailed

Michael Altmann

from Germany, December 2018

"incredible learning experience"

i booked the delixe room which is on the edge of the cliff looking over the sea.Iwas very happy with this and hearing the sound of the sea all night long was a relaxing.My balcony had a comfi hammcock swing where I spent most of my free time.Every morning I ordered gluten-free pancakes and cappucino which were so delicious.I was impressed to see such quality from Thailand.The rest of the breakfast to say was pretty good with museli,toast,eggs,salad,seeds and fruits.But the gluten-free pancakes and cappucino I gladly paid extra for.Breakfast was so cool because we all ate together which felt like highschool since we were also energized after yoga.All the Instructors were Shashi,Edward,Victoria,Alon and Minty were wonderfull teachers with detailed clear instructions about a wide variety of subjects.I first joined a short coures but ended up joining the full training since it looked like fun but also academic which it was.

Juliana Ha

from Thailand, December 2018

"Yoga Heaven on Earth"

The school provided quality yoga mats and their own specially made aerial swings which were so much more comfortable than the silk how mix that I had tried in the past. I did not like sup yoga so much because I get seasick easily. But I really loved the aerial yoga classes. They seem to be experts in this style. So I was very happy for the flexibility in the program to choose what I wanted to do more. The Seaview from my room and the beaches on both sides of the resort are stunning. It was hard to wake up early in the morning for meditation but I grew to really like it and will continue to deepen my practice daily. What I liked most was the opportunity to practice teaching yoga. It gave me new found confidence and strength and now I want to go home and share what I learned with my friends and family.

Birgit Geiss

from Austria, December 2018

"Loving guidance on my spiritual path"

This was my first yoga purse. The words that come to mind our life changing beyond expectation and best time ever. This experience has completely changed my life and values and friendships. I know that when I go home I won’t be the same person and must cut many negative relationships. Thank you dearly my spiritual guidance Shashi for opening my own path. Thank you Victoria for your radiant laughter and positivity. Thank you alon for your incredible knowledge of traditional yoga and self respect. Thank you Edward for sharing the gift of flying. There was a wide variety of classes and we were able to get feedback and make some changes for how the group was feeling. I felt shy at first to express my opinion but the instructors sincerely welcome anything they could do. There are two yoga spaces. One you can see the ocean and another one by the pool which was good because it had mirrors. It was so nice they let me take a mat and some blocks to practice on my balcony. Sometimes it was so hot I was sweating like a Bikram class. But the studio had big fans blasting the whole time and after releasing so many toxins I was sweating much less. Overall the level of instruction had a great depth and variety and location was heaven.

Alex Smith

from Thailand, December 2018

"A Lovely Yoga Adventure"

First of all the staff were very quick to answer my email and send material to study before arrival. So when I got there I felt like I already knew the instructors and felt comfortable with the basics of breathing and foundational poses. This was really cool because all the other students had done the same thing and so right away we had things in common to discuss and could share our personal developmen. I was worried that the training would not be serious because there are so many styles. But the schedule was a perfect balance of fun and serious study. And if someone who was not seriously interested in teaching and wanted to skip some thing they could do more sup or beach yoga instead. But even these classes were tied up with a structured methodology. I was surprised how organized the sup classes were and I really loved the aerial yoga. They have a unique style and special aerial hammocks which are very comfortable. Thanks and love to Shashi, Viktoria and Edward.

Sophie Allercamp

from Thailand, December 2018

"Perfect Island Escape!"

This course was the perfect escape in a pristine natural environments plus learning experience which was exactly what I need it. The instructors were very kind to me and encourage to meet to rest to rest when I need. In the afternoon when the weather was the resort gave us free coconuts and a special electrolyte mix which was weird but very invigorating. The breakfast was pretty good but the lunch was excellent. I just ordered from the regular menu various traditional Thai dishes like pad Thai and green curry. I tried eating at cheaper restaurants nearby with the quality was poor compared to the resort. So me and two other students signed up for a cooking class there which was so much fun. Every day there were so many classes like sup, regular yoga and more serious subjects like philosophy and anatomy. The instructors really took time to explain everything in detail and answering all of our questions. I loved all the other students on the course and the teachers and the staff. It felt like a little yoga family village which will always have a special place in my heart.

Carly Lozano

from Spain, December 2018

"A fresh outlook on life"

Shashi Victoria and Edward greeted me warmly at the resorts. I was surprised and impressed that each student received a private interview with the teachers to see about our health condition previous experience plus our course expectations. Also during the week we had a group sharing circles to express our feelings. The instructors were very receptive and flexible with any suggestions we gave. I was concerned the yogurt would be to hired since I never tried Ariel acro or so before only a little regular half that and Vinyasa yoga. I can say for certain the regular yoga classes were the best I ever had. The other styles to wear excellent although I have little to compare to. Plus there was so much quality group work Which encourage us to develop self sufficiency and care to help each other grow and develop. Thank you so much to my fellow students and instructors for their sharing their deep knowledge and love. If you are looking for a relaxing holiday in paradise but also wants to learn high level yoga training this is the perfect place for you.

Marion Mahler

from Germany, December 2018

"Awesome experience"

I will remember forever this awesome experience.Icame mostly for the philosophy lectures but the extra sup yoga session were actually my favorite.If your Budget can afford I recommend upgrad to a deluxe sea view room which was incredible.The teachers are very knowledgeable and skilled and equally caring to beginner and experienced students.The yoga classes were a good variety of beginner in advance.There are many Options to go deeper as well as take child`s pose.The other students were wonderful and I made so many friends from diffrent countries.We went out for dinner almost every night to a new place in town and on the beach.


from Germany, December 2018

"Liberating, Rejuvenation and peaceful"

The beauty of Thailand and quality of the course was more than I could`ve hoped for.The accommodation surrounded by green gardens with ocean views,I found the teachers and staff very friends,Every day breakfast had something different and it very healthy. I recommend to wake up early and catch the sunrise which is breathtaking.Also at sunset we would all jump in the sea and practice some acro yoga on the beach.It was hard to balance with sup yoga but the instructors were very attentive supporting me,Almost every day we would visit anather beach in our free time.There are some incredible views just driving around the hilby roads,I learned to love waking up at 6 AM to do yoga with the beautiful shala looking out onto the sea.And a night could hear the waves and feel the ocean breeze in my bed.I took so many pictures of the sunset witch is unbelievable and gorgeous looked just a painting.The location is close to lots of restaurants and shops for souvenirs for checks and coconuts.There is also a 7-Eleven and pharmacy nearby for snacks and cosmetics.I love the crazy food market with so many strange and delicious new things to taste.

Lex Marsh

from Thailand, December 2018

"Blissful experience, knowledgable and supportive teachers"

Eddie and Sashi were genuine and excellent teachers. They provided insightful teachings in a relatable manner and went above and beyond to show their support of their students. I learnt so much which I will continue to integrate into my daily life.

The island itself is like a yogi paradise, with many incredible activities and people to connect with all around. The food is beyond delicious and the location of this retreat is picturesque. It overlooks the ocean, is affordable and truly peaceful. I really couldn't recommend this course highly enough.


from United States, December 2018

"Paradise found"

Wonderful teachings in a picture perfect setting. Koh Phanghan leaves a lasting imprint

Lucas Swenson

from Thailand, August 2018

"Great time in Thailand "

Wonderful experience. Learned a lot. Beautiful location. Great teachers. Definitely recommend.

Ingred Berge

from Hong Kong, July 2018

"I feel beautiful"

I am not a thin girl with yoga experience so I was afraid to join. But every class had easy options for me and advanced stuff for others. What I appreciated most was their attention to detail and safety. Always they showed us the possible dangers and mistakes and benefits of normal yoga poses, aerial and sup, not just how to do them. So then I believed we developed better than typical other courses. I guess they do a million courses a year so know what they are doing. Some other students already did 200 trainings and said this course was much much better and they regretted wasting their money on cheap training in India. I don't think I will even teach yoga but I feel confident to instruct at least friends and family well. The island, resort, and shala are all beautiful. The resort staff are annoying so I changed next door. The rooms were much nicer and the same price. I recommend to stay at High Life Resort or Haad Son Resort at Secret Beach instead.

Helen Cutlip

from Thailand, July 2018

"Learn Grow Fly"

Location is beautiful but hot. The classes are all great, but philosophy is hard for me at first. So much info to digest. The SUP was hard with the waves sometimes. I like the advanced vinyasa flow. The other students were awesome. I made some really special connections. There are many cool parties too on Koh Phangan.

John Myers

from Thailand, July 2018

"It Blew My Mind!"

You guys are awesome. Thank for taking such good care of us. I came with several people and he school was very accommodating and organized well to schedule us in taken into regard our various levels and interests for acro, sup, aerial and normal yoga. The philosophy lectures blew my mind. It really made me deeply reconsider what I’m doing with my life and career. My job is fun, and people have fun...but I guess it’s pretty shallow taken into consideration the bigger picture. I was impressed how well they worked the philosophy of mindfulness even as we played on the beach. I have a new outlook and appreciation for all the blessing of life. Special thanks to the coordinator for being patient and flexible with all our demands and the personal care the instructors gave each one of us.

Shifana Balingraux

from Hong Kong, July 2018

"Memorable Experience in Paradise"

A wonderful and unique experience for people interested in yoga or any sports. Many in our group had no yoga experience, but at the end we all felt confident with new skills. I really loved the many options of the the program. There was fun challenges for athletic types and skillful steps to suport beginners to achieve advanced poses. The restorative and sup yoga with Ria were a great balance. There was fun acro and aerial on the beach for awesome instagram pics ;) I didn’t expect to enjoy the normal yoga so much, but they gave such detailed instructions about alignment. And Shashi’s philosophy was so intense and deep, but simple to understand. The shala was beautiful with birds and trees all around, but the dining area could use a little love :) Some thought the resort staff were a bit rude, but that's just honest no kiss ass Thai style. Real people expressing real feelings. What I really loved most was swimming at sunset with all my new friends.

Min Lee

from Thailand, July 2018

"I loved it"

I can’t wait to come back next year. The instructors had good technical knowledge to help us. The SUP Yoga was the best part. It was intense but never too hard for anyone. The location is gorgeous. The food was great but the restaurant needs a little decoration. Overall I loved it and recommend it to everyone.

Shannon Omalley

from Thailand, July 2018

"I found my true self!"

This experience has awakened and transformed me! I first joined because it looked fun, especially the Acro Yoga and SUP Yoga. But I was blown away by the depth of philosophy. It opened my mind to see my true self. The restorative aerial yoga my cured my back pain I suffered from since I was 14 year. Koh Phangan island is sooo beautiful. The waters are a magical turquoise dream :) And the yoga shala looks out into the blue sea! Thank you my beloved teachers. I totally recommend this course.