Ulpotha is a beautiful private hideaway open to guests for part of the year for relaxation, rejuvenation, and resourcing through yoga and traditional Ayurveda.

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Nigel Gilderson

Nigel Gilderson has been teaching yoga in the UK and on retreats around the world since 1997. He is founder and senior teacher of Brockwell Lido yoga centre in London. Nigel Gilderson's teaching has evolved over the years and incorporates a blend of many yoga styles, with influences from tai chi and shadow yoga and Alexander technique integrating the celebration of the heart, universal principles of alignment, and balanced energetic action in the performance of asana. Each student's abilities and limitations are deeply respected and honored.

Wade Gotwals

Wade's teaching style is structured but at the same time very playful and always gives options of openness, depth, and strength so that everyone will be challenged and can share their energy. The Advaitic principles of "oneness and nonseparation" are the dharmic principles of his teachings. On his retreats, you can expect a daily creative Vinyasa flow based practice, with individual attention to challenging poses and a daily Restorative practice infused with meditation, dharma, and Thai yoga.

James DeMaria

One of Ibiza's top yoga teachers, James DeMaria has been teaching yoga to adults and kids for over 20 years. After a varied and international performance career, James began studying Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. Using a choreographic background to break down the fluidity of postures, breath, and movement, he combines elements of dance, Pilates, and release technique to create a balanced style to suit all levels. Classes include breathing techniques and mudras to help circulation and the distribution of prana (life force) throughout your being, relaxation, and meditation techniques.

Samanta Duggal

Samanta is one of Mumbai's leading yoga teachers. She unites expertise in yoga, Thai massage, and vedic chanting to help you rediscover your storehouse of energy. Her integrated teaching method offers benefits of Sivananda, Iyengar, and Vinyasa yoga styles, deep relaxation, and detox therapies.

Rob Hess

Rob’s Teaching has evolved and has come a long way from where he began practicing in Cleveland Ohio to his days teaching in Washington DC to now living in Ventura and owning a studio (Jai Rhythm) with his business partner Colin Brightfield. What drew him to the practice of yoga was the physical part but after years of study and devotion it’s the spiritual part of the practice that feeds his soul. And through this amazing journey he found his home in the prana flow community with his teacher Shiva Rea.

Alex Onfroy

Alex is one of Paris' most loved and respected yoga instructors and a lifelong student of Iyengar. For the last 25 years, Alex's passion has been to master the teachings of BKS Iyengar under the guidance of Faeq Biria in Paris. It was Faiq and Corine Biria who first encouraged and inspired him to begin teaching 12 years ago. Alex has since grown a large following in a some of Paris' top yoga studios, in addition to teaching privately and in the business sector. He is a regular assistant to Iyengar instructor Corine Biria during her therapeutic classes at the Iyengar Centre in Paris.

Melissa Smith

Melissa Smith embodies all things yoga and holds true to her personal belief in freedom. She is truly an example of living life ! Melissa, Yoga Alliance ERYT® 500 in Yoga Therapeutics, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner and AcroYoga Level 2 Certified Teacher. Native Texan, Melissa currently lives in Calgary, Canada with her two sons and leads Love and Service Retreats in Southeast Asia, France and the United States.In Ulpotha, Melissa will be offering a dynamic slow flow in the mornings and a restorative practice in the evenings.

Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 (AcroYoga)

Malaika MaVeena Darville

Malaika completed her yoga teacher training in Australia in 2005. Since then, she has been teaching private and group classes in Australia, Costa Rica, Canada, and Hawaii. She also created The Ultimate Journey, a five-day initiation retreat for women with elemental trance dance, an ecstatic dance journey through the five elements. Malaika is also a fully qualified lomilomi therapist, a massage based on the traditional on the traditional Hawaiian art of healing. In Ulpotha, she will combine yoga and Five Elements Dance Activation.

Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurveda, Australia (Yoga)

Michael Larsen

Based in Oslo, Norway, Michael Larsen is a top level Senior Teacher of Master Duncan Wong and has been holding space for Yogic exploration full time since 2011 at several yoga studios, privately and to corporate clients. His teaching style encompasses Martial Arts, the purification of ashtanga vinyasa and the healing touch of massage. His classes are creative, fun and informative, and focus on grounding the nervous system to optimize movement and posture and ensure that the physical practice brings students into deep relaxation for savasana, in order to permit them to go deeper in meditation.

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a traveler Germany

TripAdvisor website

It took my unbelievable 9 months to write my review on my stay at Ulpotha. Now here is the thing: my memories are just as vivid today as they were 3 weeks after being back home. I just need to close my eyes and think of the yoga shala, think of my hut, the lovely people and I am right back: feeling the sand under my feet, feeling the light breeze on my skin while being savely tucked under my mosquito net at night, smelling the woods, diving into the most delicious food villagers are preparing for you every day. Looking back now Ulpotha was a "heart thing" for me and I am so glad I went. Many thanks to Pri who made me feel so welcome even weeks before I got on the plane, to Padma who is the best host ever as she makes you feel her love and respect while having a great great sense of humor, to Ken and his fantastic body work / massage, and all the people (villagers and guest alike) who made this 2 weeks unforgettable (despite that fact I was SERIOUSLY scared of snakes before - there is nothing to worry about!). It's just awesome. So I will be back! If you look for a yoga retreat that is really different, sporty, yummy and relaxing at once - GO! and say hello from me!


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Are you ready for a fairy tail? Go visit Ulpotha. This must be the best place if you are interested in Yoga, beautiful nature, friendly people and as a bonus - ayurveda. Best food, beautiful houses and surroundings and friendly people. This is for persons looking for a slow and mindful holiday among nice people and monkeys!

a traveler France

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A place that stands on its own with nothing to add and nothing to remove. A place to get inspired by the beauty, the kindness and the smile of the people, the quality of the food, the local music and the infinite luxury by its simplicity. A place where time flies with the rhythm of the nature. For all the people in search of authenticity i highly recommend ULPOTHA, a sample of paradise.

a traveler Indonesia

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What if a place could bring you back to your center, to yourself.. close to your heart and your body? Feeling yourself. Experiencing the "Nothing", the "Pause", or call it also "the Off" state will really change your life. It’s the proposition of ULPOTHA and the philosophy of AYURVEDA.

Softening with natural surroundings. I wanted to practice on deepening a body relax and a mind so soft for my whole energy to flow… part of it was the yoga and the ayurvedic treatments.

Our dear Yoga Teacher, Mika de Brito, took us in the the Place: the state of flow in a garden of grace.. I wanted to work on creating space in my body and thus in my soul.

What I get: the Fire in my belly !! Letting everything in Pause, a timeless pause... from where things happens, the beginnings.. you will find that in ULPOTHA.

What I get the space in my soul to create, the lightness in my body to receive.

a traveler Spain

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It is a unique and special place, not any yoga retreat you can imagine, but the best option to disconnect and relax with delicious Sri Lanka vegan food and good yoga. It is in the middle of jungle, rooms are huts, no privacy but comfortable and clean ( you live with ants, squirrels, birds, and monkeys all around) , shared bathroom ( I mean one for 3 pers, no need to wait for the shower), no electricity, just a solar panel for mobiles, and of course no internet!

There is a big lake if you feel like swimming, swings and chill outs to rest and read, vegan meals are cooked on fire with veggies from the garden, and served in common areas. If you feel like you need a real detox that's the best place. Two yoga classes a day (check the schedule) , some short hiking trails to enjoy the view and meditate, the lake and wild nature to relax and get some sun tan, good healthy food, fresh coconut water at any time, an Ayurveda center in the retreat and two massage therapists, what else do you need during a retreat.

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