Udaya is an online yoga streaming service and creator of health and wellness programs. Udaya Live yoga and music festival is the annual event in Eastern Europe.

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Erin Evans-Lawlor Ireland

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I signed up to Udaya a couple of months ago after a series of various injuries including a minor tailbone issue and pretty regular neck, shoulder and back strain. I have always been a regular gym goer and never quite got into yoga because I just did not have the patience and I thought I needed a very rigorous and fast workout to music. I was so wrong and though I practiced yoga from time to time at home myself I had never practiced the variation of stretches and postures I have found on Udaya

There is such an amazing variation of classes with different styles and a range of difficulty levels, I feel so much stronger and I am so much more lean and toned than I think I have been from doing gym workouts. I love the meditative part of doing yoga too and the videos on Udaya are just top notch small price to pay for such a range of classes. I love it and would highly recommend it, plus I have had no injuries or strains for the last few months everyone should be doing this.

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