Turtle Rabbit Travel

London, United Kingdom

Turtle Rabbit Travel offers USA road trips for people aged 18-35. The fleet of RVs travel the same itinerary, creating an incredible fun and festive atmosphere.

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    • Natalia

      July 2015. BookYogaRetreats website

      After very short time - intensive 5 days of yoga (breathing techniques, pranayama, asanas, posture analyses,) sun, healthy food, lot of laugh, enough sleep managed to stay fitter, leaner, more flexible (- minus 3kg). Stefan's out of the box thinking and healthy "intelligent" approach to yoga did really made me think as Im teaching yoga classes myself. Stefan is very knowledgeable about anatomy, yoga theory well aware of the traditional yoga teaching too. I bet, we are going to hear about Stefan in "Yoga World" soon.

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    • Hanne Hanson

      June 2015. Stefan Camilleri Yoga website

      Hei Stefan, just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate how your yoga practice lean towards mindfulness, which helps me create greater body awareness, and therefore allows me to access my own body. I also appreciate your focus on finding alignment in the yoga practice, something I interpret as finding a sense of wellness in our body, during each yoga-pose. Then our focus can be on what happens inside our own body rather then all the others I have health problems that make any activity an obstacle. It has been wonderful to experience a sense of greater oxygen flow in my bloodstream after attending your classes! I do not know if it is the extensive breathing or the stretching that causes the relief, but it is truly wonderful! As one hand would be sufficient to count my yoga-class experiences, I am at the new beginners level zero, so this can only become better! What a gift to get access to your knowledge at this time! I will make good use of your uploaded videos!

    • Andrea Milde hrn

      June 2015. Stefan Camilleri Yoga website

      Thank you again for a wonderful class today! I really enjoyed your teaching style and presence during the practice. Looking forward to checking out your tutorials. Best of luck on Malta!

    • Lilian Van Hove

      June 2015. Stefan Camilleri Yoga website

      Hi Stefan! I wanted to thank you for the interesting and motivating workshop last weekend! I really enjoyed it, especially this different flow that is created with using the breath differently. Cheers, Lilian

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