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Mexico Yoga Retreat

In the warmth of the everlasting days and nights, the Caribbean Sea will remind you to breathe in your life. Your spirit will be fed with daily yoga classes and, each morning, the sunrise will offer you a daily turquoise glare of your own heart. With its white-sandy beaches and its ancient Mayan culture, this Mexican paradise invites the real you to uncover the ever-present joy that lies within.

Retreat highlights

  • Two yoga classes every day
  • 3 of the world's best teachers guiding you
  • Spa treatments rooted in ancient Mayan inspiration
  • Rest while nurturing and healing your body
  • Enjoy tantalizing daily meals
  • 7 nights accommodation

Yoga styles

8 days with instruction in English
Spoken languages: English
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During this retreat, you will stay at Maya Tulum in an elegant cabana. Since this premier resort was established decades ago, the accommodations have been crafted and constantly updated by local Mayan artisans. Each secluded thatched-roof bungalow has its own unique features. While no two are alike, all are designed to let in light, air, and the sounds of nature.

At every front door, a small stone bath to dip the sand off bare feet matches the hand-laid stonework found all over this expansive beachfront property. Well-appointed bathrooms, daily maid service, and lovingly tended landscape, make this the most comfortable escape; very close to nature. With more beachfront than any resort in the area, you are assured to be lulled to sleep by the sound of lapping waves.

Under the thatched roof of every room, you will find immaculate beds with crisp, white linens, draped with shimmering gossamer netting, ceiling fans, a fully-appointed tiled bathroom with open shower area, and walls hung with original art. There is a safe for your valuables, a generous supply of linens, and drinking water, but no television, phone, or alarm clock.

Turi Yoga Mexico Yoga and Meditation Retreat Program

During this retreat Your spirit will be fed with two yoga classes per day and a storage of spacious rest. Three of the world’s best will guide you during this experience and will gladly share their knowledge. Maya Tulum, one of the top resorts in nourishing living, will nurture and heal your body with therapeutic spa treatments rooted in ancient Mayan inspiration and tantalize your tastebuds with three meals per day.


Troy Turi
Troy Turi has taught for over ten years. He taught in Los Angeles from 2005 to 2008. He is an international yoga teacher, an interventionist (helping families work through addiction and treatment), and a Gestalt therapist who incorporates yoga and breathing as the cornerstone for people healing themselves. He has worked within prisons throughout North America, working with violent offenders, teaching them yoga and trust.

Retreat location

This retreat will take place in Tulum, Mexico. Over the decades, this has remained a premier destination along this stretch of the Caribbean. They honor the ancient Mayan culture that draws everyone to this magic place on the Yucatan Peninsula. Healing was very important to the Mayans and that lives on today in many of their therapeutic treatments rooted in ancient inspiration.



  • Massage
  • Snorkeling nearby
  • Spa
  • Swimming


  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Beach
  • Garden
  • In-room safe
  • Lobby
  • Yoga studio


  • Room cleaning
  • Tour assisstance

Things to do (optional)

  • Enjoy a refreshing dip in the cavern pool Xunaan-Ha Cenote
  • Enjoy swimming in the majestic beach
  • Marvel at thousands of stalactites, stalagmites, and natural sculptures as you wander through the five million year old Aktun Chen Caverns
  • Refresh your mind and body while dipping your toes in their sandy beach
  • Spend quiet moments in their gardens
  • Start a journal while enjoying the beautiful scenery
  • Take a look at the Coba ruins and see the elevated roads that connect it to other Mayan cities
  • Treat yourself to the Sian Ka'an Muyil experience and have a day of packed adventure
  • Try snorkeling Yal-Ku Lagoon and be amazed with its underwater paradise
  • Visit the Tulum Mayan ruins that are found in your doorstep

Spa treatments

Acne / oil facial

This facial will help remove excess oil and promote balanced moisture levels, for radiance without shine. 50 minutes for 85 USD.

Aloe vera and nopal wrap

Aloe vera has a calming, regenerating effect, quick hydrating, and refreshing effects on the skin. This is a must-do for anyone with sensitive or sunburned skin. Your therapist will apply cool aloe vera gel all over your body and then wrap you for twenty minutes in a chilled sheet, while you receive a gentle facial massage. A scented moisturizer made from the exotic fruit of the nopal, tops off this delightful, healing experience. 50 minutes for 90 USD.

Aromatherapy massage

Your therapist will design a treatment to relax or invigorate you, as you choose, expertly employing the healing properties of exquisitely fragrant essential oils. Add this to any treatment for 10 USD. 50 minutes for 90 USD or 80 minutes for 110 USD.

Balancing facial

This treatment is suitable for all skin types. It balances the yin and yang of your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and glowing. 50 minutes for 85 USD.

Chocolate nobility treatment

The cacao seed, which originated in this part of the world, was revered in ancient Mayan and Aztec cultures. It was said to have been reserved for royalty and Montezuma allegedly drank fifty goblets of chocolate daily. Today, chocolate is thought to increase endorphin levels and enhance serotonin functions, in addition to being a delightful treat. Their signature Chocolate Nobility Treatment indulges all of the senses and is a must for any chocolate lover. They begin with an exfoliation to eliminate dead skin cells. Then, your therapist smooths on a delicious cocoa balm wrap. The treatment ends with an invigorating twenty minute massage. Simply delicious! 80 minutes for 120 USD.

Deep tissue massage

This type of massage targets muscles, tendons, and ligaments throughout the full body to release tension in overstressed areas, melting away minor aches and pains, stiffness, and anxiety, and inviting restful sleep. 80 minutes for 110 USD.

Double deluxe facial and body massage

This ultra-luxurious treatment combines a deep tissue body massage with a personalized facial treatment involving their own proprietary Mayan clay facial mask. The locally sourced clay helps the skin absorb minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, drawing out impurities from the tissue and helping repair and sustain healthy skin. They guarantee that you will feel as sensational inside and out. 80 minutes for 140 USD.

Holistic massage

Rather than simply targeting parts of the body in which symptoms occur, this therapy will treat you with a whole new physical and emotional energy. Holistic massage strives to create harmony and wholeness by restoring the balance between your inner self and the environment. They will rebalance the flow of energy in the body. Since each person is unique, so is each session of this treatment. It will be custom-designed just for you. 50 minutes for 90 USD or 90 minutes for 110 USD.

Joyful feet

Your feet and calves will be gently exfoliated then invigorated with a refreshing gel. Then, reflexology points are manipulated to release tension. Hot towels are used to achieve deep relaxation during this treatment, which ends with the application of a mint hydrating cream to thoroughly refresh your hard-working feet. 50 minutes for 85 USD.

Hot stones therapy

Warm, oiled stones are expertly applied to align and harmonize the chakras (energy centers) of the body. The heat from the stones helps essential oils, carefully selected to correspond with each chakra, penetrate deep into the body, and induce a profound state of relaxation and well-being. The heat from the stones requires less pressure from the masseuse, so you will be in a meditative state early in the session. This treatment is a perfect complement to deep tissue massage. 80 minutes for 130 USD.

Hydrating facial

This long lasting, deep-hydrating facial treatment is great for mature skin, skin that is dry, or has been over exposed to sunlight. Whatever your skin type, it will be soothed and calmed and have enhanced elasticity. 50 minutes for 85 USD.

Marine crystals and papaya exfoliation

An excellent exfoliation with firming abilities! 50 minutes for 90 USD.

Mayan clay massage

This classic massage uses a combination of products occurring naturally in the Mayan region. A marvelously soothing clay treatment is applied on your entire body, face, and hair. This enables the body to absorb minerals like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus to draw out impurities from skin tissue and help repair and sustain healthy skin. A refreshing dip in the ocean rinses off the clay, and then, a brief gentle, relaxing back massage with essential oils completes this lovely treatment. 80 minutes for 130 USD.

Mayan clay steam dome ceremony

This traditional temazcal (teh-mahz-cal) ceremony was designed to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being through a purging of physical and emotional toxins. You will be within the actual temazcal (clay steam dome) for about seventy minutes. During this time, a tea made by soaking fresh herbs is splashed over heated volcanic rocks to produce powerful, fragrant steam. As your body begins to relax and detoxify, you will begin to experience a connection with mother earth through a series of four guided meditations accompanied by chanting and ancient music, each oriented to a different cardinal point. At the end of each guided meditation, the door of the temazcal is opened to allow the energy of the next cardinal point in. There is a minimum of six and maximum of fourteen persons for this treatment. 50 minutes for 70 USD per person.

Maya kaaten kuxtal

Mayan Rebirthing or kaaten kuxtal (kah-ten kooks-tall) is an effective anti-stress and revitalizing treatment that uses agave plant extracts, lime and lemon, aloe vera, cacao, and honey. It begins with a full body cleansing with gentle exfoliation, followed by the application of a mud mask to draw out impurities. After a warm shower rinse, a lymphatic drainage massage with natural oils completes the treatment. 80 minutes for 120 USD.

Mayan honey xuunan kab

This treatment uses xunan kab (zoo-nan carb), locally produced virgin honey famed for its medicinal attributes. First, a gentle sea salt exfoliation leaves your skin silky and soft. Next, a warm honey back massage deeply detoxifies the body through the blood and at the same time revitalizes and balances the hormonal system. A relaxing full body oil massage completes the experience. 80 minutes for 120 USD.

Mayan sea salt and flower treatment

The Calabasuchitl (cal-ah-ba-such-ittle) was originally designed as a cold season treatment to eliminate dead cells that produces dry skin. It features a combination of exotic native plants and flowers like winter pumpkin, zempasucitl flower, tepezcohuite tree, orange, aloe vera, and corn. Your treatment begins with a whole-body exfoliation using sea salt and essentials oils. Next comes the application of a plant and flower body wrap, while you enjoy a facial massage. A twenty-minute Swedish massage on your back, using a moisturizing cream that will intensely hydrate your beautifully polished skin, completes the treatment. 80 minutes for 120 USD.

Mayan yoot kene massage

Known as the sobada Maya, this incredible healing form of massage, developed by the ancient Mayas, acknowledges the importance of the navel region as the body’s power center or yoot kene. In the course of this gentle full body massage, specific attention is paid to the readjustment of the internal abdominal organs. This deep belly massage will have an amazingly profound and lasting effect on your digestive system, creating a deep sense of well-being. 80 minutes for 120 USD.

Milk and coconut exfoliation

This exotic blend of spices and coconut from Bali restores softness to the skin. 50 minutes for 90 USD.

Neurosedative massage

This slow and rhythmic full body massage is perfect for the overwhelmed, stressed, and tired; all too often a description of the guests when they arrive at Maya Tulum. Your therapist will decongest your lymphatic and nervous system by soothing and releasing all tension from your body. 80 minutes for 100 USD.

Reflexology massage

Reflexology is based on the theory that points on the bottom of the feet are energetically connected to specific areas of the body and that stimulating these points is good for corresponding body parts. This treatment induces a deep state of relaxation that calms the nervous system and allows the body to find balance. 50 minutes for 70 USD.

Reiki massage (combo)

When combined with your choice of a healing Swedish or deep tissue massage, Reiki massage helps almost instantaneously to release blockages and imbalances in the energetic body (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual) to lift up body and soul. 80 minutes for 100 USD.

Seaweed wrap

This treatment stimulates and regenerates the skin, increasing elasticity, firmness, and improved circulation. Seaweed is applied to the entire body, which is then wrapped in a plastic, thermal sheet to allow the absorption of essential minerals, while you rest for 20 minutes and enjoy a gentle facial massage. 50 minutes for 90 USD.

Shiatsu (non-oil)

During this pressure point massage, performed on a cushioned mat on the floor, your therapist will gently rock and stretch the body while at the same time applying finger and thumb pressure to specific points. Shiatsu balances the body, is excellent for pain management, and is both invigorating and relaxing. Please wear loose fitting clothing. 80 minutes for 120 USD.

Swedish massage

Long strokes over oiled skin, work on the outer layers of muscle tissue, reducing stress and soothing sore joints and muscles. Swedish massage traditionally relaxes your nervous system, stimulates circulation and helps with detoxification. 50 minutes for 90 USD or 80 minutes for 120 USD.

Thai massage (non-oil)

This massage, performed on a cushioned mat on the floor, is based on a system of energy lines known as sen. Various techniques, including pressure points and general pressure, as well as stretching using hands, feet, and elbows, releases muscular tension, increases blood flow, stimulates endorphins, and boosts the immune system, restoring balance in your body and mind. Please wear loose fitting clothing. 80 minutes for 120 USD.

Upper body focus deep tissue massage

Your masseuse will work down to the deeper layers of tissue in the muscles of your upper body. This treatment is helpful for chronic neck, shoulder, and back conditions, decreasing pain and tension and increasing range of motion. 50 minutes for 100 USD.

Wine anti-aging exfoliation

An antioxidant treat, which will give your skin a luminous glow! 50 minutes for 90 USD.

What's included

  • 2 yoga classes per day
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 8 days of guided retreat
  • Delicious daily meals
  • Therapeutic spa treatments

What's not included

  • Additional spa treatments
  • Airfare
  • Shuttle service to and from Cancun Airport (CUN)

How to get there

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Cancun Airport (CUN).

Cancellation Policy

  • The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 2 days before the arrival date.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.
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