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Auckland, New Zealand

Tropical Yoga specializes in unforgettable yoga holidays on Aitutaki in the Cook Islands, with some of New Zealand’s most experienced yoga teachers.

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  • Kath Gavey

    Tropical Yoga Website

    A short flight across the Pacific and you are in beautiful, laidback Rarotonga. A sense of peace awaits as you step off the plane, feel the warm breeze and hear the ukuleles, a euphoric feeling and you are here for seven days of yoga!

    From the first contact with Cristine, the owner of Tropical Yoga Retreats you know you are in capable hands. All queries are handled quickly and efficiently and the process of booking is very professional. Cristine has created the perfect retreat, a balance between a holistic yoga experience coupled with relaxation and fun activities, shared with a small intimate group.

    What makes this retreat unique is having two experienced yoga teachers with different teaching styles. Both teachers showcase a variety of styles with their own flow and interpretation. Nikki Harris from East West Studio in Auckland teaches Bikram, Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga. Nikki is a thoughtful charismatic teacher, who along with her knowledge brings a wonderful sense of calm to her teaching. Nicky Houston from Queenstown was our second teacher. A strong, dynamic teacher who taught Bikram, Vinyasa flow and Yin yoga.


    As well as yoga many activities are on offer, paddle boarding, guided walk across the Island, the Saturday morning market experience.

    The rewarding experience of lingering over a late breakfast (the omelettes are delicious!) after a challenging yoga session, sharing stories and laughter, and making new friends.

    The memory of practicing yoga on the beach, watching the whales pass by as the sun sets, while your body surrenders to the deep stretches of Yin.

    The ultimate food experience on our final night was a beach barbeque with fresh fish, amazing salads and tasty Rarotongan delights, accompanied by lovely New Zealand wines. Cristine organized this amazing meal, the perfect ending to our retreat!

    The yoga, the setting, the people, the food, the fun and laughter all combine to make this an unforgettable experience not to be missed!

    Thank you, Cristine, Nikki and Nicky and the amazing group of people I shared this experience with.

  • a traveler Australia

    Tropical Yoga Website

    I practise a gentle form of yoga regularly but was filled with trepidation about doing hot yoga, as I’d heard horrendous stories about it. Throughout the booking process I bombarded Cristine with questions about the holiday and concerns about the Bikram yoga, little did I know that Vinyasa Flow was even harder, for me anyway! Cristine was always comforting and reassuring that I would be ok but I still arrived in Rarotonga thinking “well if I only do one class a day that will be good enough” and the Yin on the beach sounded wonderful.

    After arriving at the hotel which was only a short distance from the airport, we checked in, unpacked, and I attended my first session. It was as hard as I was expecting and very, very hot! I did spy someone in the front row who collapsed in child’s pose a couple of times and she became my hero. Whenever Lee went down, so did I!

    For me, the yoga was HARD but I did persevere and attended most of the sessions. And believe me, I improved a little bit after seven days. My favourite was Yin yoga on the beach at sunset – magical. And we even had whales swimming past – amazing. I loved Yin because I could do it and it is a lot less demanding than hot and/or flow for an older person.

    It was a busy holiday with lots to do between yoga sessions. The tours included a fishing trip (sadly no fish caught though), visiting the Saturday market, an island tour, trip to Muri beach and our favourite, a day trip to Aitutaki. Some of the group did the trek over the mountain, which we will probably do next time. We also indulged ourselves in the onsite spa but other people went outside the resort for massages, which were cheaper. However the Ariki Spa was convenient and Adi was lovely.

    We ate as a group every other night, which was included in the price. On the alternate nights we could have joined the rest of the party or do our own thing. The last night, after our last yoga on the beach, we had a self-catered (by Cristine) barbeque – this was wonderful in a fabulous setting.

    Overall we had an awesome time with awesome people on a beautiful island with welcoming and friendly locals. We plan to back next year (and spend a few nights on Aitutaki too) so I guess that says it all really.

    Thanks to Cristine, Nicci and Nikki and the rest of the group for making it such a wonderful time.

  • Glenda

    Tropical Yoga website

    I wanted a retreat where I just paid my money and went, Christine gave all that and more, it was superior. I described it to a friend as easy, fun, beautiful. The top quality of the yoga instructor was amazing, never having done Bikram before, I learnt so much about each posture and also learnt so much about myself and my body. It improved my health immensely and for this I am extremely grateful. The location was fabulous, food superb, plenty of leisure time and loads of laughs. What a wonderful groupof people, everyone connected and used the 7 days for what they needed it for. With all my heart I would do it again.

  • Robyn Shearer

    Tropical Yoga website

    The most fabulous experience, perfect combination of yoga and relaxation in a beautiful tropical setting. Food, accommodation and people all perfectly matched. Highly recommended for someone like me, a busy executive, who needs the perfect blend of relaxation and activity. Looking forward to another retreat in the future.

  • Conrad

    Tropical Yoga website

    Rarotonga is still an un spoilt paradise and the perfect backdrop for the personal awakenings that most people seem to go through with that sort of intensive yoga schedule. The only criticism I have is that you should put a health warning on the flyer stating that the week may seriously transform your life. I am experiencing great difficulty getting back into my reality. Have you any idea how hard it is to crawl under the dark damp of peoples houses looking at their plumbing when you are still experiencing visions of humpback whales frolicking in the sunset foaming sea? Im beginning to believe it was all just a dream.

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