Triguna Yoga offers teacher trainings and yoga retreats and is passionate about helping people to find their true connection to the Self.

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Manmohan Ji


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David Staunton

from Great Britain, March 2019

"Best experience of my life!"

This was the best investment I have ever made in myself and a truly life-changing experience.

I arrived at the retreat at different person to the one that left. I was going through a lot of stress and unhappiness in my life and this was the perfect answer to what I needed to do.

The difference in my emotional well being has been profound. The emotional blockage treatments seem like miracles and were such a relief for me - you feel so much lighter after these. But also having the time to decompress and relax your mind, and nourish it, really helps.

The spiritual side that I witnessed in part through the amazing environment and people but also through the meditation was really spectacular. They were very profound experiences that I will not forget and it’s the beginning of seeing the world differently.

The physical detox has left me lighter, much slimmer and also feeling like my body is in much better shape and clear of so many toxins. Also practical tips about how to continue this - no app or subscription required!

This is the best trip I have ever taken and I will definitely return and invest this time in myself again and visit wonderful India again.

Finally, I have made real friendships here and that is a testament to the whole experience.

Kylie Garvey

from United States, April 2020

"The most amazing experience of my life."

Triguna yoga exceeded every expectation I could’ve had. Every day was heaven. I could stay forever. I was filled with so much love and peace every moment I had here. The food was the best food and I am still dreaming about it. Every teacher was so wise and loving. They knew exactly how much they could push you. The teachers all hold such special places in my heart. I learned so much here that I am so grateful for. The ashram away from the city was extremely ideal. Waking up with the sounds of nature and birds always made me smile. The accommodations were beautiful and all the staff kept everything in perfect conditions. Triguna has given me so much physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It makes my heart shine every time I think of it.

Lilly Smith

from United States, March 2020

"Best experience of my life"

An amazing opportunity to dive into a disciplined practice, yet filled with so much fun and creativity. There was a surprise everyday. Love all the teachers so much ❤️

Sarah-jane Wheatley

from Great Britain, March 2020

"You transformed my life. I will forever remain greatful! ♡"

This is more than just a yoga teacher training course, much much more. This is a life transformation. You have showed me the secrets, gave me the tools.

I cannot thank you enough. You have changed my future, you have changed me.

Every single class was incredible, especially pholosipy!! The food was outstanding!!! The best Indian recipes I have ever tasted by a million miles! The kitchen staff always went above and beyond!

The rooms were nice and clean, the beds were comfortable and the blankets were lovely and cosy!

The whole place is beautiful, it has the most radiant energy. I would live there forever if I could!

Thank you for the best month of my life.

I'll remember it forever! ♡♡♡♡

Christabelle Nicholls

from Great Britain, March 2020

Dear Triguna Yoga, I would like to send you my review of my amazing month spent with you all in February.

As soon as I got to you I felt at home, all the teachers and staff are very friendly and welcoming, and all the other people doing the corse were very like minded so to me we felt like one big happy family, we started the mouth off with a fire ceremony which was amazing as had never done anything like that before, all the lessons were very well taught and as a beginner at yoga I have learnt so much about yoga and myself and now I’m back home I’m really enjoying putting all the new techniques I’ve learned into my life 😀

On one of our days off Prakash organised a bus to take us up into the mountain so we could watch the sunrise which was beautiful we also visited a temple while we were up there too.

All the food was home cooked very healthy and delicious, I’ve changed my diet since home too 😀

Rishikesh is a short trip, it’s a beautiful place to visit and a lot of us went in on our day off and had a massage, also I walked into the village where we were staying all the people are very friendly they all smile and say hello and they all love having there photos taken.

Loved everything about my trip to India, it was a very spiritual adventure which will stay with me for ever, I cried when I left and miss everyone I met there dearly, I can’t thank Triguna Yoga enough for everything they have all taught me and leading me into my new spiritual life, thank you all very much 🙏

Gabrielė Strazdauskaitė

from Great Britain, March 2020


Every single one of us had or will have a different experience at Triguna than others, we are all the same but very different at the same time, we come with different expectations, with different mindsets, beliefs, reasons, and with a different purpose. My experience was priceless. Surrounded by beautiful, peaceful nature, loving and caring people in the Ashram, was a perfect place to reflect my own self, to learn acceptance, learn patience for others, probably even more for myself, to understand my feelings, to open my eyes, heart, and to grow. It is a healing and nurturing place if you let. Let yourself to come as a blank page, without any expectations, accept everything that all the amazing teachers have to give, their knowledge, wisdom and love. Allow yourself to be truly there for those beautiful 4 weeks, and I promise, you will take home much more than a yoga teacher certificate. This beautiful journey will change your life in one way or another. :)

Leslie Haggege

from France, March 2020

"When can I go back? "

What didn't I like? I came looking for something and I ended up finding so much more. It was the best experience of my life. Our teachers were so great, our philosophy classes in the sun with Prakash, our asana classes with Pralhad, Krishna pushing us, knowing our potential, our meditation classes with Samadhi, waking up singing mantras with Summit, alignment class with Vishal who twisted us like pretzels, emotional blockage class with Hari and our anatomy class with Girish. It was amazing. I have learned so much.

And the food. OMG. Wow. The food was so good, I have never eaten like that in my life. Don't expect to lose weight haha, you'll want more!

It was great being away from the city, in an ashram surrounded by mountains, hearing the birds, the cows. It was peaceful and quiet, a real bubble. It was hard to leave this place. I know I will come back. I could talk for hours about how I loved this experience. Everyone was so nice, so loving... If you're looking for a teacher training in Rishikesh, don't hesitate, sign up!

Romy Van Dorsselaer

from Netherlands, March 2020

"No regrets! "

It has been such an special experience to stay in Triguna Yoga ashram for a month. Everything exceeded my expectations, the classes were taught by really good professionals, the food was amazing and all the supporting staff was so kind. Everyone took such great care of us, on our days off Prakash and his team made sure that taxies were arranged, they even took us up the Himalayas to watch the sunrise one day. It was truly the best month of my life. The ashram itself was really nice as well, as its located outside of Rishikesh it is very peaceful and surrounded by nature, which is very refreshing compared to city centre. I would 100% recommend this place to everyone.

Marjkya Smith

from Australia, March 2020

"Do your soul a favour and choose Triguna"

The food was incredible, the accommodation was ample, clean and everything you need (except a towel) was provided, and the teachers were so experienced and gave so much us.

Everyone developed such a special bond, and we were given the space to move through our own personal journey. Emotional blockage and philosophy classes were favourites with so much useful information, and what great tools we were given to bring home and spread to others.

The Ashram is 30 minute tuk tuk from beautiful Rishikesh which was perfect, it was so quiet and gave us space and peace for transformation with out distractions of shops, noise and people. We had 1 day off a week and spent it exploring Rishikesh. It really was the perfect location for a transformational month of chanting, yoga, meditation and connection, and did I mention the food? Amazing. I'm so very grateful for the experience and cannot wait to go back and visit......and do another 100 hours!


from Germany, March 2020

"Beautiful Ashram Experience "

Overall all was very pleasant and beautifully put together! Course curriculum, subjects, teachers, time off, preparation for final exam! Absolutely wonderful and mind blowing many times!

Group dynamics were very balanced but this is something that cannot be influenced by the Ashram as such!

Food was excellent, basic needs were all met, and the surroundings are beautifully set in nature!

If I would have known that the asana experiences of all members were overall basic or just slightly advanced I would have probably dismissed this experience! But it turned out that this was not important for this workshop! It was to get a deeper understanding of yoga as an overall method to understand the mysteries of life in all sorts of different aspects! Therefor it was an amazing experience! Surely I can speak for everyone that we were all in a very welcoming and very family like atmosphere! You may not glue with everyone but you can choose your company and stick to your guns! That’s my advice to you!

Josefine Flucke

from Germany, February 2020

I didn’t expect to be so overwhelmed by how perfect everything was throughout the month. Everyone at the ashram gave everything in their power to make it a special experience. I have never met such loving, caring and knowledgeable teacher and staff that share everything they know unconditionally and with so much joy. I enjoyed every moment!

The lessons varied and included so many different topics, you’ll learn so much not only about yoga but about life and living. I loved how the classes were very interactive, integrating all sorts of topics and including everyone...

The garden is beautiful and the food is beyond words, I’ll miss it forever!

I am so happy that I chose Triguna Yoga School and I’m sure that everyone who decides to come here will leave just as amazed as I am!

Ivy Woolstenholmes

from China, February 2020

"Come! "

Everything about the experience is rooted in kindness, peace and a great deal of patience and compassion! Because of this you feel completely safe and secure to allow the experience to unfold and unravel in whatever way it does for you personally, making it a truly unique and special month. There is such a warm and comforting atmosphere created by all the teachers and staff that you will feel like it’s your home from the first day. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about the whole experience, it was something really beautiful and you leave with a huge heart!

Most importantly the food is AMAZING! You will eat more in this month than you think is humanly possible and will probably leave with a little chapati fatty around the middle but it’s totally worth it!

Last thing, the location is perfect. It is away from all the noise and hustle of the city but Rishikesh is just a short tuc tuc ride away to satisfy any cravings you have on your day off! You have so much space around you and wonderful wildlife and nature making the Ashram extra special.

Enjoy your time at Triguna!

Yasmina Strömstedt

from Norway, February 2020

"A hidden gem with extraordinary teachers"

The ashram is beautifully located 40 minutes outside of Rishikesh where there is peace and calm. The ashram was clean and the staff very friendly. The food is the best food I have ever tasted and the rooms where very nice with comfortable beds. I could never have dreamed of having such inspiring and supportive teachers, with a breath taking curriculum. I truly believe Triguna is a unique yoga school and I feel very blessed to have been a part of it. I will come and visit my teachers as soon as I am back in Rishikesh. The ashram also has a lovely garden with amongst other things mango trees, so you can stroll and contemplate in a peaceful and natural surrounding.

Maria Zotov

from Israel, February 2020

"The best course, with excellent teachers and amazing experie"

The secluded location, amazing experienced teachers, you will go through a journey

James Fitzpatrick

from United States, January 2020

"An Amazing Experience. A steal of a deal"

Girish is beyond accommodating. He has the very hard job of hosting people from all walks of life. There is a special place in my heart for this man. He is patient and loving and helpful. If he is hosting, you can rest easy knowing your host will be There no matter what issue you face.

The yoga teachers- Prahalad, Krisha, and Vishal where all exceptional. I would study under all of them again. Krisha is a fire cracker. Prahalads experience truly shines through in his teaching. Vishal was exceptionally dynamic and fun and loving. I will remember my classes with them as long as I live.

The philosophy section was also good. The great yogi Chandra Kant was a true delight to learn the yoga philosophy from. Meditation/ naturopathy by Hari was also lovely. He has a candid and honest nature about him that is unmatched by other professors I’ve met. They where both quite humble in their approach and didn’t pretend to have all the answers. This is important to me. Whoever claims to have all the answers usually knows the least of all. I appreciated their humility.

The shatkarma and pranayama was Sumit. He was a great and very patient teacher as well. This was a hard job and he did it with a smile.

Food was also amazing. Zero compaints. Bend over backward for even the pickiest dieter.

This might be the best money you spend in your life. I got so much out of this and I return home a better man. Thank you, my friends. Until we meet again. :-)


from Vietnam, January 2020

"Small investment for maximum gain "

I came in a little nervous as a complete yoga beginner. I needn’t have worried. Yes it’s a lot of hard work and yes you push your body but the support is fantastic and the physical, emotional and spiritual change in 4 weeks is remarkable. But more importantly, the asanas are really just a part of the whole experience. There is so much more to the course and it really can be life changing if you allow it to be and you come in with a open and curious mind. While the course teaches you how to teach yoga, the course also helps teach you how to live your best self. It’s given me a lot to think about and I am extremely glad I completed it. I’d say the staff probably contribute at least 50% of why the course was so great. They are incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, supportive (yet not afraid to push you) and very funny.

Because it was winter when I completed the course, it was in a different location. That ashram was nice and about 20mins or so in a rickshaw from central Rishikesh but still, be prepared for the cold.

Camila Palomeque

from United States, December 2019

"Yoga on and off the mat "

This was the hardest yet the most rewarding experience of my entire life.

It was not easy, if you decide to go with Triguna know that you will 💯 work hard but at the same time there was so many moments I knew I was meant to be there. I was meant to take the space I did in my beautiful Ashram and I was meant to learn from my amazing teachers.... and I did. They say yoga teacher training changes your entire life and this is so true. Yoga is a practice which moves beyond the boundaries of the spoken word. You have to live this amazing experience! All of my teachers were extremely polite and professional and I ended calling everyone FAMILY.

Ianja Oehr

from Germany, December 2019

"You are already where you want to go ..."

I've never been to a place where I've met so many different nationalities, and the 200h Yoga teacher training was one of the most beautiful and at the same time intense experiences I've had so far. It's hard to believe how many things can happen in just 27 days. Triguna Yoga school has not only created a beautiful yoga program. The school has just set up a very comprehensive, ingenious and holistic concept. Which is very useful if we want to go on the path of truthfulness. The connection to emotional detachment and yoga is a wonderful way to really go deep. It makes us see and feel clearer again. It sensitizes our perception and connects us to our inner being. To draw from the truth in us again. You will never forget this life-changing experience. The teachers are all very courteous, helpful, professional and, above all, authentic. The authenticity of the people was one of the things I appreciated most.... The place is also a dream. You will not found many places like this in Rishikesh, its peaceful place with a beautiful Dom, gardens and probably thousands of birds. With all my heart I can recommend to everybody Triguna Yoga school, as a choice for a teacher training. I wish you a wonderful experience for whatever you want to decide <3 ....


from Great Britain, December 2019

"An incredible and memorable experience all round "

- The authenticity and humility of the teachers

- The Vedic philosophy classes were insightful and allowed for open discussions

- The emotional blockage classes were really interesting

- Loved the evening meditations, especially the dynamic ones

- Extras were great: beach yoga and meditation in a cave

Cécile Neveux

from France, December 2019

" A unique and unforgettable experience"

The ashram is at 45 minutes of tuktuk from Rishikesh, perfect to avoid noises and pollution.

Many trees and natural areas in the property, so pleasant to relax !

The staff and the teachers are super nice and helpful.

The 3 beds rooms are confortable.

The food is good.

And the atmosphere is just amazing, we feel quickly safe and relax.

The program, with the variety of lessons and some outside activities, was just perfect.

Dean Pollock

from Canada, December 2019

"Highly Recommended"

My time at Triguna was for the most part filled with joy and happiness. The teachers were all knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. The staff was friendly and helpful and they were happy to help you out with anything you needed. The days were long and challenging, exposing me to a wide range of emotions, but my 200 hr course was over before I knew it. The school is located on nice grounds and you can see the foothills of the Himalayas. The sunrises were beautiful. This an excellent place to learn and practice Yoga and based upon my experience I highly recommend the Triguna yoga school. My time at Triguna was one of the best months of my life and I will cherish the memories forever!

Markus Kube

from India, November 2019

"YTT 200 hr Nov 2019"

In October I didn't know which school I should choose in Rishikesh coz' there are around 300 yoga schools. I read all the reviews of former students and this school had so many positive recommendations written by heart. Finally I chose Triguna Yoga and after 1 day I already felt that I made the correct decision. Teachers (Hari, Prakash, Shakti, Subhibh, Krishna, Vikash, Summit, Raj, Arci..) are amazing, Program has a lot of variation, Food is delicious/healthy, Room/Location is peaceful and the whole staff team is very helpful. I learned a lot about yoga philosophy/naturopathy, relieved emotional blockages and body/mind got stronger/more flexible. I can highly recommend this place to students who are looking for a YTT. Thank you so much for this amazing month!

Nikki Grannum

from Barbados, November 2019

"The best experience in my life"

I am an older person (late 50) and was very nervous about keeping up and feeling out of place but nothing was further from the truth. Tryguna is in the country set away from the noisy town. On our days off the school arranged transportation to town or excursions. It was wonderful to return to the peace and quiet of the Ashram afterward. The teachers were wonderful and always available for questions or in my case help my back keep up with the yoga. I would recommend this Ashram to everyone.


from Australia, November 2019

"Brilliant, Beautiful, Blissful "

I loved how thorough the training was and how much I took away from it. I feel extremely confident and competent now in my teaching abilities thanks to the detailed curriculum and constant support that was given by our teaching staff. A must do for every yogie, yoga teacher and anyone who has an interested in reaping the healing benefits of Yoga!!

Sarah Brooks

from Great Britain, October 2019

"Triguna Yoga Teacher Training and so much more"

This is a course not only about yoga asana but learning to understand ourselves and our place in the universe. Through discussion of the philosophy and disciplines of yoga, through intense but exhilarating emotional detoxification through dance, breath work and from beginner to advanced asana teachings in ashtanga and traditional hatha this course forms the start of a journey to become a more conscious human being, living in the moment and walking the path of a yogi.

The location is wonderful, away from the buzz of Rishikesh in the countryside, set in extensive grounds surrounded by nature. The perfect place for practice and contemplation.

It was one of the most special months of my life so far, with wonderful teachers and friends now connected forever..I cannot recommend Triguna highly enough.

Marina Novoselic

from Ireland, October 2019

"More than experience"

Scroling through comments means there is a desire in you to do YTTC, and that you seek other people's experiences. If you decide to do this jump, and I strongly recommend it, you will have not only time of your life, but your version of the life itself will change and let's just say it as a cliche: you'll wake up from an illusion. Triguna is not only yoga, it is so much more than that. You will get more than you expect and more than I can describe in words. Only your own experience can show you what we (and many before us) felt in this magical place called Triguna, Ashram, Narnia, Hogwarts..

Oh, and so much love, I've never felt in my life. And emotions I didn't even know existed in me and around me.

And the first five people who book their place, with all enlightenment, will also receive the opening of a chakra of their choice.

Namaste ♥️

Farnaz Hashemi

from Spain, October 2019

Well I got a positive energy since first moment I entered to this ashram... And most of the things were better than my expectations. The rooms were nice and clean, teachers and managers so kind and caring, even the cooks were nice and smiling face all the time that preparing me separate food since I can't eat spicy food.

I loved the meditation and philosophy classes more, they were completely new for me... Containing both active and passive styles performed a perfect pack! About Asana classes since I had a teacher training course once before in Iran, so they were a bit repeatitive but anyhow ofcourse I learnt some new points in them too.

Satoko Ishikawa

from Japan, October 2019

"One of my best experience in my life"

It was one of my best experience in my life. I came here to get certified as a yoga instructor but it was more than that.

Everyone who works here was amazing. Teachers are quite professional, experienced and warm. The class starts from basic and going to more advanced and deep. I personally liked Emotional Blockage and Meditation classes.

Food was always delicious.

Location was great surrounded by nature. Its a bit far from noisy center of Rishikesh.

We shared a lot of things during this course. I want to come back this place someday.

Edric Kennedy-macfoy

from Great Britain, October 2019

"What can I say about Triguna?"

I came with zero expectations. This was a last minute booking made purely on the base of the amazing reviews I read. They sounded to good to be true but I felt the heart and soul in each review. And now I know why.

Triguna is so much more than teacher training. Triguna is tribe, Triguna is family, Triguna is home. From arrival in Delhi airport a taxi had been arranged for the 6 hour drive to their school in Rishikesh. I was greeted with such warmth and kindness which was a reflection off what was yet to come. It was effortless, hassle free and an unbelievable $60 for a 6 hour journey.

I arrived a day early and was welcomed on into the most beautiful community at no extra cost. I’ve become accustomed to staying in luxurious resorts and hotels over the years but on arrival in my room and seeing the basic living arrangements, I smiled in gratitude at the realisation that it was all that I needed. This was the start of my journey of growth. I had a bed, a shower, a toilet, shelves, a window, fans, and electricity.

Triguna gave me so much more than yoga. I gained a greater understanding of life and the hidden treasures within. I now know what yoga is and it gives my practice purpose and meaning. An inward journey, the union of my individual self and universal self, the self identified with body, mind and senses and the one that has been freed from all worldly limitations. Triguna freed me and helped me to let go. Let go of the past, let go....

Natalia Verolin

from Australia, October 2019

"An incredible experience"

This is not just a simple yoga teacher training. It's a whole inner journey experience. The quality of the teachers, the kindness and attentiveness of each and every person working from sunrise till late night to make you feel comfortable and happy (Dinnish leaves his heart for you!). Krishna, Vishal and Govinda are incredibly knowledgeable (ashtanga, alignment and haha), made the classes fun, interesting and practical to learn, encouraging you to try and improve. Philosophy classes with Prakash were fantastic and active meditation was a whole new experience. Anatomy with Girish was also really good and interesting. Meditation with the lovely Samadhi was more than perfect. And finally, Hari!! Hari changed my perception of life. He is the kindest human being in this universe. His inner peace is something contagious and his naturopathy and ayurveda knowledge are huge. Hari is a super human to me and he is in my heart and mind until I leave this body. Thank you will never be enough. Love you guys! THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Adam Mcdermott

from Canada, October 2019

"Far more than a yoga retreat. "

I came to this retreat to get certified as a yoga instructor, and I left a changed man. This is a special place, the amount of personal growth I experienced in the month was like nothing else. I’ve been to college in North America twice, and attended firefighting academy, but this one month of training gave me more growth than the 6 years of my previous combined schooling.

The knowledge and willingness to share from all of the teachers made the learning process so easy.

The location is far enough out of the main city that you can completely immerse yourself in the experience, but close enough to go into town to enjoy yourself on your day off.

The food was always tasty and in abundance, we looked forward to nutritious meals made with love everyday.

The yoga started out basic and gradually got more advanced, giving a solid foundation to work from and then grow from there.

The rooms were quite basic, but in my opinion living in a small humble room for the month amplified my experience, and taught me to be more grateful for what I’ve been able to have as a westerner.

Overall, my experience was nothing but positive. My training here is something I’ll look back on fondly for the rest of my life.

Tal Zabumba Baskin

from Israel, October 2019

"OMG can't imagine better place for YTT"

Everything was just perfect! The teem is so carefull, they are carring for every, but every need of each student, with so much love. The program and scajual built in perfect way, really can't imagine that done better. For every class we had a different teacher, wich means we got extra knowlge and enjoyed more points of veiw and life experiences! It's priceless! I totally felt like sincerely each of them looking forward to make us real yoga teachers and better version of ourselves as humanbeing. So much love and good energy!

Lessons divided for Hatha, Ashtanga and adjustments lessons with maximum efficiency and authentic approach (and as I said before, each one is different yoga teacher with planty experience and knowlege) as well we enjoyed mantra chanting classes with teacher with divine voice and endless patiance to make us understand the mantra and chant it properly, really unique experience!

Prakash, phylosophy teacher makes every lesson so interesting and deep that we wanted just to continue more and more and we gain real knowledge for life and yoga path and made us want to explore more.

HariJi teacher for Indian naturopathy, emotional and body detoxification, gained in his life priceless amount of knowledge and understandments and shares it passionately, also he cares personally for every student welbeing, helps to treat any issue in natural way with many love and care.

The food is diverse, fresh and very tasty. There is much more to say but better just come&try

Sara Schlösser

from New Zealand, October 2019

"One month of inspiration, love and understanding "

If you wish to have a deep and fulfilling experience which goes beyond a regular ytt, this is exactly the right place for you! You will stay in a very nice familiarly ashram, surrounded by beautiful nature. learning, listening, dancing and practicing yoga while butterflies and singing birds are always around you. everyone of the teachers/cooks/Volunteers is unique, lovely and full of Passion. They will meet you with an open heart and show you how easy it can be to enjoy life, when you start to open yours....

Pia Joëlle Eggimann

from Switzerland, October 2019

"A nice time to turn inwards."

The teachers are amazing, for each subject we had a specialized and highly inspiring person to help you learn more about the subject and grow. Overall the whole experience (food and silence eating, facilities, teacher, surrounding nature) is a great place to turn inwards and start/deepen your inner journey. It's also a great place to learn, because besides all the deep knowledge, it's also fun. We celebrated different birthdays, had interesting meditations techniques (like dynamic meditation) and a fun group. For me this experience in India really made a difference in my life and I came home with a grown understanding of myself. It changed how I see myself and the world. Thanks to everyone at Triguna!!

Tina Staldvik

from Norway, September 2019

"Triguna "

Such a beautiful place and the staff will do their utmost to make you feel comfortable.

Beautiful experience with perfect yoga.

Thank you Triguna <3

Thibaud Lim

from France, September 2019

"Life transforming experience :)"

Best experience in my life.

Beautiful and inspiring teachers.

Wonderful and peaceful place to learn Yoga.

Cat Mckenzie

from Australia, September 2019

"A life changing month "

Surrounded by mountains in a gorgeous leafy green ashram the course offers a true insight into the yogic lifestyle slightly away from the hustle of Rishikesh city. So much more than just asanas. I loved the focus on Philosophy and Naturopathy. Teachers are all passionate about their topics and generous with their wisdom. I loved it and I look forward to integrating what I have learnt into my personal and professional work.

Céline Pagès

from Belgium, September 2019

"Triguna or how to find the best place in Rishikesh?!"

The whole experience was such amazing, I could really learn about what is yoga and finaly how I use it, not only on a mat but on my daily life...

Lots of gratitude to each person of Triguna who made it so special, they are dedicated, full of life and really open. Than you so much for having change my perceptions of life and yoga!

Abby Dowel

from United Arab Emirates, September 2019

"Awaken your true self"

Triguna and everyone who works here, from the teachers to the chefs to the volunteers is heaven on earth. Everyone feels completely at home, safe to express, explore and release their true self, and learn beyond what you think is possible in such a short time. The course is more than comprehensive, and you will learn not just how to be a yoga teacher, but how to undertake the practices to become a yogi and a better person. The food is delicious and plentiful, accommodation is comfortable and clean, and the location is a pocket of heaven away from the busyness of town. I cannot recommend Triguna highly enough and can’t wait to return!

Rauel Mitchell

from India, August 2019

"Full power - 200hr :)"

I will carry with me dearly the teachings and lessons I have learnt at this wonderful school for the rest of my life. For this I feel truly blessed and greatful to have been apart of such an inspiring course. Thank you - with my hole heart

Alberto Spagone

from Italy, August 2019

"Don~t look for any other place!"

The best school you can find.

Trust me...I` m not easy to satisfy but this place made me absolutely happy.

They are very serious but also very open and ready to make the people live a good life.

We learn much moire than what we is the right choise.

Rachel Shireman

from Japan, July 2019

"June 200hr teacher Training course "

I could not have chosen a better teacher training school! Triguna was so educational, peaceful and eye opening. The Ashram is so quite and full of nature. We saw so many beautiful birds and cute monkeys! The dome at the Ashram made my experience! Practicing yoga and singing mantras in the dome was so transformative and spiritual. The sound the dome creates is pure magic. My entire view of yoga has changed for the better because of the teachers at Triguna. I have now learned that yoga is a way of life rather than just an exercise. The emotional blockage techniques we learned were very intense and transformative as well. Many of us released a lot of emotions we were holding to! I feel like a lighter and more peaceful person. The facilities at the Ashram are very nice and clean. Although the pillows are a little too hard, the bed is very comfortable and supportive. The food is so delicious I had to becareful I didn’t over eat! I made an amazing connection with all of the wonderful people in my sesstion as well. I feel so grateful and thankful I chose Triguna.

Jordan Rothenberg

from United States, July 2019

"Life Transforming Experience"

My month at Triguna was profound. I came to India with a desire to deepen my asana practice and what I left with was far more. Prakash and Shakti have created a beautiful community that supports the growth of the group of students. The location is peaceful and in nature, the food is delicious, and the curriculum is so rich. Different teachers will teach yoga, anatomy, naturopathy, philosophy, and more. I am so grateful I got to have this experience.


from Japan, June 2019

"Life changing experience "

I enjoyed every part of the course, but I particularly found Emotional Blockage, Naturopathy and Philosophy classes inspiring and different from any other TTCs in Rishikesh. Pranayama and Meditation were challenging (especially active meditations!) but I felt great afterwards. Needless to say I learned and improved my flexibility (both physically and mentally) so much thanks to amazing teachers of Asana classes, both Hatha and Ashtanga! Thank you to all the teachers and loving course mates so much for sharing the wonderful experience with me.

Bert Langenberg

from United States, May 2019

"If it feels right, go for it it's totally worth it!"

Fantastic month! Beautiful experiences and teachers, delicious fresh food, warm atmosphere, friends for life, high quality teachings, ready to slowly start teaching.... I couldn't have imagined it better then this

Shannon Casey

from Japan, May 2019

"The best yoga school you’ll find"

Triguna Yoga is truly a magical place. Set far enough away from Rishikesh center that you can enjoy nature and the peacefulness of the ashram. The food and accommodation were wonderful, and the people were even more amazing. Everyone who works there is fully devoted to giving you the best experience and pushing you to grow and learn. The emotional blockage course was extremely powerful and the naturopathy was super interesting. I particularly loved the meditations and philosophy classes. Nothing seemed ordinary or stale, everything that we learned was intense and meaningful. You won’t find a place better than this.

Malin Naucler

from United States, April 2019

I like the wole journey of the course, it was so well planned and it has changed my life. The new path that you walk out in when you leave Triguna, Dyhan Mandir it’s mindblowing. When I look back with love and gratitude in my heart I realize how much knowledge and time the teachers/masters had laid on the schedule so that our experience hit every part of the body and mind at the right time. “From self love to universal love” Namsate, Malinji

Viktorija Zukova

from Great Britain, March 2019


There was not even one day "boring" as it happens while studying. Teachers are very professional. Great course content! That was not only yoga teacher course, that was deep personal transformation retreat. Very strong experience!

Great location aside from the city, peacful atmosphere, which help to connect within, while very easy to get to the city too if needed.

Amazing cook! Delicious fresh Indian style food ❤

Gili Langliv

from Philippines, March 2019

"A deep and personal philosophical experience"

The in depth kind and caring approach from a group of highly intellectual and spiritual teachers, everyone was kind and caring in there approach to teaching us while keeping our spirits high. The courses schedule was fulfilling without being overly intense on the body. Perfectly balanced

Jagpreet Kaur

from Canada, March 2019

"Much above expectations"

From the serene environment to the well maintained rooms and infrastructure..everything is very nice..the instructors are very soft spoken, friendly and at the same time very knowledgeable. The schedule is very comfortable.

Not to forget the food.. from the making to serving, it is simply too good.

Spices optimum for a person like me. I would highly recommend this place.. taking a bag full of memories witb me.. thank you everybody!!!!

Seena Joseph

from United States, March 2019

"A divine experience!"

I have joined for the course hoping to improve my health and thus impart the knowledge to others. But this particular yoga teacher training course was more of a divine experience to me. I could feel the real bliss of the union of mind,body and soul while learning the same. The first thing that delighted me at the center was the ever helpful people and their hospitality , I am so much indebted to them for the love and care they have shown to me. Ambience of the center is spectacular and enveloped in positive energy. The pure delicious food is definitely very inviting and a real feast to the taste buds. Teachers are really professional,helping and blessed with pure wisdom. This is a place that I can recommend to anyone who is interested in learning yoga in a beautiful ambience - really a divine exoerience and I feel so blessed to have it.


from India, March 2019

"Highly satisfactory"

Instructor are very cordial, easily accessible, very willing to respond to all questions.

U wakeup to the soothing sound of birds chirping next to your window.

Freya Ghosh

from United States, March 2019

"A great yoga teacher training and so much more!"

Great yoga training! I just finished the february TTC. I loved going deeper into yoga practice and it's meaning and effects on body and mind. Amazing support and guidance from the teachers when I needed that. What I loved the most were the breathing techniques and the detox techniques especially releasing the emotional holdings in the body through pressure points and breathing. That was so powerful for me that I want to share it with students, friends and family. I also feel I got a better understanding about balance and disbalance in the body, how to prevent disease, how to change disbalanced patterns in mind and body. And how to use food and insights on food intolerances, which was very helpful for me

Paro T

from India, February 2019

"The food,ambience and the training excellent. "

Absolutely everything

Julie Férard

from Réunion, April 2020

"All teachers very dedicated warm-hearted and sincere "

Le lieu est magnifique, très calme, en retrait dans la campagne. Merveilleuse pratique du yoga entourée de grands et beaux arbres, et une multitude d’oiseaux qui chantent. Des profs différents mais tous autant passionnés et investis dans leur manière de transmettre. Les délicieux repas végétariens, un personnel très présent et attentionné. Un immense merci à toute cette belle équipe.

Andreina Alaimo

from Spain, December 2019

"Un mes lleno de emociones y experiencia "

Todo desde la llegada hasta nuestra última ceremonia de fuego hicimos una conexión hermosa el grupo y ellos como profesores nos inspiraron y motivaron he vuelto como una versión mejorada Gracias a ellos la mejor experiencia de mi vida , y sin duda volveré el otro año a hacer las 300 hs Ytt

Fanny Randriamampianina

from Spain, June 2019

"Best experience ever ! Feel so grateful"

Acabo de pasar el mes de mayo en Triguna Yoga para hacer el 200h Teacher Training. Sin duda, ha sido la mejor experiencia de mi vida. Sinceramente no tengo ningun comentario negativo, ha sido un mes muy intenso fisicamente, psicologicamente, pero no cambiaría nada. Los profesores son todos buenísimos, el de hatha, ashtanga, pranayama, anatomía, filosofía del yoga, naturopatía, bloqueos emocionales, mantra.. a parte de ser expertos en lo que enseñan cada uno te transmite paz y amor. Eramos un grupo de 12 personas de todo el mundo, y cada uno encontro su sitio muy rapidamente, hemos compartido mucho. El Ashram es uno dos los unicos que se encuentra un poco alejado de la ciudad, con lo cual estas totalmente conectado con la naturaleza, y la cupula en la que hacíamos yoga es para mi el sitio mas bonito y pacifico que he visto en Rishikesh. Las habitaciones son muy grandes, muy agradables y cada una tiene su propio baño. La comida es vegetariana, variada, buenísima, es imposible pasar ambre... El cocinero es tan amable y dedicado a lo que hace... pasa horas cocinando para ofrecer comida de calidad y fresca. Cada semana tienes 1,5 días de descanso y puedes ir a visitar el centro, comprar cositas, tomar un zumo fresco... Rishikesh me ha parecido un lugar muy seguro, no tuvimos ningun tipo de problemas en ningun momento. Podría estar escribiendo durante horas sobre esta experiencia... si buscas un lugar donde recargar tus baterías y abrirte a un nuevo mundo mas conectado contigo mism

Doris Ter Hennepe

from India, April 2019

"My second home <3"

It was absolutly perfect. I could not have asked for more. The warm loving beautifull people who have so much knowledge and kindness to share and they do this with so much love. I felt so welcome, happy and at peace. Im planning to go back soon because it really feels like a second home to me now. It was one of the best experiences of my life and the perfect beginning for a spiritual journey of a life time.