Trekt Himalaya

Yoga and fitness treks in Nepal.

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Lara Higginson

from Great Britain, April 2018

"a once in a lifetime experience! "

The guides (Tasi and Mani) and yoga instructor (Anil) that accompanied us were very kind and friendly. They always made sure that we were safe, well, comfortable and happy and they took us to various locations outside of the itinerary to allow us to see the full splendour which Nepal had to offer.

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a traveler Australia

TripAdvisor website

Once again an awesome trip. The Med Trek Team are well organised, friendly and really connect with the volunteers. The porters and chief on the trek did a wonderful job and the food had variety and tasted great. The interaction with the local village people will stay with me for life.

a traveler Australia

TripAdvisor website

TREKT was my first medical trek and I loved it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to start trekking or enjoy helping others. Going on this trek has opened my eyes to endless possibilities. I have no doubt your experiences will be the same.

Ang Chhoti Sherpa

Trekt Himalaya Facebook page

It is a nice place where you can travel, trek, as well as help the people. I love it.

Mariek F.L. Florida, USA

TripAdvisor website

This was the best overseas vacation I ever had, and I loved it. We trekked to Oklandunga, going toward Everest region to set up health care camps with medical trek Nepal. The trek was truly way out from civilization (in most places), and we were immersed in "Sherpa Culture". What was amazing about this, as opposed to Everest trek (which I had done previous year), was that we became part of these villages, rather than just guests passing through. I could not understand what the village people were saying, but we felt warmly welcome. The camp days were long and busy with sometimes 300 villagers waiting to be seen by our volunteer team (along with amazing Nepalese medical staff), but the porters played with all the kids, and regularly bought us tea, and snacks. The cook was amazing. How he made such delicious food over the camp fire, I have no idea. I could write a book about how much I loved this remote hiking volunteer experience, but I will end this here and say I am definitely going back when I can (maybe teaching trek with Trekt Himalaya) and huge thanks to Ang Choti and Sabin and Sandra and the team.

Kiana W.

TripAdvisor website

This trip was truly an unforgettable adventure. If you are looking to gain medical and cultural experience in a truly awe inspiring way, I highly recommend Trekt Himalaya for your next adventure. Even before I left home, they were actively involved in getting me prepared by telling me what to pack, what I needed to know about trekking and what to do when I arrived. As my first time in Nepal, I was not sure what to expect. However, my trek team picked me up at the airport, got me to my accommodations and before I knew it I was experiencing the sights and sounds of Kathmandu. The guides and nurses are incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and will do whatever they can to make you comfortable. With limited medical experience myself, I tried to focus on learning some rudimentary Nepalese in order to better communicate with villagers. Although I'm sure that I butchered their beautiful language, everyone was so encouraging and pleased by my efforts. I have to say, I quite enjoy travelling, but I have never met kinder and more hospitable people than those I met on this adventure. To this day I still remain friends with many of the Nepalese nurses and guides that I met on this trip. Other than the wonderful hospitality, the trek itself was truly and amazing experience. Imagine, trekking through the foothills of Nepal and delivering free medical care to incredibly sweet and appreciative villagers. How unbelievably awesome. The landscapes were breathtaking and the villages nestled in the hills were simply lovely. Many of the villages welcomed us with traditional cultural dances, food and shows in the evening. They shared whatever they had with us and were so happy to welcome us into their homes. I learned a lot more about myself on this trip than I ever expected and I made wonderful friendships that I hope will last a lifetime. There are many adventure groups and companies out there, but Trekt Himalaya is doing it right. The experience you get is off the beaten path, it is genuine, fun, and unforgettable. They will show you a side to this country that is rare to find on your own and impossible to discover with tourist groups. If you are looking for an adventure and to make a positive difference, I highly recommend this experience! I will definitely be returning again. Stay awesome, Trekt Himalaya!

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