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Katie Sherlock

from Great Britain, April 2020

"A magical and unique experience "

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Treehouse Yoga. It was so wonderful to enjoy some time to recouperate after a busy week in Rio. The yoga was thoughtful and focused on alignment which was a great way for me to improve my technique after only ever doing large classes in the UK with limited adjustments. Dani J was insightful and a good communicator who is understanding to other people's needs. I also had some outstanding treatments from Gisele who is a very wise and thoughtful soul. The food was amazing and made me feel revitalised. The location is simply stunning and my words will not do it justice. You have to see it to believe it. We also got to do some lovely excursions. All in all, the perfect intimate yoga experience which allows you to connect to yourself and the nature around you. Thank you!

Dorothee Ihle

from Germany, April 2020

"Amazing yoga retreat"

It was my first yoga retreat and I would recommend it to other people. The location was great and the place very calm and peaceful. Although it was just 20 minutes away from Rio de Janeiro, one needs to know that it is not so easy to get back into town. I had the single room and the view was amazing. People were very nice and we were treated like family members. The food was tasty and the yoga practices relaxing and inspiring.

Maria Dida

from France, April 2020

"Amazing escape from the reality "

I really liked the place and the atmosphere. We did hiking, I was really excited by the forest and its animals.

I was before the pandemic started in Brazil, so, for me, it was a relief, full time for meditation.

Thanks to Danniji I learnt more about yoga itself (yoga-sutra), how to be more focused during the practice. Danniji is a friendly, super responsive person. I would like to thank Giselle too, for her kindness and help.

I think my mindset has changed after this retreat. I felt more relaxed. ( P.S. it is my first retreat experience)

I really advise you to go there, when you saw enough of Rio and want to get some peace)

Ron Ben

from Great Britain, February 2020

"Great place , fabulous view and just 20 min from center "

Yoga, view, food, view and life :)

Seth Williams

from United States, January 2020

- Excellent food

- Beautiful view

- High quality yoga sessions

- Cheerful host / instructor

Alicja Milesi

from Spain, January 2020

"Life changing. "

What I really liked about Dani is that she really treated each one of us as a new family member. It didn't feel like we're just another group of people that goes in and out, she offered us so much attention. She's an amazing yoga teacher, one of the best I've ever came across. Her classes are like a therapy for the body. The location and landscapes are amazing. I stayed in the shared room but the standard was very high. We've been moving around two houses and the swimming-pool and all that felt like a very high standard. I've done a few yoga retreats before but here I've learned a lot of new things. Thank you Dani.

Marie Josefine Hestbek Jensen

from Argentina, January 2020

"Intimacy, truth and love"

The experience I shared with Danni ji and the other guests at the retreat was quite unique and moving in so many ways. The energies were higher than ever, due to the new year and change of the a decade. Danni was always observant and caring around the guests. we were provided with the most delicious and nourishing food.

Danni was amazing at seeing each one of us for whom we were and whom we desired to become, welcoming and helping us coming closer to that goal. It was a perfect combination of hikes and contact with nature, yoga practice, nutritious food, and relaxation. All a part of the small (for some big) inner transformation taking place.

The retreat definitely reached my expectations and even more. I loved the surprises in the program, the spirituality, the meeting of other likewise people from different origins and countries.

I'm so happy and grateful that I found and completed the retreat.

I recommend the treehouse retreat for all that seeks honesty, answers within, peace and contact with nature and inner and outer health.


from United States, January 2020

"Find the peace you seek"

Treehouse Yoga retreat is exactly what I needed at the end of a busy and eventful year. Danniji is a top notch instructor who has designed the retreat to allow attendees to make it their own experience and period of development. The setting is ideal - secluded in the silent forest of the city of Rio, whose bustlings seem far away from the calm nature all around. The retreat groups are small and we become like a family by the end. Danniji knows the transformative nature of the place and the practice, and she does everything possible to allow people to get the most out of it. The accommodations are comfortable and well maintained, just keep in mind you are in a forest where there are interesting creatures all around. Experience life in a new way and clear out the negative baggage you've been carrying around. Discover what has been holding you back. This is your place.

Pavel Constantinov

from Brazil, January 2020

"A hidden gem in true nature very close to urban Rio"

Danni's place is a true marvel, in the actual jungle of the Tijuca National park, extremely calm and peaceful, with a breathtaking view. Danni herself is such a marvelous person - a great yoga instructor and a wonderful human being. We had lovely conversations and her caring attitude made us feel more at home than anywhere during my 2-month trip. It is definitely an unbeatable experience to demonstrate what peace of mind can be and give a taste of Rio very few people can ever have. Thank you, Danni!

Michel Riyad Nabti

from United States, January 2020

"Lovely Retreat!"

I had a wonderful, restorative, and fun experience at Treehouse Yoga Retreat. The staff, facilities, setting, yoga practice, and food were magical. It’s in a unique location within a national park in the wilderness surrounding Rio de Janeiro, making it very convenient, while also being completely secluded in nature. The staff were attentive, friendly, knowledgeable, and flexible. I would highly recommend!

Marina Rozhdestvenskaya

from Brazil, December 2019

"I can’t wait to go back there!"

This retreat was a highlight of my first visit to Brazil! Don’t waste time staying anywhere else but at this retreat.

I am a certified yoga instructor and Nutrtition coach muse. I was so happy to discover that Dani is highly experienced yoga and spiritual instructor. Plus, she knows a lot about nutrition and will accommodate any food preferences.

The location of retreat is STUNNING and only 10 min away from the beach and Leblon! I could not get enough of it view and peaceful energy.

I was staying there with my 12 year old son who absolutely loved everything and didn’t want to leave.

I wish I would’ve wasted time and money staying at hotel in busy and dirty Copacabana.

Dani is so sweet and caring... She drove us around and planned every day’s activity. This was the best yoga vocation ever! Thank you Dani! We look forward seeing you again!

Marina and Stefan

Sofia Persson

from Sweden, November 2019

I was surprised by the nice location and the small and personal retreat. Everything was exactly what I needed. The retreat is small and in the forest, but still close to the city and easy to reach from the airport.

I liked the mix of yoga classes, talk on yoga, walks in the forest, meditation and one day with yoga outside the retreat with nice view of the city and some hours at the beach.

Danni cooked all the meals, all vegetarian and very good. Nice fruits and snacks.

Because it is very small, it also personal and the yoga classes were adjusted to my needs.

I would definitely recommend a friend to go there, or go back my self!

Mary-ann Brandal

from Brazil, October 2019

"Treehouse yoga retreat "

I spent 5 days at treehouse yoga retreat. The location was perfect, in the middle of the forest, just a few minutes from the city. But still far away from civilisation. The only sound came from the nature, birdsongs and monkeys joking around. Perfect place to relax. The host and yoga instructor, Danni was absolutely gorgeous. She made excellent vegetarian food, treated me with really good massages and taught me yoga, custom made for my needs. I have never felt so relaxed and satisfied as I did after these 5 days. She also acted as a guide in the surrounding community, we went hiking, to beaches, restaurants and to local districts in Rio. I got the opportunity to explore parts of Rio that I never would have found on my own.

Elina Milagros Fernández Avancini

from Argentina, February 2020

"Gran experiencia de conexión personal"

El lugar es hermoso y súper pacífico. Las actividades te permiten relajarte y conectarte con vos mismo. Tanto la host Dani como su ayudante Gisele son amables, amorosas y atentas. Es una muy linda y recomendable experiencia.

Sigrid Ten Napel

from Brazil, September 2019

"Een tweede thuis"

Ik vond het heel bijzonder hoe gemakkelijk Danni je deel liet zijn van haar leven, haar houten huis op palen is jouw houten huis op palen. Zonder continue uitleg te hoeven bieden, mocht ik in haar omgeving zijn en doen waar m'n behoeften naar uit gingen. Danni verzorgde verrukkelijke vegan maaltijden, de ligging van het huis te midden tropische planten en bomen was adembenemend, het koude zwembad was een fijne bijkomstigheid om in af te koelen en het bezoek aan het strand was heerlijk. De dagelijkse yoga lessen op diverse locaties een fijne constructieve bijdrage voor lichaam en geest.