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Tree House Lodge

Tree House Lodge is an eco-friendly project offering vacations and yoga retreats in Costa Rica.

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A traveler

TripAdvisor Website, edited

A bucket-list item has always been staying in a tree house hotel. The Tree House Lodge was my greatest wish come true! It's just so beyond incredible that it's actually hard to put into words. Staying in the tree house is like entering your own little fairytale. It's unforgettable.

The proximity to the beach is also a major added plus. There are plenty of nice restaurants right in the area, but you feel like you're so enclosed and away from the rest of the world while on the property.

As other reviewers have said, and I don't need to detail them, be mindful of your expectations. This is living in a tree house. It can be hot. There are some bugs. It's a sturdy and safe climb up to the top bedroom, but it's not a grand staircase by any means!

All of the staff we met were very helpful. Unfortunately I cannot recall his name, but the man on duty the morning of our stay stood with me and pointed out all of the monkeys. I would've never spotted them on my own. He also told me about the flowers on the property, as well as the iguanas. He truly took pride in the property.

I didn't get to stay as long as I had liked, but I will absolutely return and bring several friends. There's plenty of room for many to enjoy the amazing experience.

Paul Hawk United Kingdom

TripAdvisor Website, edited

My family and I spent 3 wonderful nights in the Tree House Lodge, in the tree house itself. The natural experience far exceeded our expectations. Here's why... the location is at the far southerly end of the settlements around Puerto Viejo, pretty much the last development before Manzanillo National Park. The lodge buildings themselves are separated by jungle and the tree house in particular is unobtrusive to nature, being mostly off the ground. The beach, just 100 metres away, leads to Punta Uva, where the national park begins, and has no permanent buldings on it at all. For these three reasons, the tree house is immersed in wildlife. We saw tapirs (3 times and the only time in the whole of Costa Rica), racoons, numerous exotic birds and reptiles within a few metres, just sitting on the tree house deck having breakfast. We were also greeted by a territorial display from the local howler monkeys the minute we arrived, and the unforgettable primal howling every morning. The nightime chorus from frogs and monkeys is incredible. Management are comletely genuine in their commitment to eco living, which will be a compromise for some but rewards you with an immersive natural experience. Despite this, the tree house was well-equipped, comfortable and we were not bitten by insects at all under our netted beds (actually there were surprisingly few mosquitoes even outside of the nets - the only place we were bitten was near the freshwater creek at Punta Uva). In short, if you want luxury accomodation, this may not be for you. However, if you want a genuise eco experince and to be completely immersed in nature whilst still being comfortable and safe - look no further.

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