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Punta Uva, Costa Rica

Tree House Lodge is an eco-friendly project offering vacations and yoga retreats in Costa Rica.

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  • A traveler

    TripAdvisor Website, edited

    A bucket-list item has always been staying in a tree house hotel. The Tree House Lodge was my greatest wish come true! It's just so beyond incredible that it's actually hard to put into words. Staying in the tree house is like entering your own little fairytale. It's unforgettable.

    The proximity to the beach is also a major added plus. There are plenty of nice restaurants right in the area, but you feel like you're so enclosed and away from the rest of the world while on the property.

    As other reviewers have said, and I don't need to detail them, be mindful of your expectations. This is living in a tree house. It can be hot. There are some bugs. It's a sturdy and safe climb up to the top bedroom, but it's not a grand staircase by any means!

    All of the staff we met were very helpful. Unfortunately I cannot recall his name, but the man on duty the morning of our stay stood with me and pointed out all of the monkeys. I would've never spotted them on my own. He also told me about the flowers on the property, as well as the iguanas. He truly took pride in the property.

    I didn't get to stay as long as I had liked, but I will absolutely return and bring several friends. There's plenty of room for many to enjoy the amazing experience.

  • Paul Hawk United Kingdom

    TripAdvisor Website, edited

    My family and I spent 3 wonderful nights in the Tree House Lodge, in the tree house itself. The natural experience far exceeded our expectations. Here's why... the location is at the far southerly end of the settlements around Puerto Viejo, pretty much the last development before Manzanillo National Park. The lodge buildings themselves are separated by jungle and the tree house in particular is unobtrusive to nature, being mostly off the ground. The beach, just 100 metres away, leads to Punta Uva, where the national park begins, and has no permanent buldings on it at all. For these three reasons, the tree house is immersed in wildlife. We saw tapirs (3 times and the only time in the whole of Costa Rica), racoons, numerous exotic birds and reptiles within a few metres, just sitting on the tree house deck having breakfast. We were also greeted by a territorial display from the local howler monkeys the minute we arrived, and the unforgettable primal howling every morning. The nightime chorus from frogs and monkeys is incredible. Management are comletely genuine in their commitment to eco living, which will be a compromise for some but rewards you with an immersive natural experience. Despite this, the tree house was well-equipped, comfortable and we were not bitten by insects at all under our netted beds (actually there were surprisingly few mosquitoes even outside of the nets - the only place we were bitten was near the freshwater creek at Punta Uva). In short, if you want luxury accomodation, this may not be for you. However, if you want a genuise eco experince and to be completely immersed in nature whilst still being comfortable and safe - look no further.

  • Dyanne M W Virginia, USA

    TripAdvisor website

    We had a wonderful experience at the Tree House Lodge. Everyone was very helpful and friendly and it was such a neat get a way!!! We were there for four nights and didn't want to leave! We will more than likely return!

  • Ann M Ontario, Canada

    TripAdvisor website

    This was such a great place. We stayed in the Tree House. It takes a little getting use to being in a place without walls but it was so very unique. You do not have ocean views but you are only a very short, 2 minute, walk to the beach. The beach at the Lodge is not that great for swimming. A short drive up the coast to Playa Punta Uva you will find a great beach for swimming. A trip just a bit further up the coast to Manzanillo is worth the drive. Be sure to take the walking trail through the park. Beautiful rugged coastline.

    A suggestion for dinner is Koki Beach in Puerto Viejo is a great spot. Good food and a night you may see a Sloth go through the restaurant.

  • a traveler California, USA

    TripAdvisor website

    This was mine and my boyfriend's first time to Costa Rica and the Tree House Lodge and it was amazing. We stayed in the Tree House and loved all of the nature and sounds surrounding us. Martin was an excellent help in booking all of our activities ahead of time and Antonio, the security guard, was fantastic as he was the one to show us around the property when we arrived. Caleb was a huge help and a great person to help with all of our questions. We went horseback riding our first day there which was a lot of fun and highly recommended. The best part of our trip was the chocolate and waterfall tour/hike with Boogie Boogie. We also highly recommend this tour as it was very educational and fascinating. Boogie Boogie is awesome and extremely knowledgeable. We also went zip lining which was a thrill ride. We stayed at the tree house for 6 nights and truly enjoyed every minute. We used our very cute and eco-friendly hot tub which you can request for this to be heated for you and it does take about 2-3 hours. This truly is an amazing place to stay for a couple or family and I would recommend staying here to any and everybody!

  • C L Suki Connecticut, USA

    TripAdvisor website

    We just got back from an amazing five-night stay at the Tree House Lodge. We stayed in the Garden House, which was lovely. It has a small kitchen, living room, and two bedrooms upstairs. We enjoyed having drinks on the deck each night. Like the other houses, the Garden House had a fantastic eco-jacuzzi tub. You fill it up with water and build a fire which heats the tub up in about two hours. The staff will tend your fire while you're out to dinner so the tub is hot and ready for you when you get back!

    The staff here is truly incredible. They helped us arrange activities and always met our every need with a friendly and upbeat attitude. If you stay, you must do the iguana tour with Boogie Boogie. There is so much wildlife on the property to discover. This is definitely a place where you are truly in touch with nature. It is very easy to get around the area, particularly if you rent bikes, but there are also many restaurants and a small grocery store that are within walking distance.

    Best of all was the private beach, which only took a minute to walk to. We spent every day there!

  • a traveler California, USA

    TripAdvisor website

    I think this place is really a fun experience especially for a family with kids. I had an injury and was on crutches when we visited so I could not really appreciate it as it was difficult for me to get around, however my family and friends that I was traveling with really had a great time. I think it is a wonderful thing the owner is doing with the iguanas and providing such a natural experience. Just keep in mind even though the price would suggest a luxury hotel of sorts, this is not that! I think that with a few updates, better quality sheets, towels and beds, it would be more worth the price, but that being said, I would highly suggest a stay there anyway!

  • Vanessa United States

    TripAdvisor website

    My family of six (two adults and four kids, ages 10, 11, 14 and 15) stayed for five days and four nights over Thanksgiving week in the Beach Suite and had a wonderful time! Even though it was rainy season and it rained for at least two full days, the area is astoundingly beautiful and unique and the private, gorgeous beach less than 100 yards from the suite is amazing. I made many walks on the beach, even in the rain and enjoyed watching the local fisherman making their catch. We received a great jungle tour from Boogie Boogie and learned a lot about the environment and the tremendous variety of plants on the property. The iguanas are fascinating and we were only regretful that due to the rain, we didn't see any of the monkeys, sloths or toucans that we had hoped from the great upstairs deck. However, thanks to the recommendation of Caleb, we did visit the Jaguar Rescue Center and were able to see many of the local wildlife there, which was also very informative and memorable for the kids.The staff of the Tree House Lodge are extremely helpful, polite and caring and I will miss that level of service back in the USA. The Beach House Suite in simply unbelievable, exactly as the website lists, though if you visit, you must be prepared for the fact that it IS a rainforest and there is plenty of humidity and your clothing and towels will likely not dry for the duration of the trip. My iPhone had trouble functioning in the moisture, but I considered this a welcome reprieve from my little electronic collar. Since I am a military service member, I have been forced to live in truly miserable environments, so I definitely consider this lodge a virtual paradise - even with the humidity and bugs that the kids struggled to appreciate.The lodges are beautiful, relaxing and I absolutely LOVED laying in the hammock on the porch and listening to the rain while the kids enjoyed the local wifi when we were unable to go out and explore. The natural hot tub and grilling area is also one of our favorites and many thanks to Antonio who showed up promptly to help get the fire lit while the kids enjoyed playing pleasant Rhodesian Ridgebacks that live on the property. When it wasn't raining, we visited a more popular beach a little further north where my younger boys were thrilled play in the waves until we had to lure them away by offering some ice cream from Alice's, which was wonderful and we enjoyed meeting the owner who was as helpful and friendly as everyone else in the area. We took a kayak ride up the river at Sloth Point and received fresh coconuts afterward, which was a highlight of the trip. I am still glowing from my visit and glad that we chose this destination to share with the kids.

  • Kyle Kentucky

    TripAdvisor website

    If you are sick of the All Inclusive route and want a chilled, out of the box type experience, this is definitely the place. The staff is phenomenal. We stayed in the Beach House at the end of February. Martin and his crew were awesome. Every question or need they quickly answered.As for the trip, we went here as a celebration of my wife finishing her chemo treatments. She wanted something that was adventurous and not a "stay on the resort" and do cookie cutter excursions. Man, was this place awesome. First, the Beach House is about 60 yards from the house. It was like we had a private walk. We walked all over the beach the morning before we took off to go zip lining. It was beautiful.

    That would have been cool enough, but the excursions were so much fun. Zip lining, the jungle hike (6 miles w/ Boogie Boogie, I would recommend getting this in the package somehow) and white water rafting on the Pacuare. Incredible scenery. Easily the most beautiful place that I have been to.Beyond the excursions, the area where the Tree House Lodge is is awesome. It is like a lazy country road. On one side is the Coast on the other are Mom and Pop restaurants, coffee shops, and coffee or cocoa plantations. I recommend renting bikes and just heading up the coast towards Puerto Viejo, a hippie surfer village. There is so much to see on that 20 minute bike ride. Please note, everythig is cash only. I know that it has been noted here, but it is easy to get confused by the exchange rate after a few beers, so make sure that you have enough cash before you head up the coast. There is one bank in Puerto Viejo if you do need cash.My only regret is that we didn't stay long enough. I definitely want to bring my children with us next time as they enjoy the outdoors. They would love it. You have to stay here.

  • Danielle Illinois

    TripAdvisor website

    Wonderful, friendly, beautiful, unique, clean, and so much fun! Think hammock on the porch, beautiful furniture and room, and a perfect overall ambience and energy. The staff is more than outstanding. From housekeeping to reception to security, everyone goes above and beyond. I highly, highly recommend staying here. We rented bikes and rode to anywhere we went! Perfect! Best memories!

  • a traveler Canada

    TripAdvisor website

    Had a wonderful relaxing time here. Stayed in the Beach House. Beach House was so large, had a hot tub and BBQ, and an amazingly large bathroom for a tree house. You can drive your car right up to your door and each house is private from the others. A short walk to a private beach. Wonderful breakfast and friendly staff. A grocery store nearby. So quiet and relaxing. Recommend for solo travelers, families, couples, etc. Suits all needs and groups of people.

  • a traveler Texas

    TripAdvisor website

    My wife and I wanted a comfortable place to get away for a week, The Treehouse was perfect! We did not go there to be pampered. The beach house, with it's open air design was just what we wanted. The walk to the beach was great. I miss hearing the surf all night! Martine and Caleb were very nice and helpful during our stay. I would recommend this to my friends. No doubt!

  • Allie McReal Indiana

    TripAdvisor website

    I cant believe that its taken me this long to write a review for such an amazing experience, but the inner perfectionist in me could never find the right words to describe our stay at the Tree House Lodge. It is truly a one-of-a-kind place. The Lodge is very much off the beaten path and takes several hours to get to from the San Jose airport, but it is WELL worth it. Martin, the manager, sent a private driver for us who did an excellent job of getting us there safely and even though we were severely jet lagged, we enjoyed getting to see all the different environments and landscapes that Costa Rica has to offer during our drive.Once we arrived to the Tree House, Antonio helped us get settled in and made us feel very welcome. We slept like babies and were greeted with complimentary breakfast in the morning. Martin did a great job creating our itinerary, which consisted of 2 yoga sessions, a couples massage, a tour of the iguana preserve, a tour of the jaguar sanctuary and last but not least, zip lining! I never thought in a million years I would go zip lining and actually enjoy it, but I'm so glad Martin talked me into it. Martin was also very accommodating and patient when working with us to plan our rather last minute ceremony. See, me and my husbands wedding planning process (if you can even call it that) was very much like our relationship spontaneous and unplanned. We werent sure what to expect and thought that maybe we would just wing the whole thing once we got there, so Im very glad that Martin convinced us into letting them assist us in the whole process!The wedding planner did a fantastic job and all of the flower arrangements, including my bouquet, were beautiful. The beach ceremony was perfect and everything we could have hoped for. We hired a lawyer, per Martins recommendation, who was extremely professional and did a great job marrying us on the beach. We were so happy to have the Tree House staff present to act as our witnesses and to ensure that the ceremony went smoothly. They were all so sweet and supportive. My husband and I wanted to keep our ceremony very low key and it was just that. We decided against bringing friends and family since we wanted the experience to be shared between just the two of us, but I cant wait to bring our F&F back with us next time!We used the photographer recommended by Martin and Im so glad that we did. Lucas Iturriza did a phenomenal job at capturing our ceremony. Him and his wife were so much fun to be around. They really made us feel at ease. His wife is also a terrific yoga instructor who really kicked our butts into shape! She was an absolute sweetheart and thanks to her I was able to get all of the sand out of my dress after the ceremony!After our wedding, the staff provided us with a very generous 5-course lunch, including champagne. Our waiter, Caleb, was exceptional and very personable. We enjoyed getting to talk with him and he was very informative in answering all of our questions about Costa Rican history and culture. Shout out to Boogie Boogie who also did a terrific job of teaching us about our surroundings during the iguana tour! It was very educational. Also, thanks to Martin, I was able to fulfill my life long dream of holding a sloth! If you are staying in the Tree House, keep an eye out for the neighbor, Rosa the Sloth! She was definitely one of the highlights of our trip, aside from getting married, of course!Staying at the Tree House Lodge is a very unique and intimate experience. There are only 4 houses for visitors on the property, so at many times it almost feels as though you have the place all to yourself! Its a really incredible feeling, especially if you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city living. I really felt like I was living off the grid, which is exactly the kind of experience we were looking for. Even if you dont consider yourself to be a super outdoorsy person, you will surely enjoy yourself if you come here with an open mind an adventurous spirit. I get the impression that anyone who has left this place a negative review was expecting a Hilton Resort and the Tree House Lodge is definitely not that. Its a beautiful eco-lodge that really makes you feel at one with nature. I look forward to the day that we can return for another relaxing getaway. There is nothing quite like the community that you will find here. The staff really made us feel like family during our stay! Thanks for everything!

  • Gloria Arizona

    TripAdvisor website

    We stayed at the Tree House Lodge for 3 nights last week. We were in the Tree House. The House was amazing and the stairs / ramp up to the Master was easy to climb. It was wonderful to sit in the circular main living area looking out at the lovely plants and jungle trees. Caleb brought delicious fruits, rolls and ham for breakfast. Antonio took care of preheating the hot tub for us one evening. It was like a storybook location with the private ocean beach! The house is built around a giant tree. We loved the opportunity to live with nature and the unique bird calls. The howler monkeys were fun to watch in the trees around our house. Martin, the manager, gave us especially great service and made certain we were able to enjoy a walk with a native guide, visit the jaguar rescue mission and other things we wanted to see.

  • Matt Michigan

    TripAdvisor website

    So many words to describe this place, starting with the ride from San Jose to the lodge, 4 hours but very entertaining, arrived at the beach suite, clean, inviting and ready for all of us 6. The staff, from Martin, to our house keepers, they did a great job. Nice breakfast the first morning, zip lining, iguana tour, jaguar rescue, jungle tour, capped off by white water rafting on the final day. The whole town loves their land and want to preserve it, the suite was very nice, purchased food from local shops and prepared our food in the open kitchen, rained every night so to give us great hot sun during the days. Walked about 300 meters and watched sun rise, 5:45 am like clock work. Enjoyed the 7 sloths on site going from tree to tree, wild life galore,lizards, humming birds, haller monkeys, crabs, red ants. The ants were the only draw back as they marched on the same path you have to take to the beach, just walk fast. If we needed anything I mean anything, just call the reception hut and Martin would bring it promptly. Their was 3 couples that went and it seemed we almost never got into each other's way, very spread out. If you do plan to stay here, I recommend asking for boogie boogie, he is a local and very knowledgable of the surrounding environment. He loves his jungle as well. I would do it again, hands down the best place visited so far on our anniversary dates. Thank you to the complete staff. Matt and Serena

  • a traveler Denmark

    TripAdvisor website

    We stayed at the Garden House. We only spend one day here but would love to go back and stay for more days next time. The houses are placed in a garden secluded from one another. We made use of the BBQ and the hot tub which was very easy as the lodge took care of the practicalities and we really enjoyed both. It was raining a lot but it just made the experience more romantic. It's got access to a private beach but remember that December and January is rain season. Best to go October/November. The house is luxurious for a backpacker but just above average if you are looking for luxurious.

  • Theresa Marie

    TripAdvisor website

    My husband and I stayed in the Tree House for 6 nights over the new year. Our goal was to have a relaxing and fun trip that wouldn't exhaust us when we went back to work. Totally achieved our mission. There is no better place to relax and read a book then the tree house hammock. The adventure package provided us with some serious fun too. Plus, we learned tons of information about the rain forest and the animals!

    The adventure package was great, especially the zip-lining. Heads up, the white water rafting is with a huge group, and they do feed you breakfast and lunch. Also, you should be prepared to be completely soaked within a minute of being on the water. We were lucky and the weather was ideal with rain at night and the early mornings, and sunny days. I personally liked listening to the rain, and only thought it made the trip better. There was an umbrella available for our use in the tree house, which came in handy a couple times.Important things to note:

    - The staff (Kaleb and Martin especially) will do everything in their power to make your trip the best and answer yes to any question you have. Don't take advantage of them.

    - Be wary of the salt. I know that sounds strange, but we were told that the salt in Costa Rica isn't washed, and does make people sick. It would account for a couple of us that became ill having eating the same meal as others. Although I never did find any evidence online to support this claim, I would just avoid using salt if I went back. Being sick on vacation is not worth the risk. Although, it was nice when Martin sent over some coconuts for us to drink the water from to help us feel better.

    - In general, check with Martin for an honest answer and guidance. He really knows what's up, like where an ATM is, or who has the good art.

    - Just to parrot what others have said, clothes and towels really do not dry. Maybe bring a blow-dryer if you need one.

    - Costa Rica is more expensive than we expected. Not Europe expensive, but higher prices then what you would think for Central America.

    - The Tree House Lodge is very dedicated to sustainability in a fantastic way. There is a sincere respect for nature that only improve the overall experience.

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