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Traveling Yogis organizes yoga retreats, cultural programs, and adventure tours for people from all over the world.

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  • Carole Revelly

    Traveling Yogis website

    The yoga and meditation pilgrimage was the most incredible way to sink into the beauty of Nepal. It was so professionally and cleverly put together with a right balance of yoga, meditation, and spiritual experiences. Having the team who organized the retreat following us every day, made it special. It never felt like anyone was organizing it for any other reason but the joy of sharing their passion. We could feel this passion, their knowledge and I think this explains why the retreat was so highly appreciated by everyone. Thank you all, organizers, teachers, guides, and students for making it such a strong and unforgettable experience.

  • Katie Barta

    Traveling Yogis website

    Yoga Nepal was the perfect experience at the perfect time in my life. It really felt like family every step of the way, the love, the sharing, the teaching, the laughing, and the crying were all beautiful experiences. The staging of the trip was ideal, from the vibrancy of Kathmandu, to the sacred energy of Boudhanat, to the serene and subtle vibrations at Namo Buddha. The Yoga Nepal team was incredible, patient, gentle, and loving while still meeting the needs of a diverse group of people and interests. I would recommend this trip to anyone interested in experiencing Nepal.

  • Kathy Jalali

    Traveling Yogis website

    I am still sorting out my feelings after the retreat. I think it was one of the best things I couldve done in my lifetime. There are few things in our lifetimes that we reflect on very fondly and the Yoga Nepal experience was one of them.

  • Evelyn Tay

    Traveling Yogis website

    This retreat wasnt just a series of yoga practices planned with some cultural tourism thrown in. Marni Kravitz has taken pains to design a spiritual journey that brought us close to the intriguing cultures of the land. Seeing the rich spiritual traditions of the land unfold right before you, as well as partaking in some activities of the people, made it a truly beautiful and humbling experience. All in all, this trip has a special place in my heart. Because of it, I will never see things the same way again.

  • Julie Beal

    Traveling Yogis website

    If you are looking for a spiritual adventure, this could be the trip for you. I have not done group travel of any kind since I was a kid, this experience was so authentic that I felt like I was with a group of friends I had known for a long time. I came out of Yoga Nepal a little bit wiser and had my eyes opened to an incredible community that I had no idea existed. We were in such good hands, no detail was overlooked. The teachers that Marni puts in front of her group are experts in their fields. Marni is a great host and she leads by example.

  • Cristine Joslyn

    Traveling Yogis website

    What a wonderfully fulfilling and unforgettable experience! Marni organized everything impeccably: from her perfect choice of destinations and hotels, to her choice of excellent teachers and guides. They are all extremely knowledgeable in their fields and make every experience enjoyable and enriching. These 11 days are complete with physical yoga, meditation and introduction to Buddhism, meeting Rinpoches and Tulkus (teachers) in monasteries, visiting the beautiful Kathmandu Valley and hiking through terraced hills and remote villages. I highly recommend enrolling for a retreat with Traveling Yogis. It truly is a "pilgrimage to the heart".

  • Michael Beard

    Traveling Yogis website

    Yoga Nepal masterfully opened a door to Nepal that left me wanting to learn, feel, and experience more. Nepal is so rich and varied that I don't think you can ever take it all in but Marni and her team told a story of Nepal that was woven together through unforgettable experiences, practices, and teachings. It has changed, in large ways and small, the way I think about my practices, my meditation, and my everyday outlook. It was one of those experiences you wish you could have again, for the first time, because when you look back, you wish you could capture and savor each minute more. I can't wait to find a way back.

  • Andrea Bracho

    Traveling Yogis website

    This trip was an amazing experience! It was the perfect balance between yoga, meditation and Buddhism. It also had a very good balance of tourism and culture, which made it unique. The sights, the food, and the accommodations were all very enjoyable. Kudos to Marni Kravitz & the team for such a nicely managed program. Waiting to hear where Yoga Nepal 2.0 will happen! Much love & thanks.

  • Katherine Miller

    Traveling Yogis website

    Back in March I took an amazing journey with Marni Kravitz and her team to Nepal. Daily yoga and hikes reconnected me to my body; the meditation and Buddhist teachings challenged my mind; and my heart was opened to a new community of people. If you've been feeling a little less than focused, I highly recommend this trip. I can promise you'll have an amazing experience (Oh and the food is amazing, too!).

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