Toning the OM

New York City, United States

Toning the OM provides an integrated approach for all levels through spirit circles, retreats, intensives, shamanic healing, and coaching sessions.

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  • Bunny United States

    Toning the OM website

    I have attended Toning the OM events and I can honestly say Mary Anne created a sacred environment that allowed me to feel free-spirited, joyful, playful, and relaxed. It was the first time I participated in a drumming event and now I can't wait to get my own drum. Mary Anne facilitated the group so powerfully that I became aware of the transformation taking place. Mary Anne teaches so openly that you learn drumming and connect with parts of yourself that need expression. She is very encouraging and funny, that you can't help but laugh.

  • Steve Iannone

    Toning the OM website

    Mary Anne brings great love, power, energy, and focus to her teaching and spiritual work. Working with her always helps me to reconnect to the best of who I am.

  • a traveler United States

    Toning the OM website

    Mary Anne has been a blessing in my life. I am so happy and honored that Mary Anne is with me on my journey. Using her amazing shamanic healing skills, she is able to get to the core of many intense and emotional issues. Mary Anne's tracking ability is always right on target and she is able to put the pieces together in a loving and caring way. I highly recommend Mary Anne to anyone wishing to do healing, journeying, or soul retrieval work.

  • Betsey Crawford

    Toning the Om website

    The first time I met Mary Anne, she threw her arms around me, welcoming me to a conference, and that moment says it all; welcoming, warm, loving, supportive, generous with her time, her spirit, and her smile. She’s first a midwife of the wild and wonderful, and then she’s there waiting for you when you come back from your adventures.

  • Francine Canada

    Toning the Om website

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Wild Cosmic Heart Retreat at Kalani Oceanside in Hawaii with Mary Anne Flanagan. I found the experience very healing and was able to really tap into the positive energy of the group. Mary Anne is very genuine, down to earth, very compassionate, and she really, truly believes in helping people, sharing her knowledge, and offering a safe place to express your feelings, fears, and hopes. You really felt like you left with a new lease on life or at least a road map on how to get there.

  • Paulette Rao United States

    Toning the Om website

    Mary Anne is gifted in so many ways; an insightful coach, a gifted writer, and an intuitive healer, to name a few. Her presence and creativity shine so brightly you almost don’t notice her, creating results. It’s almost as if just by being Mary Anne that she facilitates outcomes for others. What’s even more precious is that she is careful to, and graceful in, honoring the human spirit while co-creating a space for positive change.

  • Janice Hoffman

    Toning the Om website

    Working with Mary Anne was on my list of big goals. As soon as I walked in, she made room for the minutia of my creative life and held a wand for the practical move-it-forward kind of stuff. She’s part Pema Chödrön and part Tony Robbins. Insightful, fiery, and deeply compassionate.

  • Kara United States

    Toning the Om website

    I have had the opportunity to be a part of many global energy medicine intensives and classes with Mary Anne. I have experienced the wisdom, depth, humor, and transformation Mary Anne brings to these teachings. The care in which she has guided me has been profoundly important in my life.

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