Time to Exhale

Melin, Belgium

Time to Exhale offers true nature retreats in Greece and Belgium with therapeutic Viniyoga classes and nature walks with a certified nature guide.

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  • Nikki United Kingdom

    October 14

    It can be quite overwhelming to choose a yoga retreat when you have never done yoga before. I contacted a few places explaining that I was a very out of shape beginner and enquiring if the holiday was going to be suitable. I got by far the nicest message from Sigrid from Time to Exhale, which was followed up by a wonderfully reassuring Skype call. Several helpful emails followed, and I packed my bags and headed off to Amorgos.The location was perfect, the yoga studio was right by the sea, so our sound track was waves and singing birds. Sigrid was a wonderfully patient teacher, and was constantly adapting the moves for me in a way that didnt make me feel bad and ensured I was getting something out of the classes. The group of eight of us (including Sigrid and Geert) felt like a perfect number. Having not met any of them before and travelling alone it took all of 2 seconds to decide they were all lovely and were a genuine pleasure to be around.I will admit that I started the holiday with no intention of doing the hiking parts. My idea of fun is not trekking up a mountainside, but on day two thats exactly what I found myself doing! Geerts encouragement and enthusiasm for nature and hiking is infectious, and much to my amazement I thoroughly enjoyed it, and approached the subsequent ones with far more enthusiasm! In addition to these two main parts of the holiday there were other activities sorted out as well, my personal favourite being when a local astronomer set up his telescope on the hotel roof and showed us the stars. Its quite something to be in Greece being shown the constellations of Pegasus and Hercules, and hearing a few of the mythology tales.The family run hotel was an absolute delight, and I'm convinced they lived in fear of us starving. The breakfasts involved all sorts of delights with a wonderfully laid back attitude that meant as long as you ate before midday nothing was a problem. Sigrid and Geert, congratulations on a very successful retreat, and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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