Tiger Lily Yoga

Seattle, Washington, United States

Tiger Lily is a learning space, a place where you come to learn about your visible self, the body and your invisible self, the mind, thoughts and emotions. Tiger Lily offers yoga classes and retreats.

Testimonials 3

  • Chastity Groves

    Tiger Lily Yoga Facebook page

    Such a clean, friendly, and welcoming studio. A great asset to the community.

  • Julia Radford United States

    Tiger Lily Yoga Facebook page

    I'm a beginner at yoga and I've always felt comfortable here. I appreciate how many class options there are!

  • Amanda Rachelle

    Tiger Lily Yoga Facebook page

    Emily provides everything I could ever want in a yoga studio or class, and she is generous enough to offer pay-what-you-can classes which have been a huge blessing for me at this point in my life. Emily's classes are very balanced and holistic: physically challenging, but also refreshing, calming, and invigorating on so many levels. I've noticed very positive changes in my life as a result of my practice.

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