Tibetan Healing Movement

Tibetan Healing Movement is dedicated to spreading Tantrayana Buddhist healing methods & offering empowering tools to maintain an open, vibrant body and mind.

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Farrah Garan

Farrah founded Tibetan Healing Movement to support the spread of the Tantrayana Buddhist practices she received from Tulku Lobsang. She has been a long-time student of Tulku Lobsang and is certified by him to teach the Tibetan Healing Movement practices. Today, Farrah continues to work for Nangten Menlang International, as chairwoman of the North American branch of the organization, as an editorial journalist for Tulku Lobsang’s publications and as a facilitator of the Lu Jong Teacher Certification Program.

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Juli Schuster

from United States, July 2017

"Beyond expectations"

Very nice staff, great food, camaraderie among retreat/training attendees, knowledge and supportive nature of event leader

Testimonials 5

Crystal United States

Tibetan Healing Movement website

Amazing. I learned so much. Thank you for coming to our small town Bishop. You are a great teacher.

Patricia Canada

Tibetan Healing Movement website

Thank you for teaching Lu Jong Healing Yoga Level I in Toronto. I found the teachings comprehensive and transformative. The experiential aspect of the Healing Yoga was also very effective as a learning tool.

Sandra Canada

Tibetan Healing Movement website

Great Workshop. It was a pleasure to take instruction from someone so passionate about what she is doing. You could certainly tell that you loved and enjoyed what you were doing.

Erika United States

Tibetan Healing Movement website

The class was a stimulating mix of mental, physical and energetic activity. I felt alert and experienced a greater calm and focus by the end of the three hours.

David United States

Tibetan Healing Movement website

Farrah, You did an incredible job explaining and demonstrating Lu Jong. I really enjoyed your style of instruction. Keep it up!

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