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Testimonials 2

  • Alex

    May 2015

    Fortunately or unfortunately, everything has to end, but there is happiness in my heart, for the trip had a good start. Time goes on, everything is changing but the memories are kept forever. I would like to thank owners and guests for the hospitality, positive emotions, parties, and for the friends I found in Bali. Im going to keep these memories with me forever. I strongly know it was the right time to travel to Bali, and the right time to join the camp. I do believe I will see you soon!

  • Regina

    September 2014

    There are a lot of words, many ways to call Bali, for example: the pearl of Indonesian archipelago, the Island of thousand temples, The island of Gods. Thats why there is no sense in repeating the names; you should feel it deeply to visit it, to touch that land. After all, I would like to notice, that the combination of infinite and magic ocean, picturesque landscapes, local color, sunny people, extreme surfing, wonderful music, and good mood makes Bali incredibly attractive and never leaves you indifferent. Once one of my friends, who is an islander, observed correctly - You will be dreaming about it for a long time. And it was true.

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