Thea is a certified yoga teacher who teaches Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Yin, and Pregnancy yoga classes for all levels in London. She also offers retreats worldwide.

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Thea is by far the best yoga teacher I have worked with over my twenty year on and off yogi career (more off than on to be honest...the usual excuses, too busy, not flexible enough, not taking the time for myself). Thea checks in with how I am and tailors the session according to what I need there and then, and not according to some pre-planned schedule. The fact that she teaches and embodies yoga as the unity of body and mind means that I genuinely feel seen by her and never judged. After a session I generally feel calmer, more grounded, more flexible and she manages to straighten out those poor shoulders that have been hunched over a computer all day.


TheaYoga website

I began attending Thea's pregnancy yoga classes when I was 13 weeks and continued throughout my pregnancy as I felt the benefits from the first class.

Thea guides a gentle class where I felt I was moving and active but in a very comfortable and mindful way. The flow within the class touches upon all body parts and the relaxation at the end is completely blissful. Thea allowed me to access a very restful state in each class by ending with a restorative pose that is held for a long period of time. This was always a perfect finish to a gently active class.

The friendliness of the class is really great and the treats we get from Thea at the end of class with a cup of tea is just a lovely start to the day ahead. Everything feels very positive once you've finished the class.

I couldn't imagine a better way to navigate my pregnancy than having yoga in my routine each week with Thea. It has been a real highlight and I think it is great preparation for labour along with maintaining a good mind-body and baby connection during pregnancy.

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