The Yogaloft Cologne

Cologne, Germany

The Yogaloft Cologne is renowned globally for organizing yoga workshops, teacher training, and yoga retreats providing yoga classes for all levels of yogis.

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  • Magdalena Riiver Di Monda

    The Yogaloft Cologne website

    Sonia created a beautiful place with lots of love. Her team, the teachers, and workshops are brilliant! This is a place to charge up with inspiration, energy, and good vibes. It is always a pleasure to visit The Yogaloft Cologne, send love and light.

  • Ingo Ernst

    The Yogaloft Cologne website

    This is an instant good feeling, and deep breathing of the little oasis in the center of the beautiful Agnes Veedel. Drinking a tea while waiting for sessions makes it even more unique. The Yogaloft teachers are always inspiring. There are always new approaches to a wonderful yoga practice that leave you deeply relaxed, exhausted, and happy!

  • Laila Dajani

    The Yogaloft Cologne website

    No matter how much time has gone by, each time I return to the Yoga Loft I have returned home. Sonia has created a wonderful refuge for those souls who wish to live from a more honest and authentic place, a studio that continues to function from such integrity. Sonia and her team are full of heart. Thank you my dear friend and teacher, Sonia, and to your magnificent team for holding such a nurturing space in an urban setting.

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