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35 Days 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Mumbai, India

  • Yogacara, Shoeb Manzil/SBI Building, 1st Floor, Bandra West, Mumbai


Yoga Teacher Training in Mumbai, India

The Yogacara Institute offers highly comprehensive teacher training programs that combines an in-depth study of yoga, living it as a life practice, and the study of asana based on the principles of the Iyengar School of Yoga. Join this wonderful course to either become a highly competent teacher or to simply enhance your life journey, learning to deal with your challenges with grace and equanimity. Learn about the most significant developments in Hatha yoga both as a curative and preventive science in the field of health and wellness.


  • Classical Hatha yoga trainings
  • Daily meditation and yoga practices
  • Training on asana, pranayama, meditation, and kriyas
  • Invitation for an internship at Yogacara Wellness Centers
  • Yogacara Institute and Yoga Alliance certification
  • Key poses in each category of asana
  • 34 nights accommodation
  • 35 days with instruction
  • English
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In this 6 weeks 200-hour yoga teacher training course, students will learn the key poses in each category of asana (standing poses, forward bends, backbends, twists, and inversions) and will begin develop an in-depth understanding of both form and the function of these different categories, developing a greater understanding through practice, observation and discussion, understanding common foundation, and how to build upon this foundation.

The goal is to preserve the authentic science of yoga, India's greatest heritage, by imparting the essential knowledge, skill and methodology behind the practice, to students from all over the world to experience, teach and live this amazing science as a life practice, while impacting the lives of others. The Yogacara Institute looks to create a strong foundation and to develop students into becoming highly insightful, inspirational, safe and competent teachers, with in-depth knowledge of the science as it applies to both the external and internal self.

Students will learn to extend their learnings beyond the walls of the studio and into daily life, building a strong foundation of knowledge and understanding so to become confident and able guides, offering a safe, interesting, fulfilling and appropriate practice.

On completion and full attendance of the course and required pre-requisites, an examination is conducted. Students who pass the written and practical exams successfully will be awarded teaching certificates qualifying them to teach all age groups, from a beginner to advanced level, and also persons with ailments and illnesses. Certification level will be based on the level of the course completed and also on the competency of the student; students will be certified to teach all over the world.

Post the completion of the course, students are invited to do an internship at the Yogacara Wellness Centers to enable students to develop their confidence to teach, and to learn how to do safe adjustments in a public class environment, working with different body types and levels. This course is conducted in English by highly trained and experienced faculty. Students receive a dual certification that includes both the Yogacara Institute and Yoga Alliance certification. This is a life transforming experience under the guidance of a highly experienced, passionate and knowledgeable faculty.

Course description

Practice, training, and technique - 100 hours

  • Includes asana, pranayama, and meditation
  • Kriyas, workshop formats, and Karma yoga

Teaching methodology - 20 hours

  • Working with different age groups and the art of sequencing
  • Adjustments and the Business of Yoga

Anatomy and physiology - 20 hours

  • All human systems, chakras, and nadis
  • Basic health issues, spine and joint problems

Yogic philosophy, history, lifestyle, ethics, practical implementation - 40 hours

  • History, the Yoga Sutras, Eight-Fold Path, Four Pillars of Yoga, Bhavas
  • The Bhagavad Gita, ethics and lifestyle, attitude, and practical implementation

Group practicum and presentation skills - 20 hours

  • Teaching practice, presentation, demonstration, and organization
  • Instructions, observation, precision, and safety

Abhishek Ashok Shukla

Abhishek is highly respected, experienced and knowledgeable faculty member bringing great depth of knowledge to the organization.

The Yoga Sutras and the Gita are the two most scientific books in the world that enables the student to begin the journey towards mastery of the self, so that one may evolve to a higher state of being. Both texts go hand in hand and give the practitioner a clear picture of human evolution throughout our life practice. It helps all the SADHAKAS (practitioners) to identify their individual path, and to develop the strength, clarity and courage to live their lives with intention, clarity and equanimity. Abhishek challenges each students thought and belief systems, enabling each one to break through old patterns and to move into the exploration of the new, towards a greater expansion of the individual self.

Abhishek also holds a degree in Computer Science, History and Mass Communication. He has also received the 900 Hour TTC form the Yoga Institute, Santa Cruz, where he began his yoga career. He has also been an honorable faculty member at the Yoga Institute since 2009.

He teaches both the Bhagvad Gita and the Yoga Sutras.

Bhakti Raval

Bhakti Raval is a highly passionate yoga practitioner and has dedicated her life to studying and teaching yoga since 2002. She holds a 900 teacher training certificate from the Yoga Institute, Santa Cruz, Mumbai, MA in Philosophy (Yoga), Mumbai University, a diploma in Yoga Studies, Mumbai University, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Yoga Philosophy.

Bhakti takes us thorough a fascinating experience of the Bhavas, which are the attitudes with which one lives our lives moving the student into a total state of awareness of the attitudes with which we conduct our daily lives. Our minds are constantly fluctuating between the positive and negatives, and an understanding of how these modifications occur enable us to move towards cultivating a focused and single pointed effort in everything that we do.

Bhakti has been actively involved in conducting camps for corporates, orthopedics, weight management, stress management, families, yoga as a way of life; camps for teachers, women, children and teenagers. She has also conducted camps for children with special needs. She has also conducted pranayamas, asana, relaxation sessions for corporates, senior citizens and health exhibitions.

Bhakti strongly believes that one should continue the yoga journey of learning through ones life from every situation and experience. Bhakti is also a faculty of the Yoga Institute, Santa Cruz, the oldest organized yoga institution in the world today. She has conducted asanas, kriyas, yogic concepts, teaching methodology and yoga. She has also designed and taught self-development and concentration camps for school children and college students in Mumbai. She has carried that belief and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Yoga and Philosophy from Mumbai University.

Bhakti teaches Bhavas, experiential asanas and methodology.

Nirav Gandhi

Niravs journey with yoga began with several fractures in one leg, a broken collarbone, and also a terrible bike accident from which his range of movement had reduced by 50% in his right arm and left leg. Six years later, Nirav began yoga under the guidance of a senior Iyengar teacher named, Mr. Cobad Varyava.

One year later, Nirav experienced a 100% recovery in his limbs, and also began experiencing the amazing overall benefits of yoga. A professional musician and producer for 10 years, Nirav changed career and began to focus on yoga with a deep passion, reading and learning from his personal practice. In 2008, he began his career as a professional teacher.

Nirav is part of the faculty at the Yogacara Institute and teaches asana and methodology.

Dr. Pranit Desai

Dr. Pranit practices as a counsellor, healer and medical practitioner. After finishing his M.B.B.S. in 2012, while working in a hospital and preparing for his post graduate entrance exam, he felt an incomplete approach in the treatments administered to the patients. He thought there had to be deeper issues at work and that the root cause was not being addressed. He quit his job, and while searching for deeper systems of treatment, he came across pranic healing and trained in it. Seeing the science and efficacy he went through and finished the advanced levels and started applying it with patients with tremendous results.

He has explored and trained in various healing modalities like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Access Bars, and Hypnotherapy. He went on to become a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner soon after.

Dr. Pranit is a faculty member at the Yoga Institute, and has also completed the teachers training course from The Yoga Institute, Santacruz, Mumbai. He realized that the understanding of the human anatomy and physiology is very essential for a yoga teacher and practitioner and enjoyed simplifying the concepts during his talks making them easy to understand.

Dr. Pranit believes that, People around us are just a mirror for us. Be the change you wish to see in others.

Dr. Pranit is part of the faculty at the Yogacara Institute and teaches anatomy.

Radhika Vachani

Radhika Vachani is the founder of Yogacara Healing Arts. In 2010 she gave up 20-year corporate career to focus her energies on reviving the holistic healing sciences to help people create balanced and healthy lives through professional guidance. Her journey with yoga and wellness has largely been inspired by her own personal life experiences, and her love for yoga which began in San Francisco in 1999, where she began avidly studying and practicing Iyengar yoga. Since her return to India in 2005 she has spent several years dedicated to learning the methodology and techniques of Yogacharya BKS Iyengar, the worlds foremost authority on hatha yoga. Radhika has studied with some of the senior most Iyengar teachers from the Institute in Pune and Mumbai including, Nanduji, Mr. Birju Mehta, and she continues to practice under the guidance of Mr. Jawahar Bangera to date.

She has also studied the yoga Sutras and Ayurveda and is certified in several other healing practices that have significantly enhanced her life practice and teaching ability. She is also a professional personal growth workshop leader certified by Heart Inspired, USA, and Heal your Life by Louise Hay, to run several mind, body, and spirit workshops for children and adults.

Her classes follow a workshop format and include a combination of asana, pranayama, meditation and philosophy, where her fundamental aim is to teach her students to evolve their practice beyond the walls of the studio into daily life. You can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the practice in the discovery of your inner self, while also experiencing the bliss of a meditative and challenging practice.

Shailaja McFadyen

Shailaja McFadyen is a highly passionate yoga practitioner, having dedicated her life to teaching and enhancing the lives of other since 1989. She completed her yoga teacher training program in 1988 with the Yoga Institute, Santa Cruz Mumbai and has been active participant as a faculty member, trainer and researcher. She has also been teaching in various countries around the world.

Shailaja has worked with the team of the publication department and has helped in producing many of the books of The Yoga Institute, including, Yoga of Caring, Insights, Your Words. Our Path, Pregnancy Parenthood and Yoga, Yogic Life Control of Diabetes, Yogic Life, Cure of Asthma and Bronchitis, How to Reverse Heart Disease the Yogic Way- Research, Facts and Programme. Shailaja has also delivered talks on yoga to the students of the Department of Comparative Religion at the Carlton University, Ottawa.

Shailaja has also extended the healing power of yoga by teaching at a home for people suffering from schizophrenia. She has also taught at the St. Patricks Home for the Aged, in Ottawa. Shailaja also taught at the Maison de France, which is part of the French Consulate. She also has taught five princesses of the Saudi Royal family the al-Saud family. Her teachings also extend to people in the Lebanese, European and American communities. She also has a penchant for creating artwork from painting, pottery, clay work etc.

Shailaja has excellent technical and human skills. Her dedication and resourcefulness are commendable. Her vast teaching experience teaching in Canada, the Middle East and India makes her an important asset in the diverse teaching skills offered at Yogacara. Shailaja teaches history and background of yoga, the important ancient texts that define Yogic Philosophy, and inspires each student to understand and come on the path of yoga by implementing simple changes into their daily lives.

Not so long ago, Bandra West wasnt so full of restaurants, designer boutiques and the ooze of urban coolness. But it has always been a laidback suburb. Dotted with crosses and churches, its streets held a largely Christian community that dwelled between small former fishing villages. So modest and sleepy was this place, at one time even taxis found it difficult to ply Bandra's narrow lanes.

From the middle of the 20th century the west-side, called Bandra West, evolved into something considerably trendier. Popular - and quality - restaurants began to spring up. Together with those churches, they became the iconic landmarks that now guide locals and visitors that hop in and out of the many bee-colored rickshaws swarming the area.


  • Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport - 20 minutes
  • Dharavi - 21 minutes
  • Massage
  • Shopping nearby
  • Spa
  • Lake nearby
  • Restaurant nearby
  • Yoga studio
  • 34 nights private accommodation
  • Classical Hatha yoga trainings
  • Course fee, tuition, and books
  • Daily lunch and tea
  • Dual certification with Yogacara Institute and Yoga Alliance
  • Emphasis on strong foundation in technique, alignment, and safety
  • Invitation for an internship at Yogacara Wellness Centers
  • Training on asana, pranayama, meditation, and kriyas
For information about the booking conditions, please send The Yogacara Institute an inquiry.
  • Review by Jeannette from Europe
    9 out of 10

    "The Yoga Philosophy Course gives you a good knowledge and understanding of the Yoga Sutras and Bhagavas Gita. It leaves you thinking about your individual path, and your connection to this physical world, and gives you the practical wisdom to navigate through the challenges presented to you in daily life.I really enjoyed this course as it was a great balance between theory and practice. Personally it was a great way for me to begin to understand the Indian culture. I loved the lunch every day. It was healthy and satisfying and the caf was an excellent venue to get to know other people in the course as well as to discuss some of the course content."

    The Yogacara Institute website, edited

  • Review by Jill from USA
    10 out of 10

    "The Yogacara TTC was an amazing way to advance my personal yoga practice and delve into yogic philosophy/sutras. It was remarkable to experience the application of yoga in my every daily life. Each course instructor specialized in a particular area and gave great depth to each class with their area of expertise.While the teacher training component is valuable and central to the course outcome, the platform for personal development during the course is remarkable. Radhika is supportive and really guides students through the waves of transformation that are possible during the course. I could not have asked for more in 5 weeks! I look forward to staying connected with Yogacara and the community it supports."

    The Yogacara Institute website, edited

  • Review by Livia from Europe
    10 out of 10

    "The TTC program at Yogacara was a memorable and life changing experience. The Yogacara curriculum is the most complete and unique you will find anywhere, and the instructor are an inspiration to all of us. I have learned a lot not only about yoga, but about philosophy and about myself. It was the best decision I've taken in a long time to spend those weeks deepening my yoga practice and awakening my spirituality. I highly recommend the Yogacara TTC program to anyone who has a real interest in Yoga. Each class will complement each other and by the end of the course you will have a great understanding of what yoga really is and how to apply the yoga way of life as you go back to your normal routine. Thank you so much everyone at Yogacara for a wonderful experience! I look forward to returning for the 500h program!"

    The Yogacara Institute website, edited

  • Review by Marita from South America
    9 out of 10

    "The Yoga philosophy course has given me a much clearer vision of my inner most being and my inner world. I am grateful that I followed my inner intuition to do this course though I am a complete newcomer on the Yogic Path, and neither am I a Yoga teacher. Abhishek, Shailaja and Radhika have all been excellent and complement each other in a perfect manner- be it with explaining the history and background, the Bhagavad Gita, the Yoga Sutras, and then bringing all of this alive through guidance and practical implementation into daily life, to create a more fulfilling life experience. The course has been spiced with a lot of information, and it has been a revelation for me to see my life clearly. I enjoyed the whole atmosphere, the students, the daily sattvic yogic lunch, the discussions, and the exchange of thoughts."

    The Yogacara Institute website, edited

  • Review by Michael from Asia
    9 out of 10

    "I got a lot out of the yoga philosophy course; a deeper understanding, and more clarity about myself, about the yogic path, including my remaining questions about the path of yoga. I feel motivated to continue my study and development with more discipline. And the deliberate creation track is exactly what I need in the coming year."

    The Yogacara Institute website, edited

  • Review by Renee from USA
    10 out of 10

    "The yoga teacher training has been a great personal challenge as well as a fantastic human experience. I would not have been able to complete it without the constant support and dedication from Radhika and the entire Yogacara team. They have welcomed us every day and created supportive learning atmosphere around us. I particularly enjoyed being trained by multiple teachers, each one of them an expert in their respective fields. The TTC is now over for me, but it does not mean I am done with Yogacara, as it has become my second home and the beginning of my path of yoga."

    The Yogacara Institute website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from USA
    10 out of 10

    "I had been offered interviews by graduate schools in the US that I had applied to earlier on. I was nervous and in a chaotic state of mind. I started attending Iyengar yoga sessions at Yogacara, under the able guidance of Ms. Radhika Vachani. After the very first session I felt calmer. With every session, my thoughts became more focused and my temperament more tranquil. It was truly an experience of self-discovery that made me more confident and fearless.Apart from helping me from a mental perspective, the sessions made me feel physically stronger and more energetic. The peaceful and paradisiacal location takes you far away from the hectic Mumbai lifestyle; this coupled with guidance from highly skilled and enthusiastic instructors assures physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.I highly recommend Yogacara to anyone who is interested in self-enrichment that transcends the materialistic realm."

    The Yogacara Institute website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from Asia
    10 out of 10

    "In 2004, at age 56 I had a heart attack. All the chambers of my heart were badly damaged. Two years later on June 14, 2006, I had a medical examination and the report showed large area of infarct involving the apex, septum, and anterior wall, and small areas of inducible ischemia in the apex and apical inferior wall.In other words, the doctors informed me that I had badly damaged arteries, and dead tissue and cells in the myocardium region of my heart. I was told to expect these areas to never recover again. I continued with my check-ups.I joined Yogacara, and one year later on September 30th, 2011 went for another checkup. My medical reports stated: No further evidence of inducible ischemia anywhere in the myocardium. The muscles, tissues and cells of my heart had regenerated, and my heart is now functioning as normal.The only change in my lifestyle had been the incorporation of Iyengar yoga under the able guidance of Radhika Vachani, with pranayama and meditation, three times per week at Yogacara on a very regular basis since July 2010."

    The Yogacara Institute website, edited

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