The Yoga Shack is run by Michelle and Cindy who are yoga instructors. They are grateful to assist you along your yoga journey.

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Cindy Valentine

Michelle De Nicola

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Jacqueline Comber Hassett

The Yoga Shack Facebook page

I love this space ��� and I love all the wonderful workshops Michelle and Cindy put together. I so appreciate the teacher jam classes that are provided once a month to teachers for FREE���. But I am so saddened to finally have found “my” class there with Eugene only to have it gone� please bring him back for a weekly class and please fellow Shack yogis take his class!!! Whether you are a beginner or advanced he is able to transform your practice to your next level, he meets you where you are and leads you to unfold into your most perfect self.

Namaste �

Patricia Santella

The Yoga Shack Facebook page

Last night, I went to Meditation class taught by Retha Fernandez. Never did a mediation class and wanted to try a beginner guided class. (nice small class, friendly environment) I came in not knowing too much about meditation. Thought you just sit in a quiet room for an hour. But, I left knowing more specific benefits of meditating on a consistent basis. Retha explained many benefits from self awareness, disposition, health and concentration. Taking a step back and thinking about decisions and actions. Being aware and focusing in the present t and not thinking about other things that you have to do. She answered all my questions and was very patient....probably because she meditates.

Nicole Credidio

The Yoga Shack Facebook page

The people are very friendly and open to anyone. Me being a bigger size chick I was nervous about doing yoga but they told us to go at whatever pace we were comfortable with. I wasn't pressured and I didn't feel as if I was behind at all. Great place and very cool people. Mind you I came from queens to do yoga here.