Yoga Retreat-Koh Phangan provides a nurturing environment to develop your yoga practice and cultivate a better life. Ashtanga, Vinyasa, TTC, Detox programs

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from Austria, January 2020

"Mar "



from Great Britain, December 2019

"Good fasting detox"

Wim and his family make us feel very welcome . The people of the shala is very friendly . The location of the retreat is at a very nice and peaceful area of Koh Pangan.

I’d recommend looking for hotel or bungalow around the area and take a bike to the shala as they do have drop in class. The hotel in the area with swimming pool starts around £30.00 per night.

The yoga instructor , Micheal has actually make an effort to organise a trip away for us to go to Haad Yuan which was lovely. We managed to stargazed , see the beautiful rise and even party when the sunrise .

The Yoga “studio” is very peaceful and all the classes are great .


from Canada, September 2019

I love the atmosphere from the people who go there. Great place to meet like minded people. I love being in nature (rooms in the jungle and outside shower). Food was amazing!!and the fact you could get it any time was a plus.

Samuel Bellamy

from Thailand, March 2019

"Amazing first time yoga retreat experience "

The location is fairly isolated, which I think really helps with removing distraction and disconnecting.

The food was fantastic, some of the best food we ate in Thailand, and super healthy and nutritious.

The timetable was perfect, got into the routine fine on the first day. After our meditation and philosophy teachings are done and after some lunch, it’s a nice place to hang out and relax/ have a nap before heading out somewhere for the afternoon/evening.

Our teacher for the week was the best we have ever had, very thorough and generous with her time and teachings. It was her first time teaching there. Also, the stage for where you practice is beautiful, stunning views of the jungle and a very unique experience.

Nino D'eugenio

from Thailand, January 2019

"Good experience"

The overall level of the instructors.

Lisa Ogletree is a great instructor, you learn a lot under her guidance following her instructions and suggestions.

Teresa is a very good teacher too.

Kess is so engaging and motivating.

In the month I spent there I improved my practice and also learned a bit about meditation.

Alicja Straburzyńska

from Poland, November 2018

"An inspiring time"

The location of the retreat is beautiful, with jungle almost touching the windows of your room and the beach withing walking distance. All the amenities are basic but if you don't expect a luxurious resort, there's everything you need.

My teacher was Lisa Ogletree. I enjoyed yoga classes with her a lot, and I think the lectures even more. It's amazing to meet such an open-minded person translating yoga into every day life. A true inspiration!

Warren Biller

from Thailand, July 2018


The 2 Yoga Instructors are not listed. LISA, who taught Ashtanga Yoga..-- is superb.

Because of a shoulder injury, I could only handle one class daily, and opted for the Beginner Level Yoga with ANNA, who I personally score a 15 out of 10! Anna puts her heart and soul into Yoga (as does Lisa); and combined with her Smile and caring, personalized approach--- her classes were a Highlight.

Wim and the other Staff were courteous, helpful.... and contributed to an enjoyable stay. The FOOD... only one word--- SUPERB!

I did a 10 day Detox Cleanse as part of my 14 Day Stay--- it was well-organized and helpful!

Patricia Catherine

from Australia, April 2018

"This was magic. I will plan on returning again:)"

The entire experience was wonderful. Here is my list of my favorite things and why:)

1. Bill Brundell is an incredible teacher, mentor and human. I truly enjoyed his method, practice and approach.

2. The staff:) Wim and the girls are stellar. They are great at making you feel welcome and can whip up some wicked food.

3. The Shala. Stunning. Peaceful. Perfection in the jungle. Wow.

4. The location. Close enough to hustle and bustle but great because you can be away from it all:)

5. Akita (spelling) she is a warm and loving instructor and I enjoyed her class as well.. although most of the time my body was too tired to participate:) She is a beautiful soul.

Thank you. I hope to return next year! I cannot thank you enough:)


from Great Britain, March 2018

The staff and the people and the Yoga sessions.


from Great Britain, March 2018

"Overall very good"

Food was great, and I enjoyed all the yoga sessions with professional instructors. I missed few sessions but it’s purely because of my laziness, nothing to complain about the instructors!

Lily Mats

from Great Britain, February 2018

"Excellent place but... "

Food is delicious. You may want to reconsider doing detox there

Ashtanga class is great so is the hatha class but if you are doing detox, you may not have enough energy to partake

Geoffrey Danker

from Thailand, January 2018

"A great time!"

The food was incredible as was the service and the instruction. I will be coming back as soon as I can!

Daniela Ienea

from Thailand, January 2018

"Beautiful yoga retreat!"

It was good energie. I enjoy a lot yoga classes and the food was incredibil.

Iggy Kos

from Thailand, December 2017

"Cleaning level very low"

How can same person do cleaning of toilets and make food??? Very low cleaning level....staf non responsive almost primitive...i got herpes on mouth first day...low highgine....needs serious look...positive young Ana newstafer....

Laurence Rousseau

from France, April 2019

Mes professeurs étaient Mickaël et Mira, tous les deux très compétents. Egalement Nadine pour l'initiation à la méditation. Toute la team du lieu est par ailleurs très gentille et serviable, et le lieu est très calme avec un confort basique mais de qualité. Très bonne restauration, lieu situé à environ 2 km des plages (prévoir de louer un scooter si vous ne voulez pas marcher, mais cela fait partie du charme de la destination où tout le monde circule en deux roues). Bref, idéal pour un séjour pour pratiquer le yoga et profiter de cette belle île de Koh Phangan.


from France, November 2018

Lisa was the teacher. Very good and nice

Elodie Cardoso

from France, March 2018

"Thanks a lot!!! See you soon! "

There is no word to describe how this retreat transformed me and brought me on the way of growing up et well-being. Thanks Bill!! I hope I will be back soon! Love and positives vibrations! Namaste! Elô


from Cambodia, March 2018

"Professeur compétente et dans le partage de ses connaissance"

Douceur et efficacité de la prof.

Le personnel sur place est très gentil, accueillant et serviable.

On y mange très bien et c"est copieux.