The Yoga Bubble is a yoga retreat center set in the tranquil surroundings of the Andalusian countryside. It offers retreats and professional development course.

Yoga Retreats (4)

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Instructors (3)

Lascel De La' Bruvs

Morwenna Truscott

Amelia Valls

Reviews (21)

Tamara Boxrucker

from Austria, November 2018

"Great Yoga Teacher Training in Andalusia"

Great Atmosphere and lovely people! The teachers are very nice, helpful and professional. The Finca is sorounded by a big garden with pool. The view is incredible. Learned so much in this 4 weeks, already started teaching our own classes during the second week what was really helpful. Had Ashtanga practice 4 times a week and Vinyasa 2 times a week + Anatomy, Philosophy, Ayurveda, Teaching Methology and Adjustment classes.

Michael Indresano

from Italy, July 2018

"More than what I had hoped for...."

This was a life changing experience for me. The location in Southern Spain is incredible. Each day I would sit in the yard and stare across the valley to the Atlantic ocean. The house is very comfortable. The meals were out of the world. The experience and quality of the teachers was simply incredible. This program was everything I had hoped for, and so much more.

Laura Woodhouse

from Spain, February 2018

"Wonderful experience"

I had such a wonderful experience at The Yoga Bubble. Everything was far better than I expected. The teachers truly are incredible and I cannot thank them enough.

Laura Torres Prado

from United States, March 2019

"Super Ausbildung in schönster Lage"

Es war eine wundervolle Zeit mit The Yoga Bubble! Ich habe mich sehr wohl und fast wie zu Hause gefühlt. Die Ausstattung, das Essen, die traumhafte Lage und die energievollen Yoga Einheiten haben meine Erwartungen übertroffen!

Louisa Melzow

from United States, November 2018

"A wonderful and unique experience "

An excellent Yoga-Teacher-Training! Amelia, Morwenna and Lascel are impressive and lovely humans, who all bring different energies into the teacher training!

Plenty of food, really good vegan and vegetarian meals (thanks Anna and Claire ♥️) and a house that feels like home after the first days. Thanks guys so much for this wonderful and unique experience!

Tanja Van Mierlo

from United States, June 2018

"Warm bath, feeling home."

What a great diversity of real humans! I enjoyed every single day, by there teachings. The fun, down to earth approach, the enthusiastic point of views, they all shared, loved it all!

Lisa Ravji

from Great Britain, August 2018

I loved everything about this course, the location, the teaching delivery, the teachers, course content, the food, they catered for my Vegan lifestyle with beautiful healthy food, the whole experience was above and beyond expectations!!!

Hanna Bedbur

from Iceland, February 2018

"Highly recommended! :)"

Really nice, well educated teachers that take care of you and would try their best to fit everything to their student needs. (Might it be your daily yoga practice adjusted to injuries or different levels or teaching international students with different knowledge of the english language. We had such funny translation misunderstandings .) The group was very small as well (13 people) which left enough time for everyone and everyone could feel comfortable.

Well organized.

Most amazing vegan food. (Don´t think you will come home shredded :D)

Beautiful finca with very cozy living area including a fire place and a big window to watch the sunset over the beach.

Jun Han

from Spain, January 2018

"Great retreat!"

The instructors, the place, the participants, the vibe :)

Marie Diel

from France, November 2017

"Outstanding yoga training "

1. Welcoming people, I felt home straight way. House is fantastic, the room were really good. View amazing.

2. Yoga bubble team is like a family and I have never felt so good in a yoga training. Lovely, kind people. Joy and love is coming out from them.

3. They are inspiring people.

4.down to earth.

5. We were having breakfast, lunch and dinner together like a family.

Inmaculada Muñoz Martin

from Spain, January 2019

"Great!! Awesome!! "

Instructors, kind people, food, accommodation...

Jose van den Hurk

from United States, September 2018

"Super relaxte verwen retreat "

Zo harmonieus en ontspannen, ben helemaal tot rust gekomen. Zen 🙏🙏

Teresa Lopez Martin

from Spain, August 2018

I have loved the experience, great days of yoga and meditation, healthy and delicious food and meeting people with good vibrations in a beautiful environment.

Testimonials (3)

Emily Versteeg

The Yoga Bubble website

I've had the privilege to have had these three wonderful people as my teachers. Through out my teacher training programs in India they have taught me the history of yoga, the anatomy of the body and have helped me to achieve new milestones within my Mysore self practice.

I remember the first time I met Amelia, it was during Mysore practice when she helped me fall back into Urdhva Dhanurasana. I was absolutely stocked as I had previously thought that this was never going to happen. Amelia is a very determined person, she has a fire within her, but what I remember most is the patience she has. I am not the easiest person to teach but she had so much patience for me and made sure that I would get to where I needed to be. I appreciate her knowledge and the love she has for all the students who put in the same effort. Amelia has a curious mind and shows a willingness to her students reassuring them that they will have a teacher for a life time.

There was never a dull class with Morwenna. It takes a true talent and energy to be able to tell a story about a religion and history of a county with the passion she has. My ears were always all hers as she told us about the myths and history of India and Yoga, the Yamas and Niyamas, Karma and the way of life. It has opened my mind to new things, and to the unknown and provided me with a new outlook and love of life. A truly inspirational woman.

Last but not least Lascel. A true boot camp yogi but with an incredible aura. Everyone always feels completely at peace around him. He has a very clear and calming voice, even during our led Ashtanga classes in the morning he would always make us laugh, while we were trying to get into our more advanced asanas. He has a gift to help people within their own practice and explain things clearly to help others. He is one of those teachers that finds enjoyment in passing along the knowledge and sees everyone as equal.

Theoni Tsoumparaki

The Yoga Bubble website

Attending yoga teacher training is hard enough as it is. The key to learning and absorbing so much information in such a short amount of time, comes right down to the teachers.

Amelia, oh Amelia! Amelia had so much knowledge to offer, her expertise on anatomy and the human body is indescribable. What I loved more, was her passion for teaching and her patience. I left the program feeling confident in understanding yoga anatomy as a teacher.

Morwenna reminds me of a pocket encyclopedia! Her knowledge on Yoga philosophy, Ayurveda and Ashtanga is astonishing. Morwenna has a way of turning every class into storytelling time, like a child I would wait with anticipation to hear and learn something new.

Lascel...thanks bud. (JUST KIDDING!!!)

Lascel's commitment to teaching is extremely inspiring. He has a style of his own, humorous (not the bone...get it? get it?) yet dedicated, fun, edgy and committed to the practice. Because of Lascel, I walked away feeling confident as a teacher to adjust my own students.

Thank you guys so much, you MADE my training, miss you loads!

Estefania Olavide Austria

The Yoga Bubble Facebook page

Best team on earth - with so much knowledge and they have always a laugh and a little joke for every situation!!! Ashtanga - Vinyasa Pro's