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The Shanti Space

The Shanti Space works with beautiful yogis, therapists, and coaches to hold a space and create experiences that nurture well-being and unity.

Instructors 2

Jessica Brookes

Driven by her connection with nature, Jessica was spurred on to bow out of the corporate world in order to focus on yoga and meditation while taking the journey from her head to her heart. Having trained with inspiring world class yoga teachers, she shares an energizing and restorative Kundalini and Yin yoga practice gently encouraging students into spaces of restoration, clarity, and transformation. Her yoga practice cultivates patience, persistence, and contentment and dedicated to all sentient beings.

Jack Weaver

As a Yin yoga and Qi Gong teacher, Jack shares practices that empower students to connect with their deeper selves and more subtle sensations of being to facilitate healing and awakening. As a classical acupuncturist, he trained at The International College of Oriental Medicine, regarded as a leader in its field and was awarded first class honors. He works with life cycles, rhythms, and birth energies to restore health and well-being. He brings an upbeat spirit and empathetic sensitivity to his work while maintaining a kind-hearted energy and authenticity to his clients.

Testimonials 4

Brooklyn McMinn

The Shanti Space website

I highly recommend this retreat. It was one of the best adventures I have ever been on in my life. Please go enjoy yoga and nature in these small villages with Jessica and Jack! You will never regret it! Magical.

Lachlan Gordon

The Shanti Space website

Great place, I've been to acupuncture and yoga and both have been excellent experiences. Jack is thoughtful and considered with his treatments, and Jess's yoga is a very welcome break from London stress.

Con O'Shaughnessy

The Shanti Space website

Fantastic yoga teacher and highly effective acupuncture and cranial work. Excellent holistic therapists.​

Tabitha Ewing

The Shanti Space website

I saw Jack for one treatment while visiting the UK, due to persistent pain in my neck and shoulder, with referred pain to my ear and down my arm. It kept me awake at night. After the treatment I had no pain for 6 months! Jack was so thorough and sensitive that I've been kind of reluctant to see someone else

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