The Seed

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

The Seed endeavors to be a learning space for all things right, ranging from meditation to yoga, spiritual herbalism, metaphysics, and sustainable living.

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Marcus Veysey

Marcus has been living and working in a meditation center in Guatemala for over 20 years. He has been teaching yoga and guided meditation practices and has developed several courses on medicinal plants and holistic healing. His passion has always been to help people wake up to experience themselves and life in a more spiritual sense.

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  • Hulya Aktun

    The Seed Facebook page

    Having grown up as a relatively nature-deprived urban kid, I could probably name about only 10 flowers and 10 trees in English before I stumbled upon Marcus and his garden. In addition to vastly expanding my vocabulary and my horizon for medicinal plants, Marcus inspired me to think again about where our food and water comes from, how plants communicate and what illness might mean in a non-Western context. Interesting meditation practice combining metaphysics and plants, which definitely put me out of my comfort zone but provided a new perspective. You'll get to harvest, help prepare and drink lots of delicious teas, too, while meeting some interesting people and enjoying the amazing view of the volcanoes and the lake in the process. Thanks Marcus!

  • No Ah

    The Seed Facebook page

    Where to start? I stayed here for a month with my girlfriend Lucy and we had an incredible time with Ana, Marcus and the family. I was helping with research and writing and the work was both enjoyable and challenging. I got to learn loads about the work I was doing... the project itself is an incredible one that left me feeling excited about helping and the work I was doing was tailored to my skills which in turn let me and the other volunteers thrive!

    The family are all very friendly and welcoming, and we got on with Ana and Marcus & the kids straight away. Our accommodation was also a slice of paradise next to the lake in Tzunana. We were fortunate enough to be there st the same time as several other volunteers who all felt like family by the end.

    On top of this we also got to take Marcus' spiritual herbalism course as part of the work exchange which was a magical experience and something completely new for me.

    All in alll this was much more than just a workaway for me, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get their teeth stuck into a holistic project with a beautiful vision.

    We will be back! Thank you

  • Pablo G Capistrano

    The Seed Facebook page

    Great weeks collaborating and the sessions at The Seed, meaningful experience. Thank you Marcus, Ana and kids ;) for the time during the sessions, inner work with emotions, tarot... your patience and listening... also your help during our stay by the lake, at your place, beautiful. Namaste

  • Guy Hobson

    The Seed Facebook page

    Volunteered at The Seed for 6 weeks and had an awesome time! Ana and Marcus have a wonderful welcoming home and the vibe was very chilled which was great for working in! I also did the spiritual herbalism course with Marcus which was extremely beneficial. The course is well set up with each day roughly planned out depending on time and how the students are feeling and taking to each part. Would highly recommend this place to anyone venturing to Lake Atitlan and wanting to meet some great people, be in a great location with incredible views and attain lifelong knowledge from experienced teachers!

  • Tricia Roland-Hamilton

    The Seed Facebook page

    When I arrived in Guatemala I was taking multiple RX medications to address intestinal/colitis issues. Through Marcus's course I learned about the use of natural remedies, plant-based medicine, that specifically addressed the problem. I'm thrilled to say I have not had to use prescription medicine since. Marcus is an excellent teacher and I highly recommend the course. Get to know the herbs, mix your own teas, and enjoy being in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

  • Caro Casas

    The Seed Facebook page

    It was a beautiful course. Marcus is knowledgeable and he presents the course in a humble way, making everyone think they can grow a beautiful and meaningful garden.

  • Ellouise Love

    The Seed Facebook page

    Attending this course was one of the most incredible experiences of my 6 months trip through central America. I bonded with nature in a way I never knew I could and I know I've got a connection with plants and trees and indeed every living thing that I can nurture and grow for the rest of my life. Thank you to Marcus and his family for such an incredible opportunity... I hope to meet again one day for another insight into the beautiful world around us.

  • Mette H.

    The Seed website

    In my job as a cookbook author and restaurateur I give a lot of myself when I work, and it is essential for me to fill up mind and spirit with new inspiration once in a while. I am so happy that I choose to join the Spiritual Herbalism course, it made a lot of the things I already do in my everyday life as a chef seem even more important. The combination of ancient wisdom, common sense and practical tips on how to treat plants (not just how to cook them!), was just perfect for me. Now I can’t wait to start my own medicinal garden in Denmark.

  • Angel B.

    The Seed website

    This retreat was inspiring on so many levels!

  • Mariana

    The Seed website

    I feel so blessed and so grateful for taking this course, such a different approach!

  • Lucie R.

    The Seed website

    It was a really great week learning about getting more in connection with nature and plants. I feel I could spend much more time and learn so much more.

  • Anabella M.

    The Seed website

    It was a deep learning; it changed my energy and point of view of how to perceive the plants and their healing purpose.

  • Nikoya

    The Seed website

    I found Marcus to be a very clear, grounded, and inspiring teacher.

  • Lily Manne

    The Seed website

    The plant course with Marcus was a mix of practical know-how information that allowed me to create my own healing teas, balms and tinctures at home and an intuitive study of plants and their healing qualities. This workshop was super engaging and interesting. Marcus is a great teacher! Passionate and fun! And I am still using what I learned more than 4 years after taking his course.

  • Jaya Julie

    The Seed website

    Beautiful, instructive and conscious medicinal plant workshop, weaving in the healing wisdom & spiritual emotional intelligence of plants... Sharing his own amazing story with plants, Marcus was a great teacher! We got to take with us some delicious teas and recipes which actually healed a few of us. I highly recommend this course, it opened up a different dimension to the respect and use I had for the plant kingdom.

  • Mariana

    The Seed website

    I feel so blessed and so grateful for taking this course, such a different approach...

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