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Childhood Deconditioning and Meditation Retreat Mexico

This childhood deconditioning retreat is for those who feel the need to be more energetic, creative, and joyful. During this week, you will work closely with Osho tradition experts on healing and cleaning your body, spirit, and mind inside out. Thanks to these spiritual healing sessions, you will be able to find the peace you need, as well as transform into the person you want to be and feel rejuvenated and renewed.

Meet the instructors

Alejandro, Patricia, & Ma Prem
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  • Series of 10 childhood deconditioning
  • Relax with a traditional temazcal session
  • Daily yoga sessions or morning dynamic meditations
  • Follow a complete holistic healing protocol
  • Daily healing foods and juices
  • 7 nights accommodation

Yoga styles

8 days with instruction in English
Spoken languages: English
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Check-in Time:
Check-out Time:

The Sanctuary is a space to learn, to share, to dance, to sing, to explore your inner self, to integrate unintegrated emotions, to feel joy, and to help you to heal yourself from diseases. The Sanctuary is not a hotel or a hostel, rather it is like a large family house in which you can support each other in your healing processes.

The Sanctuary is housed in a luxurious colonial style five-bedroom house set within a walled garden in a peaceful neighborhood. It offers several options for shared, semi-private, or private rooms. You may stay at The Sanctuary as a personal retreat participant in a shared room and are not required to register for a workshop or custom retreat to stay at The Sanctuary or to pay extra for a private room.

Please note that the private rooms can be reserved instead of the standard offering of a bed in a shared room, for an additional fee. Private rooms are ideal for those looking for additional comfort and privacy. All private room fees can be split among two or more people who are staying together in the room.

If you are in a shared room, The Sanctuary does their best to avoid mixed-gender rooms. Most guests are women and they have at least one all-female shared room, but please be aware that there is a possibility that there may be both men and women in the room.

The Sanctuary is not a hotel or a hostel. Although it is referred to as a retreat center, it is not like any other retreat center, some of which often charge as much as five times as much as The Sanctuary, so please come without expectations. The Sanctuary does not entertain drama. Please be sure to bear this in mind before booking.

It is highly recommended to commence the presence process before arriving to help with this. To preserve the healing energy of the space and to avoid others being drawn into drama, please understand that you may be asked to leave early without refund if your behavior is not conducive to the space. Personal coaching sessions can be offered at additional costs to address these issues.


Ascension room

A stay in this shared room is the standard offering included in the price of a personal retreat, a custom retreat, or a work retreat. The ascension room on the second story is the main shared room. It has three single beds and a single-sized bunk bed. Therefore, it is able to accommodate up to five people. Guests are usually offered the standard beds while work retreat participants usually take the bunk beds.

Guests staying in the ascension room share the upstairs bathroom with guests staying in the healing and nirvana rooms. There are two bathrooms downstairs that can also be used. Sometimes, if the ascension room is full, The Sanctuary uses other rooms as shared rooms, but they do not offer an option to choose which shared room. Also, sometimes, it may be necessary to move beds or even rooms to accommodate incoming guests.

Healing room

Facing east, the healing room invites the rejuvenating morning sunshine. The healing room has one queen-sized bed and can add a single bed to accommodate up to three people. Guests staying in the healing room share the upstairs bathroom with guests staying in the ascension and nirvana rooms. There are two bathrooms downstairs that can also be used. The healing room costs 20 USD per night in addition to applicable guest or retreat prices.

Nirvana room

Facing west, the nirvana room benefits from the lingering energy of the ocean sunsets. The nirvana room has one queen-sized bed and a single-sized bunk bed, so it can accommodate up to three or four people. Guests staying in this room share the upstairs bathroom with guests staying in the ascension and healing rooms. There are two bathrooms downstairs that can also be used. This room costs 30 USD per night in addition to applicable guest or retreat prices.

Peace room

The peace room is a semi-private room with two bunk beds, so it can accommodate up to two people. It is separated in two by using a room divider. One-half is sometimes used for therapies during the daytime, at which time, guests staying in the room are asked to use other private spaces at The Sanctuary to relax.

The linen shelving is located in the therapy side of the room, so access is allowed for this while you are in the room; however, the room divider gives visual privacy to the bed space. The peace room is located next to the open living space for meditation and workshops.

There are two bathrooms downstairs that can be used by guests. This room costs 15 USD per night in addition to applicable guest or retreat prices. The layout of this room is currently being re-designed so it may not be available exactly as described above.

The annex including the karma room and seva room

These two rooms are in an annex next door to The Sanctuary. These two bedrooms have been created within one very large room with fixed wooden partition wall room dividers. The karma room has one queen-sized bed. The seva room has two single beds, of which one is a top bunk. The seva room is the bigger room of the two.

Although the rooms do have privacy from each other, the partition walls do not reach the ceiling so there is not complete noise privacy. They do have the advantage of access to the swimming pool. Be aware that there is some unfinished construction happening on the property, although the majority of the work is done. The rooms are priced to take account of this.

The karma room costs 20 USD per night in addition to applicable guest or retreat prices. The seva room costs 25 USD per night extra. Alternatively, for more privacy and a private bathroom, you could book the whole annex for 45 USD per night in addition to the retreat fee.

The love casita

Located in the backyard within the walls of The Sanctuary garden, the standalone love casita offers the most privacy at The Sanctuary. It has its own separate entrance gate and can also be accessed through the garden. It has its own shaded rooftop space to relax, read a book, or watch the sunset and has its own small en-suite shower room.

The casita has a queen-sized bed for one or two people and a single bed or another double bed can be added to accommodate up to four people. The love casita costs 35 USD per night in addition to any guest prices. Note that from May 1, 2017, the love casita will no longer be available.

The mandala master suite

The mandala room is the most luxurious room at The Sanctuary, with its own luxury full bathroom and a large private balcony overlooking the garden. Facing east, this room is blessed with the vibrant morning sunlight and the evening freshness when it is time to wind down and relax.

The room has a queen-sized bed for one or two people and a single bed or another queen-sized bed can be added to accommodate a third and fourth person. Note that it is necessary to close the windows at night, which is a little awkward to do due to the type of blinds. The mandala room costs 40 USD per night in addition to any guest prices.

Community guidelines

Check in and check out times

To allow time for cleaning and preparing of sleeping spaces, it is asked that you check in after 14:00 and check out by 10:00.


Although The Sanctuary is predominantly a space for adults, there have been and will continue to be rare occasions when they accept children as guests in the healing space. The child's age and maturity are the most important factors in the decision.

Environmental conditions

The Sanctuary is located in a suburban area. There are noises around, such as dogs barking, roosters crowing during the night and early mornings, and local vendors with loudspeakers from their vehicles. There is a basketball court nearby, where events and parties are sometimes held with very loud music. This usually occurs only once or twice a month, but can be more frequent during holiday periods.

There is also a neighbor who turns his music up very loud during the day once or twice a month. Most people get used to the sounds around. Others are disturbed and have trouble sleeping. Please obtain earplugs if you feel this may be a problem for you. Also be aware that some of the neighbors sometimes burn stuff in their gardens, including plastic.

This is not a huge issue as it depends on wind direction and it is not that often. There are two cats which are allowed in the house. If you think this may be a problem for you due to allergies, then please do not book. Sometimes, there is a dog in the garden.

There are sometimes burglaries in the area. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the windows closed at night in some rooms. In the mandala room, all windows need to be closed at night. There are adequate fans in the room and air conditioning is an optional extra.

Lights out and internet use

To support healing during sleep and ensure sufficient rest for an early start with morning meditation, the house is locked at 22:30, Wi-Fi is turned off, and silence is maintained thereafter until after meditation at 07:35 the following morning. Exceptions may be made in rare circumstances.

The internet here can be very slow at times. While it is obvious the modern world is very connected through the internet and you may think it impossible to live without it, The Sanctuary can be a place to disconnect from machines and reconnect with your true nature.

Additionally, in order to keep The Sanctuary running smoothly, it is necessary to keep the wireless networks as clear as possible for important administrative tasks and it is asked that you cooperate in observing the following guidelines. Please turn your phones off or put them on airplane mode when you are not making or awaiting an important call.

If you do need to make or answer an important call, please go outside the gates to chat. Please limit social network browsing to the bare minimum. This means only using facebook for important and specific contact with family and friends. Please avoid streaming youtube videos unless completely necessary. Please turn your internet off when you are not using it. Please do not use internet or phones in bedrooms after 21:00.

Perfumes, colognes, fragrances, and scents

Please be aware that The Sanctuary is an artificial fragrance-free zone. Please do not bring any scented hygiene or laundry products, since these can significantly affect some community members with chemical sensitivities. The Sanctuary is a chemical-free house, which includes artificial fragrances.

Security and insurance

Like any place in the world, there are always possibilities of outside negative energies, accidents, burglaries, and others. It is advised you take sensible precautions by closing windows and locking doors at night and when the house is empty. The Sanctuary is unable to recompense for any personal loss or injury. If you are not comfortable with this, you have the option of obtaining your own personal insurance.


There are conflicting situations and unfulfilled promises in relation with your parents which have not healed or matured. These are raw patterns that are formed in your mind unconsciously, determining your way of behaving, leading you to fight with your day-to-day decisions, eroding your vital energy, and making your body and mind sick.

You need to heal yourself by bringing these patterns of the unconscious into the light within a protected environment and in total confidence. This way, your vital energy is available for creativity and joy, which is your birthright. At the same time, this renewed attitude offers you a support base to go deeper in meditation practice.

You have lost the contact with the essential being, not knowing who you are, living an accidental life in which you respond to the loss in a mechanical way and stopping to look inwardly. You do not know how to overcome and heal yourself.

There is the possibility to open up to a new dimension, which proposes a return to the being and using the structure of the personality to rescue the essential aspects of the individual. This way, you can begin to have an existential life and dealing with the challenges posed by this changing world in consciousness.

The childhood deconditioning sessions will be facilitated either by Alejandro and Patricia or by Ma Prem Neelam. If your sessions are facilitated by Alejandro and Patricia, at around 07:30 each day, you will take a short trip to Temazcalli for the childhood deconditioning sessions. You will return to The Sanctuary around 09:30 for a breakfast smoothie. You will join the rest of The Sanctuary community for a delicious vegan lunch at 13:00.

If your sessions are with Ma Prem Neelam, you will begin the day at 06:30 with a one-hour Osho Dynamic meditation on The Sanctuary rooftop palapa. You will then have the opportunity to join the yoga class, followed by a breakfast smoothie and a community heart-share at 09:15. Your childhood deconditioning sessions will begin at around 10:00 and will take place either on the rooftop palapa or in one of the other therapy spaces.

During the afternoon, you will have time for some homework to integrate the work from the morning sessions. There will also be some time for swimming in the healing waters of the ocean and watching the sunset from the beach. You may then choose to join some of the evening workshops. Your 90-minute sessions will help you:

  • To realize consciousness of being
  • To identify and release beliefs, identifications, structures, and concepts acquired through your parents, ancestors, teachers, or priests
  • To flow in the natural development of life
  • To accept facts, even if they are painful
  • To respond consciously and creatively to life situations
  • To experience lovingly your interpersonal relationships

Childhood deconditioning sessions

  • Session 1: Meeting the child with the regression journey technique
  • Session 2: Listening to the child with exploration through sound and name meditation techniques
  • Session 3: Freeing the child with the cushion Gestalt technique, which is an experience of the natural child conditioned by the mother and father
  • Session 4: Feeling the child with the neo-Reichian bodywork and jellyfish techniques
  • Session 5: Protecting the child with laying out the boundary lines in the family technique
  • Session 6: Defending the child-father with the drawing, writing, catharsis, and open techniques
  • Session 7: Defending the child-mother with the drawing, writing, catharsis, and open techniques
  • Session 8: Embracing the child with the need session and soft bodywork techniques
  • Session 9: Welcoming the child with the birth experience and breath session techniques
  • Session 10: Becoming oneness with the regression journey, womb journey, out of womb, past lives, back to the world, and the future techniques

Qualified and professional staff

Because most of The Sanctuary's work is done by work retreatants and local workers, they are able to offer prices that are vastly lower than most other retreat centers. The daily schedule, including yoga classes, is facilitated by both work retreat participants and staff who do not necessarily have professional qualifications.

What The Sanctuary is able to offer often depends on the skills and talents of those staying in the community. In rare cases, it may not be possible to fully maintain the schedule, but they are often able to offer more.

Although they do their best to support their guests taking advantage of the healing protocol, juice fasting, raw food, and other retreats, some self-research and application is required. They have an ample supply of guidance by way of books, video, and audio.

In order to keep the fees extremely low, The Sanctuary does not employ professionally qualified support. They do offer their guests introductory support meetings with their managers, but these are limited to about 15 to 30 minutes. Further weekly meetings are available on request. During the summer season, these support meetings may take place via Skype. With advance notice, they can offer more in-depth personal guidance sessions as an optional extra service.

Please be aware that most of the staff only works part time. They also need their own space and time undisturbed. Generally, the staff is only available for brief support or questions up until lunchtime. Obviously, for emergencies, you may ask questions that cannot wait.

Payment terms, cancellation, and early departure

The full amount is due to confirm your reservation. This is non-refundable. Please be sure that you wish to stay for the full period you book before accepting the terms. By paying the deposit (full amount), you confirm that you have read all the information and you are fully aware of and accept the rules and guidelines at The Sanctuary. You will also not hold The Sanctuary responsible for any personal loss or injury you may experience during your stay.


Alejandro Villanueva
Alejandro is a therapist of primary feelings and childhood deconditioning in different centers of Osho Afroz Greece, Osho Miasto Italy, Osho Oaxaca, and Osho Mexico D.F. He has also graduated in the diploma on grief therapy and the advanced counseling seminar on grief therapy by the Center of Studies on Human Development, which is certified by the regional university of the southeast. He is currently the co-creator of the project Temazcalli Meditative Space, in Puerto Escondido.
Patricia Heuze
Patricia teaches courses in Vipassana meditation in Centro de Meditación Vipassana México and also techniques of transomatic dialogue in the Center of Osho Oaxaca. She has also been trained as a therapist in primary feelings and childhood deconditioning in different centers of Osho Afroz Greece, Osho Miasto Italy, Osho Oaxaca, and Osho Mexico D.F. Currently, she is the co-creator of the project, Temazcalli Meditative Space, in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca.
Ma Prem Neelam
Ma Prem Neelam is the owner of a small hotel in Puerto Escondido. She offers Osho No Mind therapy at The Sanctuary. For the last eight years, she has been training in the field of psycho-emotional therapy by Swami Devageet, one of the closest disciples of the enlightened master Osho.

Retreat location

The retreat will take place in The Sanctuary, which is located in surfers' paradise of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico, and approximately 500 meters from the sea in La Punta area. Puerto Escondido, in the estate of Oaxaca, combines the most exciting elements of the Mexican Pacific Ocean. Its mountains roll down towards the sea to bathe in the deep blue waters creating a fascinating landscape. In this area, you will find restaurants, bars, galleries, and music festivals.

Nearby places

  • Basketball court - 100 meters
  • La Punta Zicatela Beach - 500 meters

This Yoga Retreat is vegetarian-friendly

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From Monday to Saturday, The Sanctuary offers healthy plant-based community lunches and dinners and a breakfast green smoothie. All green smoothies and meals are free for their guests and work retreat participants. The smoothies are served at 09:15, lunch is at 13:00, and dinner is at 18:30.

The Sanctuary is a plant-based household serving mostly raw and gluten-free foods. Please ask in advance if you have any specific dietary restrictions, so they can let you know if their kitchen can handle your request.

Their normal menu consists of a large green smoothie for breakfast, sometimes with one or more tonics, such as ginger, moringa, turmeric, agnihotra ash, cardamon, cinnamon, aloe vera, cayenne, and cloves, and a nutritious and healthy vegan lunch and dinner. All meals are homemade with lots of love.

Although avoiding snacking between meals might be more supportive to the healing process, for those who wish, they usually supply a mid-morning nutri-meal snack and either a mid-afternoon drink or fresh fruit. If you would like any other additional food, then there is a fruit seller just one minute away from The Sanctuary's gate, where you can buy more fruits for yourself.

Please be aware that access to the kitchen is strictly limited to those who are cooking and prepping and cleaning up and is not available for guests to use. No food is allowed in bedrooms to avoid attracting insects. There is a small fridge just outside the kitchen, where you can label and store a small amount of vegan and non-processed personal food.

You may find it supportive to your health to supplement the food The Sanctuary provides with some superfoods like spirulina and maca, which are not included in the prices. They are available for purchase at Moringa Fresh and Wild, which is about ten minutes away from The Sanctuary. No coffee, meat, fish, processed junk foods, or dairy products are allowed at The Sanctuary.

If you are not used to such a clean diet, you may experience detox symptoms, such as flu-like feelings, body aches and pains, headaches, tiredness, and emotional outbreaks. As you eat more higher vibration foods, the old lower vibration energies in your body will release in physical and emotional forms. The symptoms may be reduced by following one of their healing modalities.

The Sanctuary fasts on Sundays with water, coconut water, and fruits for several reasons. Fasting gives your digestive system a rest and provides an opportunity to focus on the spiritual. Although not required, they have found this practice to be beneficial for the majority of their guests. No food preparation is done on Sundays.

The Sanctuary is currently using either a Berkey water purifier to filter their water or putting bottled filtered water in 20 liters bottles. They also place their five-gallon bottles in a large Tibetan singing bowl and create vibrations several times a day. They are always looking for ways to improve the purity and vibration of their water and invite guests to help them investigate options.

No alcohol, tobacco, illegal plant medicines, or pharmaceutical drugs, unless declared, are allowed at The Sanctuary. It is encouraged that you refrain from consuming them. While you may engage in such activities outside The Sanctuary, please be aware of the impact your actions have on those undergoing intense cleanses. If a guest's actions are not supportive of the healing space, they may be asked to leave with a partial refund.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Organic
  • Raw food
If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation

Spa treatments

The Sanctuary and its highly-trained partner therapists offer world-class healing treatments. If you would like, please send them a message and make an appointment. You are required to inform them which therapy you would want and what date and time you would like the session. Please note that all therapy appointments are subject to practitioner availability.

Acupuncture with Juan

  • Initial consultation and session for 35 USD
  • Follow-up sessions for 30 USD

Breathwork with Pete

  • 75 minutes for 50 USD

Holistic health coaching with Pete

  • Initial 45-minute consultation for 30 USD
  • 20-minute follow-up sessions for 15 USD

Myofascial release (Rolfing) with David

  • First session for 50 USD
  • Follow-up sessions for 40 to 50 USD

Thai yoga massage with Pete

  • 60 minutes for 40 USD
  • 90 minutes for 55 USD

Therapeutic massage with Alejandra

  • 60 minutes for 40 USD
  • 90 minutes for 55 USD

Tibetan singing bowls with Pete

  • 60 minutes for 40 USD

Tui Na massage with Ma Prem Neelam

  • 80 minutes for 50 USD

What's included

  • 1 temazcal session
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 10 childhood deconditioning sessions
  • Daily healing foods and juices
  • Daily meditation practice with instruction if required
  • Daily morning yoga class if you take the retreat with Ma Prem Neelam (except Sunday)
  • Use of FIR Sauna at least once a day

What's not included

  • Additional activities
  • Airfare
  • Airport transfers
  • Personal expenses
  • Spa treatments
  • Tips
  • Travel insurance

How to get there

Driving directions from the center of Puerto Escondido

  • Drive southeast on highway 200 toward Pochutla and Huatulco.
  • Take the first right to La Punta at Rubi's mini-super.
  • At the bottom of the hill, turn left into Brisas de Zicatela heading away from the sea (do not turn right towards Casa Mar and the sea).
  • Go past Internet Zicatela and take the second left onto Quintana Roo.
  • You will see their beautiful home half a block ahead of you.
  • Alternatively, continue on the highway past Rubi's mini-super and turn right onto the first concrete road onto Quintana Roo.
  • There is no street sign, but you will see The Sanctuary's sign on the corner.
  • Continue one and a half blocks and you will see the house.

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Puerto Escondido International Airport (PXM). If you are traveling from outside of Mexico, the best way is to fly to Mexico City International Airport (MEX), and then from Mexico City, you can fly to Puerto Escondido International Airport (PXM) using a variety of local flights.

Arrival by bus

If you are feeling a bit adventurous and can tolerate windy roads and sometimes uncomfortable ride, you can take the 12 to 17 hours bus ride from Mexico City. Ado charges about 650 MXN (approximately about 40 USD) and ETN Turistar charges around 1,200 MXN (approximately about 70 USD), but their buses are more luxurious and the trip is shorter.

Arrival by taxi

From the Puerto Escondido International Airport (PXM), the most convenient option is to take an airport-approved dedicated white taxi at a cost of around 150 MXN. You can also take an airport approved shared taxi for about 70 MXN. There will be several drivers waiting immediately outside of the airport door.

For a cheaper alternative, walk down the hill to the highway (approximately 700 meters from airport exit), cross the road, and get a green and white taxi at a cost of 50 MXN. You can also wave down a red and white shared taxi or a colectivo (pick up truck with blue canopy over the back and bench seats inside). Both of these cost about six to seven Mexican pesos.

From Puerto Escondido, you can take a colectivo (pick up truck with blue canopy over the back and bench seats inside) or a red and white taxi with a Mercado La Punta sign written on the windshield (driving southeast) from anywhere along highway 200. Usually, you can find a small group of people waiting by the stop lights or the crossroads.

You can also take a private taxi. You can tell them to turn right in front of the store called Rubi and after, take the second street to the left, which is Brisas de Zicatela. Then, take the second street to the left named Quintana Roo. A colectivo takes about 10 to 15 minutes and a taxi takes about eight to 10 minutes.

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 100% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
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