The Sanctuary at Two Rivers | Savonn Wyland & Beth Walker

Cabuya, Costa Rica

The Sanctuary at Two Rivers | Savonn Wyland & Elizabeth Walker offers a variety of classes including Hatha, Restorative, Vinyasa Flow yoga, and MELT method.

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  • Jessica United States

    Tripadvisor website

    The Sanctuary at Two Rivers is amazing on all accounts deserves the highest recommendation possible! The yoga retreats and retreat setting offered serve to be life changing and transformative. You are essentially walking into paradise!! I am someone with an affinity for this beautiful space...but also an objective reporter. The negative (although tiny specks in the sea of positivity) reviews are quite disappointing to me and truly hold no merit. The word irresponsible comes to mind. I feel compelled to respond as someone who is extremely familiar with both the Sanctuary and the surrounding area.

    1. The food is one of our favorite aspects of our stay....healing and beautiful. If you are seeking "pop- vegetarian" food such as soy bacon and french fries, gourmet lattes on rotation from an espresso bar, then you will be disappointed my friends. What you will receive is plentiful organic Costa Rican coffee in the morning that will fuel your soul and three meals a day that are made with love and creativity. The Culinary team is inspired by an Ayurvedically- oriented cooking philosophy that will support and nurture you from a nutritional standpoint. Delicious is an understatement--and the lunchtime desserts are not to be missed!

    2. Relaxation and exploration of the breathtaking jungle compound is a retreat highlight. The yoga pagoda is truly magical as well as the property's waterfalls, rivers, flora, and fauna. The Sanctuary is exactly that which the name proclaims.... a sanctuary from the mainstream. If you are seeking a resort type experience with Mai Tais and dance parties by the pool, then again you will be disappointed. If you are seeking a meditative, yogic, restorative experience highlighted by wellness workshops and fun beach and adventure-based excursions then you will be elated!

    3. It is ultimately the responsibility of the retreat leader to hold space for the students in their care and function on an independent level. The Sanctuary directors and support staff are available for support and guidance on the periphery and have always been extraordinarily helpful when needed. It is also the responsibility of the retreat leader to research the climate and seasons on the Peninsula before planning your stay - to self-inform and subsequently relay to students. The dry and rainy seasons both have their pros and cons depending on your preference! While we prefer the drier weather, the rainy season is also equally amazing and a must see.

    4. The complaints of not being allowed towels, an extra glass of juice, and equating the Sanctuary to a commune is quite comical. It saddens me to think that these perspectives are so skewed and misunderstandings are evident. The Sanctuary owners are lovely, down to earth, and strive to ensure that all attendees have a peak experience! Perhaps their adorable daughter Gia and their resident dog family have an alternative agenda.... : )

    5. On our honeymoon, my husband and I stayed in a square foot estate in the neighboring town next to Cabuya and insects and lizards still made a cameo appearance from time to time. We are circa the jungle and this is to be expected! To be honest I have had less encounters with bugs in our Sanctuary lodging than elsewhere because all of the living spaces are tightly screened in! Being in the midst of the eco scene and experiencing "off the grid" biodiversity is the best part of this experience!

    6. The Sanctuary is not advertised as a beach experience and explicitly states on all websites and social media it's distance from the nearest beach in Cabuya. The goal of retreats is to experience the jungle, rivers, waterfalls, and tranquility of this protected oasis. Retreat leaders typically plan and include excursions to the beautiful neighboring beaches in Santa Teresa and Tortuga Island to provide a diversified experience. I would highly recommend visiting both- not to be missed!!

    As a seasoned yoga practitioner and teacher from Connecticut, I am available to speak with anyone from my local area or beyond personally! There are vast groups of yogis from my state who will echo my sentiments.... in addition to my husband who I met on a Sanctuary retreat a few years ago! : )

  • Leslie Gordon United States

    The Sanctuary at Two Rivers website

    Our yoga retreat became an amazing yoga adventure at the Sanctuary at Two Rivers! It was a week of relaxation and transformation for all of us in the group. The food was spectacular, nourishing and healing; the yoga space, the most beautiful I have ever seen. Having birds and monkeys as the musicians for our yoga classes was truly a gift. The jungle became our home, and all of us became a family. This practice we share is a powerful one and the energy at Sanctuary is life-changing! Thank you for your vision and for welcoming us to your jungle home.

  • Daniel Waggoner United States

    The Sanctuary at Two Rivers website

    From the moment the female tiger heron exploded out of the jungle in front me on the river walk in, I knew I was on an extraordinary physical and spiritual journey for my 60th birthday trip. The Sanctuary is set between rivers and remote waterfalls and tree house like solar powered abodes fit perfectly into the jungle landscape. It is obvious that the design and architecture of the retreat is exceptionally well thought out and crafted with heart and hands. The creative vegetarian and vegan cuisine is delicious and nurturing. I would return as often as I could; The Sanctuary and staff will always be close to my heart.

  • Mary Beth LaRue United States

    The Sanctuary at Two Rivers website

    Hosting a retreat at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers was one of the best experiences I've ever had. I left feeling inspired, refreshed and balanced. Being in the jungle we were completely unplugged, enjoying the sounds and smells around us, as well as the delicious vegetarian cuisine and great company. I am already planning my next visit.

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