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Natasha Moutran

Imogen North

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Iris Smyth

The Retreat Collection Website

Went on a yoga retreat with Natasha Moutran at Tilton House in the UK and loved it. It was exactly what I needed - without knowing I needed it. Natasha’s teaching style is nurturing, gentle and reflective, which allowed me to connect with myself, see how I was holding myself back and be kinder to myself.

If you need a bit of me-time, (re)connect with yourself and give yourself a break from the day to day to re-energise, go on a retreat with Natasha!

Luke Yates

The Retreat Collection Website

I attended a meditation/yoga retreat with Natasha a few months back and had the most transformational experience. I left feeling rejuvenated, and with a better understanding of myself. Natasha is sensitive, intuitive and knows how to hold a safe space for people to explore themselves on a deeper level.

The venue was beautiful, with delicious food and amazing views. In short, I highly recommend this experience for anyone wanting to find some inner peace and clarity underneath the internal chatter.

Sarah McGill

The Retreat Collection Website

My aim for the retreat was 'to connect my mind and body' and that's exactly what I got out of those three blissful days. The classes led by Tash were the perfect blend of recognisable flows and new moves (for me), intended to coax and challenge each of us to build strength and improve focus, whatever our level. I loved the exploration of meditation techniques – such a release! Being a creative person, the overall mood was supportive and relaxed, bringing out the best in me (I finished writing I'd been stuck on for months!). Beautiful. Blissful. Useful. Thank you