The Pearl Laguna

Laguna Beach, Southern California, United States

The Pearl Laguna is wellness retreat, offering a calming escape, with a program designed to promote optimal health and to revitalize the body and spirit.

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  • Kim H New York, USA

    TripAdvisor website

    I just got home from a week at The Pearl and am blown away by how much can change in just one week. I went feeling completely exhausted and run down. I had been working long hours and not eating very well nor looking after myself. I knew I would benefit from taking time out and giving my body a cleanse but I could not have imagined the changes that could take place in such a short time. Not only am I physically lighter (actually, a lot lighter) but I feel lighter in my mind and my being. It was exactly the kick start I needed to get back into healthier habits and I'm excited to take the lessons I've learnt around relaxation and eating well back into my home life. Even though its information I already have....I've read enough books and magazines on the topic...Katresha and Geo's approach really resonated with me and inspired me to make changes and continue them at home. It would be hard to find anyone with the knowledge and experience they have as it seems their whole lives have been devoted to helping people heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. I also really loved Geo's yoga class. His focus on strength and endurance as well as flexibility and calming the mind was unlike any other yoga class I've done. The combination also seemed to really help with years of on and off pain in my lower back. I cannot recommend this program enough to anyone who feels like they've let their health and self-care slip a little and need a bit of a helping hand to get back on track. I'm even thinking of making it a yearly trip and re-commitment to myself.

  • Liz R United States

    Yelp website

    If you want to get into shape quickly and drop those holiday pounds, there's no better place to do it than The Pearl Laguna! I lost 6 1/2 pounds & 12 1/2 inches (total) after a week there. I felt SO amazing after that week - my energy levels increased and I maintained the peaceful state of mind I attained during my visit. The facility is gorgeous, with private rooms & bathrooms, organic sheets, mattresses, towels etc. The gourmet vegetarian cuisine is artfully prepared, and though light on calories, it was BIG on flavor! World-famous Geo (owner), the pioneer of Power Yoga, leads you through an inspiring yoga class, with one pose flowing into the next. The class is NEVER boring, as with other yoga classes which are too repetitive for me. Katresha, the co-owner, is absolutely delightful (and gorgeous - glowing with health & vitality) and she's very knowledgeable about food, removing toxins from the body, and healing in general. The hiking is tough while you're doing it, but the beautiful scenery is a great distraction and the result is nothing short of a miracle! I've been there 3 times over the past few years and am planning to go again soon. I've been there solo and with friends and either way, it's a fabulous week!

  • a traveler Canada

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    If you are feeling sluggish, over weight and are in need of a week's tune-up, this is the place to be. I've visited four times now and can compare this health spa with several others. With twelve other participants, you are welcomed into the home of Geo and Katrisha by a well trained staff. The program is the same each day with power yoga and hikes that become more intense as the week progresses, ending with a massage and restorative yoga. The food, carefully managed by Katrisha, is healthy, nutritious and vegetarian-based. Geo is the guru of mainstream yoga and has honed yoga into a practice that promotes a healthy body. The program is not only body- based, but mind-based as well. You leave at the end of the week feeling stronger, healthier and definitely lighter. As a solo traveler, you are always ensured a group of amazing participants to take this journey with.

  • Jennifer Australia

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    I live in Perth, western Australia, and felt so amazing after my first visit that when a friend asked if I would travel with her to The Pearl, I said yes! So off we went on our long journey. Perth is located around a river and so flat that I found the Laguna hills challenging on my first visit. This time I was much better at them. Both times I have spent two weeks at the Pearl and found the second week to be so beneficial. I loved Geo's power yoga! I loved the hikes, and the beautiful views. I loved the massages, all so different. I loved the delicious food and was never hungry. A trick I learnt last time was to eat really slowly! The word detox is never used, Katresha uses the word cleanse, which is much more gracious and kinder to our bodies. I loved the rooms and the divine beds and I have slept in four different rooms over the years. Mind you I hardly spent awake time in my room only rinsing between hikes and then having wonderful nights sleep. I love the different people I've met over the years. I love the wonderful staff who have always welcomed me back. Nothing is too much trouble. So thank you again Geo and Katresha, and thank you to all of your wonderful staff. To top it off, I lost 12 and a bit pounds, and 18 and a half inches!

  • James H. United States


    My experience at The Pearl Laguna was something I will never forget. Having just returned from my retreat, I feel completely invigorated. This was just the type of jumpstart that I needed to get back into my fitness routine. I thoroughly enjoyed all the yoga, Tai Chi and fitness classes. I appreciated the attention and guidance from Geo, Katresha, and all the staff. They seemed to know just what I needed at any given time. On the trails, the guides were always encouraging and intuitive, giving me space to walk on my own (even though they were always close by) when I needed to be alone with my thoughts. The accommodations were comfortable and inviting. The food was delicious. The massages were wonderful. My overall experience was fantastic. I wish that I could have stayed for an additional week.

    My best to everyone at The Pearl, until next time!

  • Anne P. United States


    This was a fantastic experience and a true transformation. Health is the key and I learned so much. Geo and Katresha are great yoga teachers, nutrition experts, warm, and guiding hands in a journey to health. Fantastic hiking, a beautiful setting. Can't recommend it highly enough, just go!

  • a traveler United States

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    After attending a number of other detox programs, I was in search of a retreat that wouldn't starve me nor leave me without results. The food was absolutely incredible. I was never starving, never too full, and always comfortably satiated and craving the next deliciously healthy meal. The hikes are long but enjoyable, the yoga prescriptive and accommodating for even the most disabling injuries (we had a number of injured guests on our trip,) and the guides informative and extremely pleasant. Could not say more positive things. Praying to go back soon.

  • Rachel P

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    This was an incredible experience made even better by the tiny touches everywhere. The smell of fresh flowers when you walk in, incredible mouthwatering food and staff that feels like family. Worth every penny, Geo and Katresha are gorgeous inside and out.

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