Founded in Bali by Maria and Bente. Over 250 graduates and counting. You will study with a passionate and dedicated team.

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Sean Goldberg

Maria Frisch

Bente Andersen

Lauren Prindiville

Jonathan Matahi Lefevre

Nicole Cain

Health expert / nutritionist / naturopath / herbalist

Rachel Fearnley

Lucy Foster-Perkins

Ana Lucía Fariña

Jeanne Welsh

Reviews (27)

Jenny Tulk

from Australia, March 2020

"Not just a teacher training; an enlightening experience "

The teachers have such beautiful energy and create such an amazing space to learn. My new gurus; Rachel Fearnley and Lucy Foster Perkins.

Teresa Crossland

from United Arab Emirates, December 2019

"Yin Yoga Immersion"

The teachers were passionate, engaging and so supportive. The course was structured very well and I loved that we did a yang class every day as well as ALL the yin! I LOVED the amount of practice teaching, feedback and support we were given every day - I now feel confident to teach Yin classes! I would very much recommend the course to others.

Ellen Rosenfeld

from Canada, September 2019

"Loved every minute of it!! Highly recommend !!"

The environment that Rachel and Jody have created together is just beautiful. I feel like I learned so much in the 50 hour training and I am really excited to take what I learned back home and apply it!

I felt safe to ask questions, voice my opinions, and receive feedback. I had such a wonderful experience and the only negative thing is that the training isn’t a 100 hour!

Laraine Cobbing

from Australia, July 2019

"Everything and More"

The yoga teachers were excellent. They were knowledgeable, interesting, engaging and delivered both the written and practical education enthusiastically and passionately. The location was fabulous and I stayed at the Oasis which was first class. A healthy hearty breakfast in the morning supplemented by coffee and delights from the Cafe just across the road. I felt rejuvenated and inspired at the end of the week. The group consisted of people from all across the Globe and everyone was so friendly. I attended this alone and did not find this a problem at all.

Anne Dybevaag

from Norway, July 2019

"Best teacher training"

Teachers, program, location, food

Schantelle Martin

from Australia, March 2020

"Grate experience "


Louise Thorpe

from Hong Kong, February 2020

"Blew all expectations!! "

Thank you so much!! This training experience could not have been better.

During the opening circle we were presented with smiles, flowers and amazing surprises ( I would say more but that will spoil the fun!)

The delights grew and it was soon reviled that our teachers were very real, open and knowledgeable. The time that they have invested into childhood studies is clear, they know their field.

This course seemed to focus on children’s yoga a great deal at the start but the mindful focus came into play with great consideration to brain development, therapy and tailoring activities to meet individual needs. The course was deep and provide a wide range of tools that will greatly help in the classroom.

Volunteering with the group was respectful and insightful.

We witnessed how a percentage of this course fee went back into the community directly and was invested with care and thoughtfulness.

I would highly recommend this training to anyone in contact with young learners.



from Indonesia, February 2020

"Disappointing "

All the materials provided were in colour and of good quality, you could tell a lot of work went into preparing them.

The guest speakers we had on two of the afternoons were excellent, the inner child workshop and sound healing workshop were of great quality and went above my expectations, with lots of practical exercises and filled with fantastic content.

Shelby Bosman

from Thailand, February 2020

"Expectations exceeded. mind- BLOWN"

I booked this course not really having any expectations, I just knew that there was going to be a lot of information to squeeze into that amount of time. I loved EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND. Jeanne really has a way of capturing your attention & relaying information in a way that really makes you want to learn more, she opens a cosmos in your mind & is one of the most inspiring people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Being able to visit the school & really immerse ourselves in the practical part was honestly such a heart- warming experience. Connecting with youth in a different country & community really opens your eyes, I would 10000% recommend this course for anybody who not only works with or has kids but everybody interested in human psyche. This was such an amazing experience <3

Thank you Jeanne, Peaceful Warriors & Serenity for creating a beautiful experience :)

Danielle Fatima Collantes

from Philippines, November 2019

"Life Changing experience"

Signed up for professional growth, coming out as a changed woman overall. I loved the whole course, and the instructor (Jeanne Welsh) was amazing. You cant help but catch on the energy and positivity that is radiating from her. The free resources was excellent as well!!

My classmatees and I are now bonded over the fact that we have the power to change children lives one mindful thought at a time.

Florence Robertson

from United Kingdom, September 2019

Loved the course content and attention to detail. Each of the teachers gave their own personal input and shared their knowledge and understanding. The shala was beautiful and a great atmosphere was created, it became our home. Bente and Maria held lots of space for us to go through our own personal journeys. The group was incredibly supportive and I believe this came from their leadership. We learned so much depth about yoga and the surrounding subjects, yoga history and anatomy were paid particular detail too. There were plenty of activities to do which really added to the experience, the water temple was a special experience for me.

Saar Nibbering

from Netherlands, September 2019

"Best decision I have ever made"

I loved every moment I experienced while I was doing my YTT with The Peaceful Warriors. The teachers were above my expectations and I have gained so much knowledge. Beyond grateful for my YTT in August 2019.

Uliana Maslova

from United Kingdom, November 2018

"Amazing Course"

Overall, it was really good!! Great teachers, great course structure, amazing people .


from United Kingdom, November 2018

"Excellent course and teachers"

Bente and Maria are brilliant teachers with diverse styles which also complement each other extremely well.

Amy Vitoria

from United Kingdom, September 2018

"Amazing month!"

I had the most fun during my YTT! We covered a broad range of subjects, learning so many different things from anatomy, to philosophy to Ayurveda, so I always felt so enthusiastic to learn more. The teachers were so full of knowledge and the yoga classes were amazing! Everyone was attracted to different parts of the course, so it really gave you a platform to find your passions and then delve deeper into it. I also thought it was great how there was a balance between challenging lectures, with fun workshops like aerial and acro yoga! By having the asana lab, we were teaching each other from day 1 and having bente / Maria / Lala on hand to help, everyone was more than ready to teach by the time the final practical rolled around. Canggu is also the best place for yoga, it's so relaxed and chilled out, with amazing food and beaches- what's not to love!

Ellie Ritchie

from United Kingdom, September 2018

"Couldn't have hoped for better. Highly recommend!"

This teacher training exceeded all my expectations. First and foremost the teachers are excellent. They are so so encouraging, supportive and inspiring. The wide range of knowledge that I gained was exceptional. The classes are really varied, exciting and enjoyable. I was introduced to a wide range of subjects, including Ayurveda and nutrition. I have a much more complete vision of who I am and who I want to be as a teacher and have been set up perfectly to now go away and really delve into the areas that interest me personally.

This journey was about so much more than yoga, the friends you will make and the personal development that you go through is too amazing to put into words. I really can't recommend this enough.

Dounia Kchiere

from United States, May 2018

"An outstanding training & agame changer of your yoga journey"

The Peaceful Warriors training exceeded my expectations to say the least! In addition to learning about the Asana practice and the physical aspects of Yoga, the training complements your learning with so much more: Anatomy, meditation, breathing, the history and the philosophy of Yoga, Nutrition, Ayurveda, etc, putting the yoga practice and lifestyle into a much more wholistic context.

Every class I attended brought me with so much understanding of not only yoga but also who I am. I felt that I was learning and expanding as a person, which is essential if you would like to take your practice to share with other students.

Bente and Maria as the main teachers of the YTT are fully dedicated, inspiring and deeply knowledgeable. Their teaching methods complement one another which exposes the students to various ways of teaching from day one. They are also available to answer any question at all points of the training.

The guest teachers are also amazing experts and add tremendous value to the learning.

Bente and Maria eased the group into the idea of teaching, starting with peer-teaching, then small groups before you can confidently stand and teach the whole class.

The space where we practiced was beautiful, overlooking the rice fields of Bali and waking up to the sunrise before practice was just priceless.

The teachers facilitated the group dynamic and created such a strong team spirit throughout the journey.

That is why I highly recommend this YTT without any hesitation

Sara Asquini

from Italy, May 2018

There were some very good teachers that gave us a lot of food for our thoughts.


from United States, February 2018

"Your Vibe attracts your Tribe"

The YTT of the Peaceful Warriors in Bali, is a must go and do if you have the time to do a yoga teacher training abroad. The teachers are of a very high quality, not to mention a good deal of fun and inspirational. I did not expect the training to be this life changing for me, but it was. I was also very lucky to be able to share it with 25 amazing people from all over the globe. I can truly call the Peacefull Warriors YTT January 2018 my yoga family.

Maryogafit Maryogafit

from France, June 2020

"Parfaite formation! "

La formation était très complète et vraiment super !

Sarina Hoetzel

from Germany, September 2019

"Undescribable happy that I choosed this training :)"

Eine unglaublich lehrreiche, augenöffnende und magische Reise zum Yoga Lehrer. Das gesamte Training war sehr gut durchdacht und alle Einheiten haben aufeinander aufgebaut. Die Lerninhalte waren super interessant und haben auf jeden Fall den Wunsch geweckt, tiefer in die Themen einzutauchen.

Die Lehrer sind liebevoll, aufgeschlossen und mit Herzblut dabei. Es hat so viel Spaß gemacht von ihnen unterrichtet zu werden und von ihnen zu lernen.

Vor dem Training dachte ich, dass ich mitmache um vorallem meine eigene Yoga-Praxis zu verbessern. Wir haben aber so viel übers Unterrichten und über das Erstellen von Yoga-Flows gelernt, dass ich mich jetzt dafür entschieden Lehrerin zu sein :) Ich möchte all die wunderbaren Dinge, die ich erfahren durfte, an andere weitergeben.

Der Standort der Schule ist in einer eher ruhigen Seitenstraße, was zum Schlafen und lernen super ist. Jedoch ist der Strand zu Fuß etwas weit, aber dafür super viele leckere Cafes und Restaurants in der Nähe.

Die Yoga-Einheiten waren sehr umfangreich. Dabei ging es nicht nur um die Yoga-Praxis, man taucht in die gesamte Yoga-Welt ein mit Theorie Einheiten, Pranayama, Meditation und und und. Abgesehen von dem Yoga Unterricht haben wir auch Surfunterricht, eine Massage und einen Tempelausflug bekommen. Ich muss wirklich sagen, dass mir das Gesamtpaket richtig gut gefallen hat.

Ich kann thepeacefulwarriors zu 100% weiterempfehlen!

Katharina Karner

from Austria, September 2018

"My experiece with the peaceful warriors was great!"

The motto: East meets West - perfectly realized in all the lectures! Bente and Maria lead awesome Yogaclasses and the Asana Lab is fun and helpful at the same time. A perfect introduction to everything about yoga - from philosophy to business to nutrition. I feel well prepared to go out there and start teaching 😊

Charline Martin

from France, September 2018

"Unforgettable experience"

This unforgettable adventure peacefull yoga warrior comes to end for me. I feel very grateful. Bente and Maria are amazing teachers with a lot of knowlegde and know how. Always supportive, here at everytime to answer questions or anything else. Be sure they will do our possible to make you feel at ease during this month. The others teachers are also great and super talentuous. I didn't expect to learn as much. The field of this ytt is very large and it's something I appreciate (ayurveda, nutrition...).. The shala opens towards the rice fields is the perfect place to practice and the monday breakfast a paradise for food lover. It's for me an unforgettable human experience I recommend to everyone who loves yoga.