The Paradise Koh Yao

Located on Koh Yao Noi Island, Paradise @ Koh Yao Resort & Spa is a luxury boutique beach resort on a tropical island near Phuket and Krabi in Thailand.

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Kleinfallsreich Germany


This is just the most beautiful place on earth! I have never seen any place so breathtakingly beautiful before.

We had the Plunge Pool Villa with view of the beach which was just a dream.

Activity wise we can totally recommend the morning Yoga class which takes place at a beautiful open sala at the beach and has the most amazing view.

Also you should definitely go on the kayak trip to Thalen Bay- just magical and pure nature!

And if you want to/can just take one massage at the resort spa, upgrade to the paradise signature one- it is just an amazingly relaxing and beautiful treatment.

Also all the staff were super nice and helpful all the time and everywhere and the breakfast buffet is out if this world.

If you want to go to the Phuket area and choose a nice resort, the Paradise is just the right one for you. Just the place to hide away and relax for a few days.

Monica C Australia


We had an amazing holiday, thanks to the wonderful, friendly and helpful staff. We found that the staff were so willing to help you if they could and if they couldn't then they found someone who could. The place was beautiful with the jungle and the backdrop and the vista off the beach looking out at the awe inspiring limestone islands and Krabi in the distance. This then allowed the nature to be a wonderful balance between resort and glamping. The rooms with the outdoor shower and the verandah in each allowed you to relax totally. The yoga in the hut at the end of the beach was one of the most amazing places to practice that it will be a lasting memory and a cherished one. Thanks to all the staff once again that made our holiday such a memorable one.

Michael N Australia


Transferred out by speed boat to the island which was a great way to arrive. We were warmly welcomed and shown to our room which was right at the top of the complex. A few stairs to negotiate but the peace and quiet made it very worthwhile. Wi-Fi was excellent.

We had breakfast in the al-fresco restaurant included in our package and the range of food was excellent. This restaurant is then open all day from 10am to 10pm for lunch and dinner. (There is also a fine dining restaurant to which we went one night but were a bit disappointed with both the meals and the long wait) No money needed on the island, just charge everything to your room and pay by credit card when you leave.

The pool in the resort is excellent and scrupulously clean There are a few lounges on the edge of the pool and lots more right along the beach. Plenty of opportunities to relax.

Kayaks, badminton, table tennis and lots of other activities. There are no shops in the resort but a trip into "town" is easy and quite interesting. There are also lots of activities which can be arranged for you like fishing or snorkeling expeditions or trips to the sea caves or to ride the elephants. The staff in the activity centre are helpful and speak good English.

We had a lovely experience and will recommend this resort to our friends.

LordPeter Victoria Australia


My partner & I have been fortunate over the past few years to have visited a number of countries: in Europe, North America, New Zealand & Asia, as well as doing a fair bit of wandering in our own little plot of Australia.

What has that to do with Paradise Koh Yao? Well. Simply that it is the ONLY place we have ever stayed at more than once. This time was our third stay & our opinion has not changed at all.

A second bit of pertinent information is that we do not greatly like resorts - in fact we usually try, wherever possible, to avoid them.

So, I guess I'd have to say (in our opinions) that makes the Paradise Koh Yao a very special place indeed.

Since our last visit they have changed the name (which WAS a bit of a mouthful) & have made subtle, but significant changes to the rooms & about the resort in general.

Which is definitely not to say that there was anything wrong previously - just that it was obvious that a lot of time (& doubtless expense) has been made to freshen things up & make the resort that little bit more welcoming & comfortable for guests.

We stayed in one of the basic suites which are irregardless, suitably plush: spacious, with a very comfortable bed, TV, WiFi - a nice desk to write, read, or draw at. A beautiful terrace with a swing lounge as well as lounge chairs. We love the indoor/outdoor shower room - which can be made private by simply drawing louvre doors across.

Other levels of accommodation feature spa baths (huge! We once were given a upgrade). Others offer plunge pools.

There is a beautiful pool available for general use, as well as kayaks to paddle, a badminton or volleyball court as well as an activity centre which this time around was offering batik painting lessons. That said there are many activities available for romantic meals, visits to the villages at the southern end of the island, snorkelling trips & so on.

The resort has two restaurants: the main one plus another, slightly more up-market one featuring more Mediterranean & International cuisine.

We only patronised the main restaurant this time around & have to say that we greatly enjoyed the Thai dishes on offer (we can get a pizza round here). That said, there is a wide range of both Thai & other cuisines on offer.

The main restaurant also is where the breakfast buffet is served. I read one review saying that the reviewer felt the choices there were a bit limited. I do not know where he or she normally has breakfast, but would be astonished if there were many places boasting a wider range. My partner is a noodle freak, so generally started with the Asian dishes on offer, then onto the egg station & an omelette, or if not, delving into the pancakes etc., before finishing with fresh fruit. An innovation she really enjoyed was being able to order a cafe latte from our table (mine was a pot of tea). Oh & the fruit juices were nice too...

I've left out the sybaritic pleasures of the spa - partner & I succumbed to the lure of the beautiful massages on offer...

There is also a yoga centre as well.

That kind of gives a very basic overview of the resort. It however leaves out easily the more important feature in my opinion, & that HAS to be the staff.

One policy that we loved & which continues, is that the Paradise, wherever possible, employs local people. The staff are delightful, friendly, welcoming, accommodating & helpful.

I went down to dinner one night on my own: partner was suffering a migraine. A number of staff asked after her & when I mentioned that she was ill - one staff member went off & prepared a little basket of breads for her. The basket's appearance was followed by the duty manager, who came over expressing concern & offering to have some boiled rice with steamed chicken prepared & sent up to the room...

So. Once again I have to say that the mention of Paradise in the name of the resort is remarkably apt - & that is not even talking of the Eden-like surroundings, or the clouds of butterflies, the beautiful lily pond, or the Oriental pied hornbills coming in late afternoon to argue with squirrels in the over-arching trees. The Paradise Koh Yao is somewhere we will definitely return to yet again & perhaps, more than anything else, it will be the people that lure us.

maryann D Australia


Lets put it this way, we've just come back from Paradise Koh Yao for the third time. We will definitely go again and again. I am forever raving on about to my family and friends about this place, and i want all of you to know how great place this is.

The staff are absolutely wonderful, they simply cannot do enough to please you. The rooms are immaculately clean and serviced twice a day. The resort is impeccable, the amount of activities you can do is endless, the atmosphere is calm, pleasant, respectful and totally enjoyable. The resort food is wonderful, with a choice of Thai or Western food and the restaurant is so peaceful.

As we have been to Paradise three times already, (and we have been given the same room, with a beautiful, "Welcome back to Paradise" crafted on our bed, the second and third time, and to Phuket a further two times, we have already done heaps of activities, so we love to rest, relax and swim when we go to Paradise.

Typically our day starts with opening our eyes to the amazing view of trees and ferns with the sea and other islands in the background. We walk to the restaurant where we are met with a wonderful wait staff, who amazingly remember our room no and our choice of warm drink. We have a delicious, wholesome, healthy or maybe not so healthy breakfast, and then we go to the sunbeds, under the shade of some trees and spend our time there, swimming, reading, relaxing, chatting etc. When we are hungry we walk about 20 metres,barefoot and on the sand to the open restaurant where we have lunch, followed by the same routine on the sunbeds in the afternoon. Total peace - the only thing you hear is the gentle rustling of the trees, the birds singing and the lapping of the water on the sand. Late arvo we go back to our room, shower, get ready for Happy Hour and dinner afterwards. What else would one want?

I can keep going and going. This place is to be on everyone's bucket list! It is a must! They even have buggies to take you to your room if you are situated on the top of the hill were the views are magnificent.

Enjoy People. You will love it.

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