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The Mountain Ibiza is a project created from the heart. It's a platform for those who want to deeply unwind and get a better understanding of the self.

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8 Days True Nature Yoga Retreat in Ibiza, Spain

June 24-July 1 | August 26-September 2, 2017

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Based on 3 reviews
from US$1,062
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Based on 3 reviews
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Laura Tabrizi

Yoga Garden (Ashtanga Yoga)

Laura Tabrizi, completed her Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher training in 2008 at the Yoga Garden in Amsterdam. After several years of teaching in the Netherlands, she followed her dream and moved to Ibiza to start her own yoga project The Mountain Ibiza, a place where she combines her love for yoga with living in harmony with nature.

Wouter Smit

SvahaYoga (Yoga)

Wouter Smit completed his yoga teacher training in 2008 at SvahaYoga in Amsterdam and has been teaching classes and workshops ever since. Three years ago he moved to Ibiza where he dedicates his time to teaching yoga and sustainable living.

Verified reviews

  • Review by Mariana Gomez from Paris

    "It was my first yoga retreat and I just loved it!!! Yoga courses were great, little talks and morning meditations. I felt tons of love around all time. The walks were lovely and the place we stayed was in the middle of nature. Special mention is for the food that was delicious and very healthy. Thanks a lot Laura and Wouter for a week that changed me for good.", edited

  • Review by Jasmien Vuye from Belgium

    "Had a great experience on my first yoga retreat. Laura and Wouter are very warm and welcoming. They guide you through all aspects of yoga and meditation. Great way to learn more about different styles of yoga, yourself etc. "

    "I was a bit afraid because the meals are vegetarian. Nevertheless the food was very tasteful and nourishing, Thanks to their great cook Diane."

    "Besides, whilst I was travelling "alone" I have never felt so much "solidarity" amongst a group of people which was really nice to experience. "

    "Generally, I would not doubt to book this retreat. It is a great way to relax and unwind. Far away from our too busy and stressful lifestyle. The classes, people, food are great.", edited

  • Review by Richelle Eckhorst from Netherlands

    " had a wonderful time!! WAUW! loved everything about it! The food, the yoga, the words that came to me during the practice, I loved it all! I think you two (Laura and Wouter) are doing a great job! It felt so warm and save being around you, exploring myself! The food was also very delicious! I try to cook more healthy food at home now, just beacuase it makes you feel good! And I also loved the massages! Perfect!!!Thank you so much!! Namasté.", edited


  • Review by Stephanie de Rooij from The Netherlands

    "Had such a special week with Laura and Wouter, beginning of April. They are natural yoginis, great hosts, and amazing sharers of their practices: pranayama, philosophy, asanas, and such lovely and healthy food. Would highly recommend this to anyone, especially when in need for some time with yourself and being around warm and lovely people."

    The Mountain Ibiza website, edited

  • Review by Mike den Helder from the Netherlands

    "One week of yoga retreat organized by Mountain Ibiza was an experience I really needed. Laura and Wouter teach with great pleasure and I really liked the short inspiring stories Wouter was telling during the yoga poses. They know the island very well and during the excursions they showed me some beautiful spots I would never have found myself. The food, prepared with much passion by Susan, Laurens en Laura, was delightful and was a big part of the total experience. At the moment of writing it has been two weeks since I returned back home after the yoga retreat and I can still feel its impact: lots of calmness and positive energy. Thank you for the good care, the fun, the inspiration and the love during the week!"

    The Mountain Ibiza website, edited

  • Review by Nathan from New Zealand

    "I would highly recommend this retreat to everyone..... what a beautiful way to spend your days in Paradise with high quality yoga training in a relaxed beautiful Natural setting...... the food was super healthy and delicious, Laura and Wouter were extremely accommodating with a warm and friendly atmosphere but still getting the job done......professional yoga classes breathwork, philosophy and nature walks..... you really felt at home, what a great way to have a holiday and come out the other side more healthy and educated on your body mind and spirit...... nothing to loose except maybe your mind......what a blessing :-) Thank you x"

    The Mountain Ibiza website, edited

  • Review by Stephanie de Rooij from the Netherlands

    "I had such a special week with Laura & Wouter, beginning of April. They are natural yogini's, great hosts and amazing sharers of their practices: pranayama, philosophy, asanas and such lovely & healthy food. Would highly recommend this to anyone, especially when in need for some time with yourself and being around warm and lovely people!"

    The Mountain Ibiza website, edited

  • Review by Stephanie from Scotland, UK

    "My friend and I had such a special time on this retreat. As our first week into some much needed holiday, it was the perfect way to wind down with excellent company, food and exercise. I would highly recommend it, Laura and Wouter are fabulous hosts and are knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I was a tad nervous to begin with, with my yoga experience stretching to a couple sessions in front of a DVD looking like a bit of a prat, but my fears were soon allayed when we started and it was clear that any ability was catered to. A highly rewarding and fun experience and I would definitely come back!"

    The Mountain Ibiza website, edited

  • Review by Ulle Adamson from London, UK

    "Absolutely amazing experience! So different to everything else! Coming from London, I enjoyed getting back in touch with nature and finding full peace and balance in myself! Laura and Wouter are incredibly warm and caring hosts and fantastic teachers. I would really recommend this to everyone!"

    The Mountain Ibiza website, edited

  • Review by Meike Kroese

    "I booked this long weekend yoga retreat with daily morning and evening classes together with a friend. A delicious combination with during the day, enough free time to relax and explore the island. Truly a wonderful experience on an amazing place back to nature in the mountains! I definitely come back next year!"

    The Mountain Ibiza website, edited

  • Review by Sandra Hofslot

    "Together with my friend Meike, I enjoyed a beautiful long weekend of yoga classes with Wouter and Laura. What an amazing place and what a blessing that besides the yoga classes there was also space for inspiring and beautiful conversations and extraordinary experiences. Forever thankful!"

    The Mountain Ibiza website, edited

  • Review by Greemn Lim from Sydney, Australia

    "The Mountain Ibiza long weekend yoga retreat was one of the most incredible and refreshing experiences of my life. I cannot recommend it enough. The setting was breathtaking and perfect: situated in the midst of mountains, we practiced yoga on the rooftop at sunrise, and yoga and meditation watching the the sunset.The accommodation was also lovely, with amazing views overlooking the mountains. It was our sanctuary. The instructors Laura and Wouter were incredibly skilled with their teaching methods and could cater the classes to suit all levels of experience. Their hospitality was second to none: they devoted so much care and attention to each of us, made us feel safe and welcome, and also prepared the most delicious vegan meals.It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to have this experience. It was very relaxing, refreshing and the perfect retreat to reconnect with nature and more importantly, yourself. If youre contemplating this retreat, dont hesitate any longer and just go for it. You are guaranteed to have a profound experience that makes you never want to leave. Would love to go back. Thank you so much Laura and Wouter. Namaste."

    The Mountain Ibiza website, edited

  • Review by Diana Schmidtke from UK

    "It was a great winter retreat with a lot of sun, nice people, deli food and a good atmosphere. Thank you Laura and Wouter for the nice and warm welcome. I hope to repeat it soon"

    The Mountain Ibiza website, edited

  • Review by Corine van Elteren from UK

    "I was at the retreat from 27-2 to 6-3-2015. I did more retreats but this one was really magical with real people, fantastic food and two of the greatest yoga teachers I experienced in my life. Laura and Wouter thank you for everything and I hope to go back soon to the Mountain."

    The Mountain Ibiza website, edited

  • Review by Olav Swaan from UK

    "I had a great time at the mountain. Wow! A great place to be, off the beaten track, a precious place, hidden on a mountain at Ibiza. I have felt the power energy of this place. Laura is a beautiful soul and her yoga lessons felt good for body and mind. This is a place where you can contemplate and gain new energy. I will carry the Mountain Ibiza in my heart. I hope I will visit the magical mountain again."

    The Mountain Ibiza website, edited

  • Review by Danielle Van der Peet from UK

    "Almost every year we go to Ibiza to visit a friend. In all those years we never heard about The Mountain. Never knew about this beautiful and impressive spot on the island. And impressive it was, because of you! You gave us the perfect vibe en inspiration! It felt very good, straight from the beginning. The yoga session on the roof of your living, with view on the mountain, was the perfect place for an inner reflection. Your breakfast afterwards was great! The experience was one I will not forget. Thank you very much for your attention, class and kindness. You have a beautiful and special spot! I hope to visit you next year."

    The Mountain Ibiza website, edited

  • Review by Dhiradj Ramautarsing from UK

    "I did a yoga morning and liked it a lot. Not only the yoga, but the whole mountain experience. I felt a bit stressed when I came to the island, because I had to arrange many things before my holiday, both at work and at home (holiday stress) After this morning, I felt like I got completely rid of it."

    The Mountain Ibiza website, edited

  • Review by Nikita Timmermans from UK

    "After a very intense period I needed to get a break and recharge: Ibiza Mountain is the perfect place! Great people: very warm and welcoming, beautiful views, amazing atmosphere and last but not the least excellent yoga practices. I did the retreat in which we had a program with daily yoga, amazing food and a nice dance evening. I recommend it to everyone and I'm coming back for sure! "

    The Mountain Ibiza website, edited

  • Review by Katja Clerx from Amsterdam, Netherlands

    "Last week I came back from a very special week in The Mountain Ibiza. I now miss the beautiful place, the lovely tipi, the warm mountain people, the amazing views and the nature silence. I booked only 3 days for some yoga classes and the Mountain Experience. I didnt know what to expect. But, when I arrived on The Mountain, I immediately felt the spiritual energy and wanted to stay, so I did till I had to fly back home. The yoga classes of Laura and Wouter are very nice and lovely way to start the day. So much love and attention, it was a day to remember. So I definitely are coming back to this magic place. Thank you Laura, Laars, Wouter and Thomas and the other Mountain people who live or stay there. Namaste! "

    The Mountain Ibiza website, edited