The Monroe Institute

The Monroe Institute® (TMI) is a preeminent leader in human consciousness exploration. TMI is devoted to the premise that focused consciousness contains the answers to humankind’s questions.

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Keith Elliot

The Monroe Institute Facebook fanpage

If you're reading this, then you know what it's about. The success of your personal exploration is within you, the Insitute can not force your progress but they can help & assist you greatly. Really clean place, respectful people, very comforting atmosphere and I simply don't know what else someone could ask for. Hope to visit them again soon.

Amazing place! I've been waiting to go for 8+ years and it lived up to my own personal hype.

Highly recommended.

Robert Parent Canada

The Monroe Institute Facebook page

I love it because It was in complete alignment with the Maximisation action philosophy. Thank you for helping people access other level of consciousness. You help in a structured way to achieve other level and it's wonderful!

Bob Willmot

The Monroe Institute Facebook page

I have been to The Monroe Institute twice and Bob was in the physical both times. I am ready for my third time.

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