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The Ioga Academy

The Ioga academy offers Teacher Training, Retreats and workshops, in Thailand, Spain, and Hungary.

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a traveler

The Ioga Academy website

Working with people is pleasurable, working with you has no words. We have had little time to know you, but I do not think wrong to say, that you are very special people.

Raquel Campos Villar

The Ioga Academy website

Write about my coaching experience.... knowing how little I like to write! for me, everything has been new; I didn't know what a coaching was about, I didn't know why I was being offered coaching, as an alternative to my Professional development, or even personal development... And who's that madman, who's going to be my coach? Robert has been able to make me think, being that little guide, that helps me to be able to raise my small and big challenges, my goals, desires, and even achieve them!!! It's not always easy.... My greatest discovery has been that I have changed, even though, I thought that it could not happen. I am able to recognize that change, and the people around me too, as they tell me so. For me it has been very important to be able to make relevant this fact: I have begun to differentiate what I do for myself and what I do for what, others will say. What a question! What a job! How will I be able to cope with all these novelties? I keep discovering new meanings, from words like presence, consciousness, now. It becomes difficult to explain, so I'll just add: Don't judge him until you know him!

Leroy Merlin

The Ioga Academy website

Simply, thank you, Roberto, for sharing with us these unforgettable safe days in our lives ...

... ! Very well, I have known many courses but this one has something special. Manages to make you feel,

you believe in what you do and that is transmitted ...

Pilar Gomez Acebo

The Ioga Academy website

Learning through experience develops the ability to put together the best of oneself.

Isabel Voz Mediano

The Ioga Academy website

I would like to thank you for your help in my development/evolution/change/Discovery. Whatever you want to call it. I feel, that with your coaching sessions, I have been more aware of what I am. What I know and What I've got and where to walk.

But for the moment, I am making progress, paying more attention, being more in parts of my life that I had quite neglected, and, although I still find it very difficult, as I still work too many Hours, I seek more balance in everything. I hope, the skinny cows pass, and we have the budget, to continue with the coaching. Please count on me to give my testimony or whatever you need.

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