The House of Om provides a space for you to nourish your body and soul through various yoga retreats in a beautiful location in Ibiza.

Testimonials (3)




Thank you! I will miss you terribly - your enthusiasm and energy is contagious.

Please do keep in touch and know that I will always have a piece of you with me. I'm sure I will need

to talk to someone as I think I was just about to break through some scary emotional bits - yesterday

with you I found it very hard to keep it all in - and I'm NOT a cry-ey type of person. This was truly




So sad I didn't get to say bye to you!!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful retreat. Have enjoyed every bit from the yoga, to the nutrition, to the meditation, the yurt and even the storm!!

Very sad to be leaving, so wish I was staying for the rest of the week. Really hope to see you again soon.

Thank you so much again,



Hope all is well with you, and thanks again for the retreat; its interesting contrasting the approach you guys took to teaching yoga as a whole life and health practice against some of the teachers in London that pay lip service to that side of practice without actually meaning it (you can tell when someone doesn't really mean what they say...).

The plan is excellent, and I've just bought some of the things you suggested from the natural dispensary; I'll get the turmeric and the milk thistle next month :)