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Lancashire, United Kingdom

Jillian's mission is to guide and support individuals to become more of who they are, through yoga and mindfulness meditation.

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Jillian Edmundson

Jill is a qualified holistic therapist and teacher. She holds a post-certificate in education, in addition to her bachelor of science degree in complementary therapies and health sciences. After several years of studying and carrying out her own practice, Jill went on to study teaching so that she could deliver this information to others who wished to use holistic therapies as a way of improving the quality of life of others. She has been studying, practicing and teaching mindfulness for eight years and is a yoga instructor from the Buddhist zen philosophy.

Testimonials 10

  • Margaret Mines England

    The Holistic Coach House website

    Thank you for your hospitality and treatment, Jill. I just want to let you know I spoke with mum about railways; it turns out that my grandad worked on railways and my dad lived at a railway house for a time, so you were right with your picture link. Thanks again.

  • Lesley United Kingdom

    The Holistic Coach House website

    The gem essence course was very useful, both for crystals that can and cannot be used in essence. I highly recommended it if you are considering attending the workshop. I even brought a sample home to try! Thank you, Jill!

  • Cheryl United Kingdom

    The Holistic Coach House website

    Thanks, Jill, I have really enjoyed the reflexology course; it has given me the confidence and empowerment that I needed. I cannot wait for the next course. I am looking forward to my future in holistic therapies.

  • Linda

    The Holistic Coach House website

    It was a wonderful 7-week chakra course; it got more and more interesting as the weeks went on.I got to know some lovely people, too. Thanks, Jill.

  • Isobel

    The Holistic Coach House website

    I enjoyed and benefited from the two crystal workshops at the holistic center at Middleton. Thank you, Jill, you are a very special person.

  • Susan Birch

    The Holistic Coach House website

    Thank you for the treatments. I am surprised and so happy about how much better I feel. Many thanks.

  • Janet Courtenay

    The Holistic Coach House website

    Jillian, thanks for my Reiki attunements. I wish I had done it ages ago, I am getting so much benefit from it personally and it is lovely to be able to offer it to my friends and family. I have Reikied the house, meetings at work, my teenage son's car... the opportunities are endless. I look forward to exploring other things with you.

  • Brian Baty United Kingdom

    The Holistic Coach House website

    Jillian, thank you for my enlightened new life; I wish I had done this much earlier in my life, I could have done a lot of different things. I love Reiki more than I thought I would. I am now so hungry for other things in life. Thank you and I look forward to working with you very soon.

  • Cheryl

    The Holistic Coach House website

    Thank you, Jill, for all your treatments and for attuning me to Reiki. I have benefited so much from the work we have done together and the assistance you have given me on my spiritual journey.

  • Karen

    The Holistic Coach House website

    I love this place. Thank you for the Reiki. I hope to see you soon.

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