The Garden of Peace is a humble healing center where the Andes meet the Amazon working with traditional master plant and ayahuasca shamanic diets in a safe and focused environment that also provides yoga and detox retreats.

Reviews (6)

Maria Elisabeth Rijken

from Belgium, December 2019

I had the most amazing week in the garden of peace. We had such a nice group. The staff is amazing, all of them! They were always there when you needed them and they support you with so much love and kindness.

The location is very beautiful and unique! You become one with nature and learn what really matters. It’s an excellent retreat!

Robin Varley

from Great Britain, December 2019

"Exceptional, life altering"

From start to finish we were treated as respected and welcome guests at the garden of peace. The food was delicious and the program carefully thought out to give everyone maximum support and preparation for the ceremonies and beyond. The accommodation is simple and completely open to the jungle around it, with easy access to a beautiful river. Individual requests were always met with empathic and positive responses and there was a wealth of love, laughter and music. A truly special experience. Brave are the feet that carry you to the garden’s gate, Heavy are the hearts that leave.

Sharon Ashlaya

from United States, December 2019


Everything except the Bath and restrooms.

Kendall Ebanks

from Cayman Islands, November 2019

"KenFlash "

The staff did an amazing job here, I can’t say enough!