The Garden of Peace

The Garden of Peace is a humble healing center where the Andes meet the Amazon working with traditional master plant and ayahuasca shamanic diets in a safe and focused environment that also provides yoga and detox retreats.

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Reyna Luz

Reyna has over 15 years of experience as an ayahuasquera and vegetalista. As a grandmother herself, she embodies the powerful, protective, and nurturing forces of mother nature in her very being. A warm yet firm teacher, she openly shares her knowledge and experience with staff and guests alike reminding people always to trust in the power of natures divinity.

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Melody Jones

from United States, July 2017

"Wonderful trip! "

I loved everything about this experience! The food, the staff, the location, the accommodations.

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Terri South Africa

The Garden of Peace website

I didn't come to Peru looking for ayahuasca. Though many people shared their experiences with me, encouraging me to try it, I was 100% sure I wasn't going to. But when I met some staff from The Garden, I believe, through them ayahuasca found me. The whole situation unfurled so organically and after spending some time together I developed a deep trust and respect for their approach to spirituality (so real and grounded, connected to the earth), the medicine and life in general. I knew without a doubt I wanted to visit this garden where they were doing such incredible work, the location is sublime. Surrounded by the majestic Andes mountains, covered in jungle and small scale farming. Far enough away from the city yet close enough that it is not too difficult to get to and the river was an absolute joy, purifying everyday, butterflies, sunshine, gorgeous! I spent 2 weeks in the garden and shared in two ayahuasca ceremonies with an incredible group of people who were doing a dieta. I imagine each person connects and experiences the medicine differently. I've always had an innate relationship with nature and the earth and I truly felt the spirit of the ayahuasca. I understood we had work to do, accepted what would be and surrendered to the experience. There is so much to learn and ayahuasca is a wise and sensitive teacher. She doesn't take any nonsense and at times this could feel harsh. But like all of life's grand lessons the dark creates space for the light. I was able to surrender because I felt the depth of her love, compassion, generosity and kindness this is a sentence I wrote after my second ceremony: "I am eternally grateful for the love I am, feel, give and receive. gracias para todos" meaning, thank you for everything.

Gustav Sweden

The Garden of Peace website

Crawling out of the comfortable womb of Swedish society, I was looking to fragment and disperse the clouds of negativity and expectations I felt trapped by, and to tear down the ethnocentric mentality I could feel was separating me from others - I came to Tarapoto and this beautiful garden as my last destination on a six month journey to find who really is "us" and "me"... It took me no time at all to fall in love with this wonderful place and all it can offer you. The spirit medicine, the planning and effort given by the hosts, the shaman and all the other lovely people there giving space, taking space, in a perfectly balanced jungle salsa. I arrived excited and vibrating yet full of anxiety regarding all these existential matters, I found, through the ceremonies and dieta, a process where I myself was crawling out of the dirt, through fears, toxins and many blockages then exposed to the sunlight for the first time in a long while. I rested, snoozing on the cover of the earth in harmony with everything for a short while, before finally cracking the bud open and breathing fresh air again! I blossomed, became a flower.

Rhonda United States

The Garden of Peace website

I have been working on healing a major illness for many years. One of the last things to clear from this illness was an invisible chronic back pain (all images taken were normal and healthy) but the pain persisted. During my dieta at The Garden I had a really amazing clear vision into my abdomen area and saw what looked like a coal mine with two dirty miners working away. They even had on hard hats and carried pick axes. In front of the men was a container like a wheel barrow it was full of what looked like black ash with chunks of these sharp black objects that look similar to burnt wood shards. Once I had taken in all of the detail of this scene I was seeing, one of the men frustratingly said to the other “What a Mess!!” and he took his tool and tapped my spine with it then more of the black ash fell out of my spine and into the wheelbarrow. I had a really hard time trying to feel my way through this situation. I was quite horrified by my “dirty spine" but I asked the mother ayahuasca to continue to help clean out the area that had been causing me so much pain. Then came an epic purge! After the ceremony Carlos the curandero suggested that my friend Michael would have the tools to help clean that area for good so he asked him to do a massage/energy session on the area of my back that was effected. To my surprise I was able to move pain free after that evening. At this momemt I am still processing this healing (lots of emotions are connected). But I am happy to share this experience with you and so far the pain has stayed away. I encourage you all who take this journey to go in without expectations and let Ayahuasca do her magic, you will ultimately be surprised and moved by the outcome. May all be well.

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