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7 Days Personal Meditation and Yoga Retreat in USA

  • The Expanding Light, 14618 Tyler Foote Road, Nevada City, California 95959, United States


Spiritual Yoga Retreat California

  • 6 days with instruction
  • Give yourself a gift and unplug from your busy life and recharge your spiritual batteries. People at all levels, from all paths are welcome. Some people notice a wonderful energy as soon as they set foot on the retreat grounds while others find this energy slowly flooding through them as the program proceeds and some awaken to find that they are suddenly filled with deep joy.


    • 2 yoga classes daily
    • 2 meditation sessions daily
    • One hour of spiritual counseling
    • Gain a deeper understanding of Hatha and Ananda yoga
    • One guided activity of your choice per day
    • Daily vegetarian breakfast, lunch, dinner
    • 6 nights accommodations

    Skill level

    • Beginner

    • Intermediate

    • Advanced


      • Instruction languages: English
      • Spoken languages: English
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    The accommodation options are on private, double, and quadruple room basis. For indoor accommodations, The Expanding Light Retreats offers both standard and deluxe rooms housed in three different buildings. For outdoor accommodations recreational vehicle or RV camping is available year round and tent camping is available from April through October.

    Each guest room includes two twin beds, carpeting, heat, air conditioning, except for the cabins, towels, and bedding. A limited number of queen-sized beds are available. Fresh linens and towels are available weekly with no daily maid service. Wi-Fi is available for all guests except those in cabins or tents. The Expanding Light Retreat also have centrally located guest computers and limited handicap accessibility.

    Private and shared deluxe rooms

    Harmony house

    Each room has a private entrance, a private bathroom, air conditioning, a ceiling fan, and a hairdryer. Harmony house is dedicated to expressing Yogananda’s expansive approach to religion and his belief in celebrating God through beauty. Simply and elegantly appointed, each room is decorated in the theme of one of the great world religions.

    Available rooms are the Yogananda room, Buddhism room, St. Francis room, Madonna room, Taoism room, Islam room, Judaism room, and the Hinduism room.

    Private and shared standard rooms


    Each cabin has one room, which is larger and more private than other standard rooms. Cabin occupants share separate men's and women's shower houses about a minute’s walk away.

    Serenity house

    Serenity house is an inn-style house with twelve air-conditioned rooms and four hall bathrooms. It has a comfortable lounge or classroom, equipped with a video player and a library of inspirational videos. The lounge or classroom also has a small refrigerator for personal items.

    RVs and tents

    If you would like to stay in a tent or an RV, please bring your own. The Expanding Light Retreat does not provide tents or RVs. Tent camping is available on shaded campsites. RVs are welcome year round, however, the property does not have RV facilities or hookups.

    Tenters are part of The Expanding Light meals and programs, which means that tent spaces do not include facilities for cooking or picnicking. There is a high fire danger in the summer so no campfires are allowed, as well as candles, kerosene lamps, or anything with an open flame.

    Because of animals, no food is allowed in the tenting area. The Expanding Light Retreat has a refrigerator behind the main kitchen which is available for guests. The camping area has a sink with running water and an outhouse. Men’s and women’s bathrooms are available with showers, toilets, and sinks, across the meadow from the tenting area.

    Shower houses

    For those staying outdoors, all outdoor accommodations have access to separate men's and women's shower houses that are an easy two or three-minute walk across the meadow. Facilities have flush toilets, plenty of hot water, and shower and toilet partitions for your comfort and privacy.

    During this retreat, you will have two guided sessions of yoga postures, energizing exercises, and meditation daily. You will have one guided activity per day, such as in-depth instruction in meditation, healing prayer or chanting workshops, an evening in the home of an Ananda Village resident, a Restorative yoga session, an Ananda yoga workshop, helping in the vegetarian kitchen, a guided tour of Ananda Village, specific classes, and more.

    Guests can attend many workshops during a seven-day stay, each led by a qualified staff member or experienced ashram community volunteer. During the week-long stay, you would come into contact with up to eight different teachers or volunteers, depending on how much you decide to participate in the offerings.

    The retreat starts on a Friday afternoon through Thursday after lunch. If you are curious, this is also a great way to see how an intentional community feels with a village of more than 200 devoted yogi meditators and more than 40 years of spiritual vibrations.

    There are various ways you can enjoy your stay at The Expanding Light Retreat, You can follow your own schedule or partake of any of the offerings to help you deepen your personal and spiritual journey.

    Day 1 - Friday

    Have dinner with your personal retreat manager and learn about the retreat, its programs, and the ashram community.

    Day 2 - Saturday

    In the morning, you will have a one and a half-hour guided energizing exercises, chanting, and short meditation in the temple. Mid-morning, you will have a two-hour introduction to a simple breathing meditation and in the evening, you will have a chanting workshop at the temple.

    Day 3 - Sunday

    In the morning, you will have a one and a half-hour guided energizing exercises, chanting, and short meditation in the temple. The Expanding Light offers Sunday services that are more inward purification services which feature an ancient Vedic fire ceremony, Festival of Lights which includes readings from Bhagavad Gita and the Bible with talks and music.

    Day 4 to 7 - Monday to Thursday

    Throughout the week you can join these free activities led by a variety of qualified teaching staff and ashram community volunteers. There are also optional activities with pre-reservation for additional fees like massages, spiritual counseling, and therapeutic yoga sessions.

    • Classes on Patanjalis’ sutras and other yoga philosophy workshops
    • Guided tour of Ananda Village, the gardens, school, community gathering places, small businesses, and farming
    • Healing prayer workshop in the evening
    • Learn to meditate workshops for three times each week
    • Wednesday evening advanced Ananda yoga asana
    • Diksha McCord

      Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 (Yoga)

      Nayaswami Diksha has been a popular Expanding Light teacher since 1997 as well as the director of the meditation teacher training program. She is a native Israeli who came to the U.S. in 1990 and is a powerful and dynamic woman who has shared yoga postures and yogic teachings across the United States, Canada, and Europe. She teaches many different courses at The Expanding Light. Diksha is also an outstanding chef and very knowledgeable about the yogic diet and Ayurveda, an Indian system of natural health and healing.

    • Catherine Kairavi

      Catherine is your personal retreat host and will be available to meet with you and support your stay. Additionally, other staff will teach daily classes and lead yoga & meditation sessions. Catherine is a long-time meditator and member of Ananda. She lives at Ananda Village, is an Ananda minister, and served as the director of development for Ananda Worldwide for 25 years. With her natural warmth, intelligence, and humor, Catherine will feel like an old friend from your first meeting.

    • Jagadeesh Robert Franklin

      Jagadeesh Robert Franklin and his wife Shanta are the live-in residents on the Expanding Light campus and will be available throughout your stay to answer questions and support your visit. Since 1984, Jagadeesh has been studying and practicing Yogananda's techniques of Kriya Yoga meditation and his system of Raja Yoga, which offers guidance for a joyful, loving, and fulfilling life daily. As a certified Ananda meditation instructor, he says that one of his greatest gifts of this lifetime has been the joy of sharing the precious techniques of meditation with others.

    • Shanta Franklin


      Shanta Franklin was born in the beautiful little town of Varese in Northern Italy and graduated from Liceo Artistico di Varese, a high school of painting, sculpture, and architecture. She then studied classical ballet technique and worked as a professional modern jazz dancer. Later on, she taught dance in two academies.

    This retreat will be held at The Expanding Light Retreat, California, United States. The Expanding Light Retreat is located in Ananda Village, a more than 40 year old successful intentional spiritual community. The Ananda community is situated on 700 acres of meadows and forests amidst the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains just outside Nevada City.

    Ananda is organized like a village, with member-operated businesses, a school system, a market, homes, and temples. The Expanding Light guests are offered tours of the village and are welcome to walk the acreage as you wish. The energy and vibration of kindness and respect for every guest are tangible.

    Nearby places

    • Lake Tahoe - 2 hours
    • Portland - 12 hours
    • Reno - 2 hours
    • Sacramento - 2 hours
    • Seattle - 15 hours
    • Hiking
    • Massage
    • Air-conditioned rooms
    • Dining area
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Fireplace
    • Garden
    • Kitchen
    • Lake
    • Lounge
    • River nearby
    • Yoga studio
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Laundry
    • Library
    • Local market

    Three delicious and satisfying vegetarian buffet meals are included in the package. Some of the dishes contain eggs and dairy. The Expanding Light Retreat uses organically grown foods as much as possible, including some organically grown eggs and produce from the Ananda Village, and organically grown fair trade coffee.

    There are a variety of teas and fresh fruits available all day. A small refrigerator for guests who are staying at the Serenity house and a full size refrigerator outside the kitchen are available for storing special foods guests might need during their stay. There is a good cooperative market and deli in the village if you would like to buy special items and treats.

    Computer lounge and Wi-Fi

    Guests are welcome to use the computer lounge in the main building. Guests in deluxe rooms and most of the standard rooms can use Wi-Fi if you bring your own computer.

    Crystal hermitage

    At crystal hermitage, guests can enjoy the spiritual heart of Ananda. Tour the beautiful gardens, small chapel, the Shrine of the Masters, a small museum, and gift shop housing holy relics from India and Ananda's line of yoga masters.

    Guest services lounge

    The guest services lounge is a lovely room with a cozy fireplace located in the guest services building. When not in use for a class, it is open until late at night for guests to use.

    Hansa temple

    A unique architectural building that houses longer morning meditations for Ananda residents. If some guests are experienced meditators and would like a 90-minute meditation, they are welcome to join. Ask for times at the front desk.

    Healing prayer

    A healing prayer, on an individual basis, is offered through the healing prayer ministry for a suggested donation between 40 to 100 USD. Session lengths vary based on individual need.

    Individual spiritual counseling

    Receive assistance and guidance tailored to your needs with counseling, available from the Ananda ministers for a fee of 75 USD per hour. If you are interested, contact the front desk to schedule a private session.

    Lahiri Mandir

    This is a small chapel on the path to Lotus Lake. A sacred space ideal for meditation, Lahiri is open all the time for quiet reflection and meditation.

    Lotus Lake

    This lovely lake fills with water lilies and lotus flowers during summer. It is a beautiful area ideal for walks where you can often see wild birds. A path around the lake includes outdoor altars to the line of masters.

    Masters' market

    A natural food market with a deli, bakery, and cappuccino bar that also features homemade pizza on Friday nights, a local favorite.

    Personal instruction in meditation

    This is available to everyone on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 10:00 or at other times by appointment. Even if you currently meditate, it is encouraged to take the class which includes how to focus your mind, how to sit comfortably, when and where to meditate, and more.

    Private yoga classes

    Personally tailored to your body and needs, these classes are available with one of the certified Ananda yoga teachers for a fee of 75 USD per hour. You can focus on classical Hatha yoga or Restorative yoga. Contact the front desk to make an appointment.

    Rajarshi park

    A complex that houses a number of Ananda businesses including the management offices for the community, the healing prayer ministry, with 600 members worldwide who do healing prayers for those in need, and Crystal Clarity publishers, which produces books, DVDs, and CDs by Paramhansa Yogananda, Swami Kriyananda, and others on topics related to yoga, meditation, and self-realization.

    Serenity lounge

    This is a homey room located in the Serenity building. When not in use for a class, it is open to guests for relaxation, reading, yoga, meditation, watching videos, listening to music, or just socializing. Serenity lounge is also stocked with tea and coffee and equipped with a small refrigerator, microwave, and electric teapot for guest use.

    The Expanding Light boutique

    The boutique is located in the guest services building and is open from 09:00 to 17:00 daily. Full of unique treasures, The Expanding Light boutique is a favorite destination and shopping stop for guests and locals alike.

    The temple

    This temple, located just off the dining room, is a beautiful space, in which daily practice of yoga postures and meditation is held, as well as classes and evening programs. When not in use for a scheduled class or event, it is open for meditation and Hatha yoga.


    Long walks on the beautiful 700 acres of forest and meadow land.

    • 1 guided activity of your choice per day
    • 2 Hatha and Ananda yoga classes daily
    • 6 nights accommodations
    • Daily vegetarian breakfast, lunch, dinner
    • Twice daily meditation sessions
    • Additional activities
    • Airfare
    • Airport transfers
    • Personal expenses

    Driving directions from Sacramento

    • Take I-80 towards Reno and go about 25 miles.
    • At Auburn, turn left on CA-49 toward Grass Valley or Nevada City and go 38 miles.
    • Just past Nevada City, turn left at the 49 to Downieville sign.
    • Follow this road for 10.5 miles (watch your odometer). It is a curving mountain road that crosses the Yuba River.
    • Turn right on Tyler-Foote road, immediately after the sign for Malakoff Diggins State Park, and go about five miles.
    • Turn left on Ananda Way and left again, almost immediately, on Expanding Light way.

    Driving directions from Reno

    • Take I-80 towards Sacramento and go 55 miles.
    • Take CA-20 and go 27 miles.
    • Turn right on CA-49 towards Downieville and go 10.5 miles.
    • Turn right on Tyler-Foote road, immediately after the sign for Malakoff Diggins State Park, and go about five miles.
    • Turn left on Ananda Way and left again, almost immediately, on Expanding Light way.

    Driving directions from Seattle or Portland

    • Take I-5 to Williams, California.
    • Take CA-20 to Nevada City and go 77 miles.
    • Turn right on CA-49 towards Downieville and go 10.5 miles.
    • Turn right on Tyler-Foote road, immediately after the sign for Malakoff Diggins State Park, and go about five miles.
    • Turn left on Ananda Way and left again, almost immediately, on Expanding Light Way.

    Arrival by airplane

    Please book your flights to arrive at Sacramento International Airport (SMF). Another option is Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RNO) but it is less preferable.

    Arrival by bus

    Greyhound bus offers service from available cities to Colfax, approximately an hour from Ananda. To get to Ananda from Colfax, you will need to take a cab.

    Amtrak offers limited bus service from available cities into Colfax (if coming from the East) and Auburn (if coming from the West), each about an hour away from Ananda. To get to Ananda from Colfax or Auburn, you will need to take a cab.

    Arrival by train

    Amtrak offers train service from available cities into Colfax (if coming from the East) and Auburn (if coming from the West), each about an hour away from Ananda. To get to Ananda from Colfax or Auburn, you will need to take a cab.

    Verified reviews

    • Review by Susan from Maine, US

      "Words cannot describe my time out there. What I can say is I look forward to going back and encourage everyone to go and experience Ananda." website, edited

    • Review by Annalisa Cunningham

      "Within a few days I began to experience a peace and joy that I had never felt before in my entire life. What was unique and wonderful about this vacation was that the new level of peace I felt was a direct result of the yoga lifestyle I was living at The Expanding Light Retreat." website, edited

    • Review by Tim from California, USA

      "All the teachers taught from the heart. They believe in what they are teaching. They all are examples of how to live in the divine. This is a wonderful way to reach your inner self." website, edited

    • Review by Aline from California, USA

      "It is so beautiful here – serenity abounds. The staff was friendly, helpful, but not intrusive – wonderful! I like the openness of the community, and the take what fits, leave the rest” attitude. A wonderful experience. Loved sadhana. Thanks!" website, edited

    • Review by Petra from Hawaii

      "The best program I have ever taken - it went very deep and got me inspired. I have a feeling it was a life-changing experience." website, edited

    • Review by Aaron from Colorado, US

      "I got much more than I ever could have dreamed. The course was very well rounded. The staff has been nothing short of totally supportive. A very empowering experience." website, edited

    • Review by Pamela from California, USA

      "I could not have envisioned a more perfect personal retreat experience. Or perhaps I should say, it was the personal retreat experience I envisioned and needed and more." website, edited

    • Review by Amy from New York, US

      "The immersion into the beautiful environment among such nurturing people inspired a hope that I took home, and now feel everyday. The program was nourishing in every way, from the food to the spiritual. I left full of love, knowledge, and the will to make such positive changes in my life. I am overwhelmed with thanks for this program and for the continued support and connection I feel to all the teachers and staff of The Expanding Light!" website, edited

    • Review by Kathleen from California, USA

      "I would highly recommend The Expanding Light to anyone who is looking for inner peace and joy. I am so grateful." website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from California, USA

      "What helped me the most is assistance in gaining awareness that “I” can become spiritual and have a spiritual path. The tools and skills I gained during my time at Expanding Light are priceless and a true gift." website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from California, USA

      "Everyone was very helpful, kind and loving. It has been a joy to be part of the program at Ananda." website, edited

    • Review by Nancy from California, USA

      "I benefited so much from the counseling I got during my personal retreat. I came as an emotional mess but after 6 days I am leaving with love and joy in my heart and clarity in my mind." website, edited

    • Review by John from Texas, US

      "This course is applicable in all aspects of life. The skills I learned over these few days will be used in my daily life and all of my relationships. There were many gems of wisdom that i will use to step into my Higher Self. Thank you to all the teachers of the course. They gave so much of themselves, and I truly felt their care." website, edited

    • Review by Katherine

      "I was deeply impressed with how the teachers really help each student overcome their obstacles (spiritual, mental, physical) to achieve certification.”" website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from California, USA

      "The holiness of sacred India touched my heart and soul in a way that nothing has ever done before. I was moved and changed deeply." website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from California, USA

      "Thank you for a wonderful trip of a lifetime. I am forever changed and so much more grounded after my return. My morning spiritual practice has been consistent and my meditations are coming along. All in good time." website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Texas, US

      "Badri's energy and passion for yoga is palpable. His actions are sincere and he truly cares about the well being of all students. Without hesitation, I felt I could approach him for any help on class topics and personal matters." website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Assisi, Italy

      "Badri is a magnetic leader with a profound knowledge and understanding of not only yoga asanas, but the deeper aspects of yoga philosophy. Foremost, he is an incredible model of how to apply the principles of yoga in one's own life; making yoga not just something you practice on your mat, but every day, in every situation. He is funny, insightful, focused, and a talented yogi that inspired me to reach for my own potential; to go forth and share the knowledge, insights, and inspiration I've received during my time in the Ananda Yoga teacher training." website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from California, USA

      "Don’t let Badri’s youthful look and spirit fool you! His depth of knowledge about the Asanas (and all of Ananda’s yoga techniques) is vast. His expertise and heart come through in all his teachings giving him the unique ability to provide specific technical and safety instruction along with the many physical and spiritual benefits of the practices. Badri is a great role model as a teacher and I learned so much through his thoughtful, detailed feedback—it allowed me to build my skills quickly and and feel confident enough to teach right after graduating from my Teacher Training." website, edited

    • Review by Sanjay Garla from California, USA

      "I think the highlights are that the people who run the retreat center are really nice, and welcoming. They go out of their way to make sure that new people feel welcome. The food is excellent (you have to watch out not to eat too much because that made me sluggish throughout the day). The grounds are beautiful. The yoga and meditation practice is good. The rooms are comfortable, and warm. It's well worth the cost. The only thing to warn people about is that the place is run by folks devoted to a spiritual path set forth by a Swami from India. It resembles a cult, although once you get to know people there its pretty relaxed. They encourage participation in the lectures and Sunday service, however they don't pressure or ever try to "convert" anyone. They are pretty hands off, and welcoming of the different paths that bring people there.", edited

    • Review by a traveler from California, USA

      "Your prices are an extraordinary bargain in light of what the participants receive.", edited

    • Review by Sue from California, USA

      "During my drive to The Expanding Light on Friday I was feeling pretty negative and weighted down with some personal-relationship challenges, but I left with a transformed outlook and a sense of new hope and optimism.", edited

    • Review by Andrea from California, USA

      "First of all, the setting of The Expanding Light is stunning. The combination of the beautiful setting and the genuinely happy people that I met set the tone for my time there. I have never felt so embraced and held in that way before, and it gave me a perfect opportunity for discovery in a safe environment. I never would have believed it possible that people could live so harmoniouslyrespecting each other and providing support so that everyone can reach their highest potential. I met people there that I have no doubt will be part of my life forever.As a result of my visit, there have been some dramatic shifts in my perceptions. Challenges that I have had my entire life just dissolved. I have never felt so free and full of joy. While I know that this life will never be without adversity, I have a calm confidence that I have the strength to meet anything that comes. I can't remember my heart ever being so open before, and I just want to share that love!", edited

    • Review by Marilyn from Illinois, USA

      "Being away from the negative feedback of the world, in a loving community filled with such talented teachers, has been a gift to me. Teachers are available for talks at mealtime or privately. It is difficult to describe the incredible teachers and programs. My visits have helped me resolve some personal issues, including becoming more accepting of myself and others, with the help of loving and positive guidance from these teachers. Sessions with healing practitioners have also helped to transform me spiritually. The Expanding Light provides an opportunity to transform oneself physically, mentally and spiritually."

      BookYogaReterats, edited

    • Review by Laurie from California, USA

      "This training program was transformative for me. I would say that my stress level decreased by 80% after I started using the inspiration I brought home. From all that I'd learned in the course from our incredible teachers, I became inspired to meditate regularly, do an Affirmation Walk daily, and even cut my alcohol, coffee, and sugar by 90%. I feel great. The aches in my joints are gone.The Holistic Health retreat helped me start my healthier lifestyle, and also has helped quiet my busy mind and maintain a much higher level of peace. I have attended other retreats through the years, and by far, The Expanding Light has given me the longest lasting impact in my day-to-day life.The Expanding Light is a place I have decided to make a priority to come back to each year. It has become much more than just a retreat. I have made friends to last a lifetime."

      BookYogaReterats, edited

    • Review by Nitya from India

      "Ananda Yoga Teacher Training at The Expanding Light is a lifetime opportunity to grow and mature emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. The classes provide practical information and much food for thought. The instructors are thorough but also compassionate and supportive. As students, we felt the support of the staff and the entire community. The food is like nectar to the soul and very nourishing for the body. The peaceful environment allows the students to relax and go deeper into the teachings of yoga while feeling safe and nurtured. Above all, there's much joy and laughter each day and a deep feeling that Spirit is watching over us as we stretch and grow. What a blessed month! Thank you!"

      BookYogaReterats, edited

    • Review by Ariella from Canada

      "Ananda Yoga Teacher Training at The Expanding Light was an incredibly positive and transformative experience for me. Not only was the environment stunningly beautiful and peaceful, but my classmates and instructors were amazing. I've made lifelong friends here. The instructors always went the extra mile to make sure I understood everything and were so kind, friendly, and knowledgeable. I wasn't surprised to find out that this is one of the oldest yoga teacher training programs in the US! After four amazing weeks, I can't wait to teach my first class! I'm so glad I took this training."

      BookYogaReterats, edited

    • Review by Galine from Oregon, USA

      " The Ananda Yoga Teacher Training Program helped me to deepen my practice as well as raise my awareness of who I am, how my body is related to it, what my purpose is here, and what my life goals are. The energy and vibrations of the classes are really healing, calming, and inspiring. I have a feeling that I have found a whole new family at The Expanding Light!"

      BookYogaReterats, edited


    • Review by Caryn

      "My time at Expanding Light was extraordinarily rewarding and peaceful. I wanted a lot of time alone to deepen my meditation practice, and to read, write, and walk, and Expanding Light met all of my expectations and more. It took me a little while to adjust to the quiet, but I quickly got over that and worked myself into a pleasant daily routine, albeit only for three days. When I returned home, I still had four days off before I returned to work , and a couple of my co-workers told me how relaxed I seemed. I will always carry my experience with me. A little lady named Adrienne who was in the Karma Yoga program at The Expanding Light came across my path and told me that I'd probably leave there with the Ananda Glow, and I do believe that happened. Thank you so much for everything."

      The Expanding Light Retreat website, edited

    • Review by Shauna from California, USA

      "I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful and insightful week at The Expanding Light. I really enjoyed being in your presence, and I'm grateful for the tools you've shared with me. I feel like I've finally caught a glimpse of the light inside of me, a light I've been chasing all of my life. As long as I can remember, I sensed there was something very special and powerful inside of me, but I didn't know how to reach it. You have all truly blessed me with a deep and spiritual awakening. Ananda is a very special place, and I hope I can hold onto as much of it as possible."

      The Expanding Light Retreat website, edited

    • Review by Elizabeth from USA

      "I was surprised by how the whole philosophy and practice made so much sense. Being skeptical of religion, I am also surprised that I am leaving with a spiritual practice/belief. The information I learned and the practical methods gave me confidence in taking yoga home with me. A great five days, I am very thankful I found Ananda."

      The Expanding Light Retreat website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from USA

      "I had needs met I didn't even know I had! Every day was a new adventure, with something interesting and transforming. It almost felt like little miracles. The food was nutritious and very good."

      The Expanding Light Retreat website, edited

    • Review by Pamela from Santa Barbara, USA

      "I could not have envisioned a more perfect personal retreat experience. Or perhaps I should say, it was the personal retreat experience I envisioned and needed and more."

      The Expanding Light website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Redway, USA

      "I benefited so much from the counseling I got during my personal retreat. I came as an emotional mess but after 6 days I am leaving with love and joy in my heart and clarity in my mind."

      The Expanding Light website, edited

    • Review by Alline from California, USA

      "It is so beautiful here serenity abounds. The staff was friendly, helpful, but not intrusive wonderful! I like the openness of the community, and the take what fits, leave the rest attitude. A wonderful experience. Loved sadhana. Thanks! "

      The Expanding Light website, edited

    • Review by Teresa from Kentuky, USA

      "Thanks to everyone at Ananda for creating a beautiful oasis where joy naturally bubbles up. I felt effervescent surrounded by such blissful, loving people. The Expanding Light gave me the rejuvenation and growth in spiritual skills that I needed to help my dad with a full loving heart. When people ask me about the retreat, I say 'They are living it.' Meaning you all are truly living a spiritual life and creating spiritual community in every way."

      The Expanding Light Retreat website, edited

    • Review by Pam from California, USA

      "Thank you Ananda, and all the other extraordinary teachers and beams of God's light. Our hearts are touched and we will never be quite the same. My friend said that her time at Expanding Light was the best present she has ever had in her life! We love you all and truly miss you! At 10 a.m. I wanted to head over to our classroom for another fascinating, laughter-filled, and inspiring class."

      The Expanding Light Retreat website, edited

    • Review by Heather from Missouri, USA

      "My First Timer's Week in October was beyond inspiring. I have wanted to visit for eight years, and this visit was pure love, joy, and bliss."

      The Expanding Light Retreat website, edited

    • Review by Ginger from Texas, USA

      "My experience at Ananda has given me back my life. I remember now the dynamic person I was born to be. I leave here full of faith in myself and God; with God in myself, and with the tools to create a life of harmony and joy. Yoga is a way of life, not just an exercise class. If done the Ananda way, everyday, it will change who you thought you were."

      The Expanding Light Retreat website, edited

    • Review by Jesse from Arizona, USA

      "I knew that my time in the Ananda Yoga Teacher Training (AYTT) course would be life-changing, I just had no idea how it would all manifest. I could not be happier with how it unfolded. The people in the course were amazing, and all of The Expanding Light facilitators were incredible. I truly experienced the Expanding Light, and my testimonial to this is that I am going to pass it on. I am so inspired to give back, because what I have received here is too much for me to keep locked inside of me. I leave here with open eyes and an open heart, and with overflowing joy."

      The Expanding Light Retreat website, edited

    • Review by Trina from South Carolina, USA

      "AYTT was a course in how to live. It not only taught us how to teach but how to deepen our own practice so that we become what we are teaching."

      The Expanding Light Retreat website, edited

    • Review by Karen from New Jersey, USA

      "The AYTT was life transforming. I had no idea how detailed, organized, and professional this program would be. Every teacher was enlightening. I have so much to take home with me. Im going home ready to teach and confident that I will be a very fine teacher. I will keep people safe thanks to all my teachers here. I will share my love of going inward, and being the best that I can be. Thank you from the deepest center of my heart."

      The Expanding Light Retreat website, edited

    • Review by Bliss from Tennessee, USA

      "In the four short weeks that I have experienced Ananda Yoga, I have felt a shift in my inner being. I feel that I have moved my spiritual practice to a deeper level, and Im finding the words trust and receiving are starting to integrate into my way of thinking. Peacefulness has overcome anxiety, and I feel in a much better place to give more of myself, and also to allow myself to receive."

      The Expanding Light Retreat website, edited

    • Review by Michelle from Oregon, USA

      "YTT is more than learning to teach yoga, it is about learning to live your yoga. The breadth and depth of the program astounded me. I cant imagine a more complete program. Your program is really the holistic approach for those who want to spend 28 days to transform their lives."

      The Expanding Light Retreat website, edited

    • Review by John from Texas, USA

      "I feel like Ive learned much more than I ever thought I would. The teachers were great, the lessons wonderful, the work not too demanding, the free time fun filled, and the food fantastic , what more can you ask for? It definitely deepened my understanding of the asanas, both practically and theoretically. Because of AYTT I feel much more confident in going out to teach."

      The Expanding Light Retreat website, edited

    • Review by Lisa from USA

      "This is an excellent program designed to help you become a competent and confident meditation teacher. I enjoyed every minute of it, and I'm ready to share this joy with the world."

      The Expanding Light Retreat website, edited

    • Review by Hannah Isaacson from USA

      "This training really prepares the new teacher to be able to relate to their students and teach with confidence and ease. The program balances perfectly the heart qualities of meditation with the practical application aspects. This course opened my heart, taught me how to successfully teach meditation, and truly changed my life."

      The Expanding Light Retreat website, edited

    California, United States

    The Expanding Light Retreat a non-profit, spiritual retreat offering wellness programs, retreats to individuals and groups, and yoga and meditation teacher trainings based in Kriya yoga.

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    The retreat is not available on September 15 to 17, September 30 to October 1, October 7 to 8, October 28 to 29, November 11 to 12, November 23 to 26, December 22 to 25, December 29 to January 1, April 20 to 22, and June 1 to 3 due to set programs for special occasions.

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