The Essence of Yoga

Kentucky, United States

The Essence of Yoga is a yoga studio designed to introduce the ancient practice of yoga to the modern life, through yoga postures, breathing exercises, and meditation.

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from US$1,490
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Amanda McMaine

Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 (Yoga)

The depth and scope of Amanda’s experience includes certification as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, a master's degree in Dance and Kinesiology, an ongoing focus on the growing field of yoga therapy and Nidra yoga, 22 years of study with Angela Farmer, and over 38 years of concentrated study, practice and teaching of the eight limbs of yoga. Amanda lives in Richmond, Kentucky.

Testimonials 3

  • Anita Courtney United States

    The Essence of Yoga website

    I wanted to share with you, what a profound effect your yoga workshop had on me. It's like everything has shifted into "real time" after years of living in fast motion. I have been practicing a regular Buddhist sitting meditation for about three years, and have found it quite useful, but nothing feels as profound or transformative as the experiences that you lead. Many thanks for sharing what must be years, and years of deep work. I feel so blessed that I get to learn from you.

  • K.C. United States

    The Essence of Yoga website

    As I was practicing today, I was trying to identify what it is that is so inspiring about your teaching. Your language is very evocative, and then when you move and explain the process, it's so clear that comes from a real experience. Your approach makes me feel the possibility of formlessness within the asana. For me, that is really inspiring, and appealing. At last I can see beyond the confines of the little rectangular mat.

  • Joan Keenan United States

    The Essence of Yoga website

    My yoga journey has been lengthy, and erratic. Studying yoga with you has given me the sense of coming home. The yoga that you teach is real, true, and authentic. As I sat in pranayama before each class, I felt that my body, and my soul were being prepared to receive a gift. Thank you for the integrity of your own practice, and for the passion in sharing it with me, and all your students.

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