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6 Days Unique Spiritual Yoga & Meditation Holiday in Goa

  • Bhakti Kutir resort, #296, Colomb Palolem, Canacona, Goa 403702, India


Deep Healing Meditation Yoga Retreat

Give yourself a life changing gift during this retreat hosted by spiritual teachers Tanya and Michael Aprile in magical South India. During this retreat, you will receive deep healing that will transform both physical and mental pain. Tanya and Michael are specialized in spiritual teaching which will give you the support to move forward with balance and happiness. This is a journey back to your heart through morning and afternoon yoga classes, meditation sessions, and spiritual lectures.


  • Daily meditation sessions
  • Daily spiritual yoga classes
  • Guided lectures about spirituality
  • Receive dee healing and transformation energy
  • A unique and complete spiritual teaching
  • 5 nights accommodation
  • Daily healthy breakfast

Skill level

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

  • 5 days with instruction
  • English
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During this retreat, you can stay either in a private or a shared room. The Bhakti Kutir eco resort offers fashioned cabanas made out of local materials like rice, straw, and bamboo. The cabanas are built to include trees, leaves, and to let you see the moon and star-fllled skies. The living areas combine a rural feel with a surprising degree of comfort. The majority of the cabanas have attached bathrooms. Those not having directly attached facilities have a reserved private bathroom a few paces away.

This retreat is customized to support and help you to detox and go deeper into your spiritual path. During three days, you will experience a teaching that is unique as all the elements needed will be combined: spiritual philosophy, yoga, meditation, and spiritual lectures, with time to digest it all by the sea surrounded by nature in the land of spirituality itself. In this retreat, you will have a daily spiritual yoga and meditation class, and receive one lecture on spirituality with questions and answers.

Ashtanga based spiritual yoga

Your yoga classes will take place right on the beach in front of the sea. In the yoga teaching, the goal is to help and guide you to reach higher levels of consciousness. The essence of the yoga philosophy will be passed to you both in practice and theory - how to walk the spiritual path and use yoga and meditation as a tool for this. The yoga class is always combined with the deep practice of meditation, healing, and spiritual guidance.

Tanya is using her capacities as a clairvoyant and healer being a channel of God in the yoga teaching. Therefore, you will receive a strong healing and transformation energy throughout the classes.

The yoga asanas you will be taught are the beginning sequence and the primary series of the Ashtanga yoga. These have been modified through their own experience and guiding from their spiritual master. Therefore you might experience that some of the teaching will be different from the mainstream Ashtanga teaching. This yoga purifies your whole-being and transforms your physical and mental pain. As a result, it brings you calmness, clearness, and deeper happiness.

Lectures on spirituality

Michael is pleased to welcome you to his teaching, which is offered to help you awaken and bring an end to the mindless control over the masses of humanity. It is important more than ever to give a complete understanding about the world, how it is controlled and what is actually being done. He is offering you a complete picture of how the world and the universe is, seen through the eyes of the spiritual knowledge.

He is touching themes as the spiritual philosophy, politics and its manipulation, the universe and its secrets, the rewriting of history, archaeological discoveries and their importance, the illnesses of the modern time, modern medicine and its background, diet and health, and the weather manipulation.

Many are still caught up in the old way of life. It takes courage to embrace the new. Doors are opening all over your world; doors that have been hidden for a long time about your true history and your origins. He invites you to be open minded. When you have seen all the evidence you might have a more complete picture of yourself, the world and the universe, and then you can make up your own mind about what is the truth.


During this retreat, you will experience meditation as a way to reach the absolute balance in body, mind and heart. In the stillness within you, you will find everything. Meditation is the way to God. By practicing steady with deep prayers, the goal can be reached. Tanya and Michael are happy to guide you on this journey within your heart.


In this retreat, spirituality is in its essence a huge energy that contains infinite love, wisdom about everyone and everything, ultimate peace and freedom. Everyone and everything are part of that huge energy, everyone is connected; all are one.

Spirituality is about to walk the path back within yourself to rediscover that energy, to find the origins of balance and love within your heart. That huge energy has been throughout the centuries named in many ways as the universal power, the universe, the universal energy, the light, the source, the God energy or simply God. The essence of all the religions are based on the truth of that energy.

The problem of the world today is that the truth has been misused and then mislead people into a false believe system. Tanya and Michael are here to help the world and humanity to find back to God within your heart.

  • Tanya Aprile

    Tanya is a spiritual teacher, channel of God, and yogi. She specializes in spiritual teaching, yoga, meditation, tantra, dance therapy, healing and clairvoyance. She has spent her life walking the path of the heart; finding the origins of balance, which is the source of infinite love, freedom, wisdom, and peace. If you decide to walk the path within your heart and to practice the path by surrendering yourself and focusing on God, it will certainly take you to the shore of release, peace, and deep happiness.

  • Michael Aprile

    Michael is a spiritual teacher and an instructor for the new paradigm, diet, health, and life consultant. He is also a meditation and tantra teacher, and tour expert. He has spent his life studying spirituality and esoteric philosophies and has lived in various countries during his studies to gain deeper knowledge. Naturally, one of the countries he has spent a lot of time in for his studies is the land of spirituality itself, India, where he met his wife Tanya in South Goa Patnem, Palolem.

This retreat will take place at the Bhakti Kutir eco resort in Goa, India. The resort has an authentic indian atmosphere, with relaxing energy and it is completely immersed into nature. The eco resort is located between Patnem and Palolem beaches, in South Goa. This region located on the south west coast by the sea is a little paradise. Patnem and Palolem beaches are unique retreat destinations, because you can find the deep spiritual energy combined with all the best of India’s nice people, culture, great food, beautiful nature, and beaches.

Nearby places

  • Palolem beach - 5 minutes
  • Patnem beach - 5 minutes
  • Massage nearby
  • Shopping nearby
  • Stargazing nearby
  • Swimming
  • Beach nearby
  • Café nearby
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Night club nearby
  • Restaurant
  • Special menu request
  • Yoga studio
  • ATM / banking nearby
  • Currency exchange nearby
  • Laundry nearby
  • Scooter / motorcycle rental nearby
  • Tour assistance nearby

In this retreat, you will be served a wonderful vegetarian breakfast after morning yoga class with freshly pressed juice, fresh fruit, yoghurt, musli, rice or soya milk, bread, butter, jam and masala chai or herbal tea. Since there as well are so many delicious restaurants on the beaches, you will be getting more freedom in your lunch and dinner options where you can select your favorite spots, in order to enjoy the authentic Goan cuisine in the place of your choice.

The eco resort restaurant is also available for your choice. The restaurant is set underneath swaying coconut trees and it's primarily vegetarian but it offers a good range of vegan and separately cooked fresh fish as well. Fresh, local, seasonal food is always chosen and carefully cleaned and prepared to produce the menu items, and where possible food is gluten free.

Daily specials are available offering a range of dishes to cater to customers of all tastes and health requirements. The juice bar offers the most extensive range of juices, organic wherever available, in the area.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast

The following dietary requirements are served and/or catered for:

  • Vegetarian
  • Other dietary requirements on request
(If you have special dietary requirements its a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation)

During your free time, you are welcomed to enjoy the beach and the sun, take a swim at Palolem or Patnem beah, take a dolphin tour, go shopping, watch a relaxing sunrise or sunset, or take a nature and cultural tour. You can also take additional yoga and meditation sessions with your hosts for an additional cost. Also, nature visits and cultural tours are available upon request for an additional cost.

Clairvoyance and healing with Tanya

Tanya is pleased to invite you to a private session in which she works as a healer and a channel of God. The healing energy of God goes deep inside you to heal your wounds and pain psychologically and physically. She will pass you the messages and the guidance that is needed for you to walk the path of your heart to grow fully.

The complete session aims to focus if you are on the right path in your life here and now, job or life purpose, relationships, family, and residence. It also focuses on what direction to walk further on, how and why to walk the spiritual path, the path of your heart, your health, physical and psychological, healing of physical and psychological pain and finding their origins, trauma from this life or past life and how they influences you in your daily life and the law of karma.

You can ask questions about almost anything and get precise answers. You can give and get messages from loved ones that is dead or passed to the other side and you can also get answers about your children, your animals, and your family.

In a session you will also receive a personal channeled healing meditation and tools to continue to walk the path within how to stay centered and calm in all the different situations in life.

Dance therapy

Dancing is an amazing tool to explore and feel the deeper parts of yourself. By dancing, you can transform emotions. As a consequence, you will feel your power and the deeper happiness that is dwelling inside you. You will be guided through different exercises with different genre of music. The dance therapy class is combined with the deep practice of meditation.

Diet health life consultancy with Michael

Michael is pleased to invite you to a consultation to show you a healthy way of living. In a session you will learn about the correct diet including meat and proteins for the human being. You will also get insight on how to raise healthy vegetarian or vegan babies and children. You will also be given instructions on detoxification, behavior, and nutrition.

Michael says that the alternative is clear for everybody. You must choose if staying with health or with disease. His urgent message towards today’s people is to change drastically the way of eating. Change your way, change your system, change your method of eating because inside your body you have got the best healing solution. The only one way to fight and prevent diseases stays in a cheap and incredible solution. All you have to do is knocking at the door of your internal great pilot, called Immune system which is the best doctor on the planet and let him to do his own job. Michael looks forward to see you and guide you.

Intuitive healing session with Michael

Receive a healing session, where you just have to relax, let go and Michael soft and gentle takes you into the healing energy of the universal power. Michael will with his intuition follow his guide to let his hands cover your body and soul with this amazing rejuvenating energy that recharges you and helps old pain and habits to disappear.

Tantra classes with Tanya and Michael

Tantra is the art of unifying the supreme level of love with the physical level of love and sex life. Everyone is blessed on this planet to have the capability to reach higher level of consciousness, and that includes as well the level of consciousness in your love and sex life. In your tantra-courses you learn the art of going deeper into your own inner power, your heart energy.

They will teach in how to unify that spiritual energy with the love and sexual energy. You will learn techniques and there will be practical exercises, so you can experience and receive tools to go deeper into your spiritual path. Everyone works as well with emotional dynamics, that can block us to explore, express and experience the supreme love in your love and sex life. These classes are for everybody, and as well both for singles and couples. Please make a note that that sex is never practiced.

  • 1 lecture about spirituality and health
  • 2 daily meditation sessions
  • 2 daily yoga classes
  • 2 nights accommodation in a beautiful and peaceful eco resort
  • Daily delicious vegetarian breakfast after morning yoga
  • Unique spiritual teaching with two master teachers
  • Personalized unique spiritual classes every morning and afternoon
  • Receive deep healing and transformation energy
  • Welcome cocktail
  • Additional activities
  • Additional meals
  • Airfare
  • Excursions
  • Personal expenses
  • Spa treatments
  • Travel insurance

Arrival by plane

Please book your flight to arrive at Goa International Airport (GOI). Transfer from and to this airport is available upon request for approximately 30 EUR one way.

  • Review by Anne Burke from Ireland
    10 out of 10

    "I was very much looking forward to my visit to Bagno Vignoni for my personalised spiritual retreat with Michael and Tanya, having read about them on their website. Although my stay was for three days, it exceeded my expectations and more. They welcomed me warmly into their home village. I had wonderful meditation and yoga classes, developed by Tanya herself, in the most natural way; beneath the trees and sunny skies of the beautiful Bagno Vignoni. Tanya provided me with valuable tools to take home with me in order to continue on my spiritual path through yoga and meditation. Michael's knowledge and experience is very interesting and insightful, which gave me lots of food for thought. This was a truly unique and life-affirming experience that I'll never forget."

    The Center For Higher Knowledge website, edited

  • Review by Susanja Catriona Beatrix Nielsen from Denmark, Sweden
    10 out of 10

    "I had the pleasure of spending one week with Tanya and Michael in beautiful Bagno-Vignoni. One life changing week of yoga, meditation, hikes in the breathtaking nature around the village, dips in the thermic water, inspiring and thought provoking conversations, delicious food, and the list goes on. I learned more than I could’ve ever imagined; about myself, my path, and the world around me. And I did so with the most loving and supporting teachers I could’ve possibly asked for. In the sessions and in my daily yoga lessons and meditations, Tanya guided me much deeper into my practice. She gave me the tools and the courage to look inside, and gently helped me reconnect with spirituality. I am so grateful for this experience, and to have found such incredible teachers."

    The Center For Higher Knowledge website, edited

  • Review by Ilaria from Italy
    10 out of 10

    "A unique experience in a marvelous land such the countryside of Siena (Tuscany Italy) guided by Tanya a special teacher. I have been to a yoga retreat for the first time and it was a very strong experience. Meditation between the sound of the birds in the morning and the breeze of the new day is such inspiring for your mind to be peaceful and satisfied. I certainly recommend to any who wants to join the yoga world to have at least a time with Tanya. She can share a lot of experience of practicing yoga as a way to live."

    The Center For Higher Knowledge website, edited

  • Review by Stella Silba from Italy
    10 out of 10

    "The work done with Tanya has been very strong experience. It 'happened in a moment of my important and complicated life and her help was crucial to get out of an impasse. What words of Tanya do it is to be able to bring to a state of heightened awareness, and thus of strength, what actually is already in us but our fears prevent us from seeing clearly. Brings us closer to our divine nature and makes our daily dialogue with God full of confidence. One of the things that has always struck me, is her ability to use the right word that becomes the key to open first of all our hearts, and then the various doors of our lives. I was not always, and I am ready to accept her words and to make immediate action but keeping them there and growing them step by step, and above all trying to find our truth in them, always remain an instrument of growth and opportunities to open my heart. "

    "Her courage and her love come directly to us and make us better people."

    The Center For Higher Knowledge website, edited

  • Review by Damian from Australia
    10 out of 10

    "Tanya is a rare jewel and is hard to find someone of her qualities. In Tanya’s approach to my healing session I felt a great sense of trust and peace - Tanya has a warmth and generous patience and found her to be very kind and understanding regarding my health issues. Tanya is very intuitive she gave me great insights to my life purpose, which I found profound. I found after the healing sessions to be powerful and felt a marked difference at the end of the session. I can’t wait to re-connect with Tanya again for my next healing session. Love and Light"

    The Center For Higher Knowledge website, edited

  • Review by May-Britt and Charlotte from Denmark
    10 out of 10

    "Tanya and Michael are the most hospitable, open-hearted people, we have met in a long time. They opened their hometown, indescribable Bagno Vignoni, their history and family for us. This was the biggest part of the retreat to us. How we were met and welcomed. Michael was a beautiful spiritual guide for each of us, and Tanya was a clear, soft and embracing yoga teacher filled with flexibility in exercises and meditation approach, which she adapted to each of us. Wonderful. Recommended. Thanks!"

    The Center For Higher Knowledge website, edited

  • Review by Jancy Beltrami from Italy
    10 out of 10

    "Tanya and Michael have allowed me to raise the level of awareness that before I dared not even imagine possible. Their contribution has released all my personal artistic skills, emotional, real and profound reconnection with my spiritual side. Thanks to Tanya and Michael to have created fertile ground to bring forth the "star seed" on this planet that has an extreme need for change."

    The Center For Higher Knowledge website, edited

  • Review by Rikke Holmkvist from Bali
    10 out of 10

    "I have tried many spiritually therapy forms but it was after the first personal session with Tanya in Denmark I realized that she was working with the highest and purest loving form that exist The Source - God. That day I meet my spiritual teacher Tanya. Since I started having sessions with Tanya my life has changed completely! It has now been one year where I have regular meetings with Tanya and my inner journey continues with Tanya's warmhearted and incredible guidance. It has been the most rewarding personal inner journey I have ever been one and I can't wait to go a step deeper each time together with Tanya. I have finally come back home into my heart. With my new spiritual awareness and by surrendering fully to God I have reconnected with myself again and I can now live a more heart fulfilling and happier life forward. Tanya is truly one of the most authentic compassionate loving soul's I have ever meet in my life! I am sincerely deep deep thankful to her for guiding me back in touch with my old soul which has lead me reuniting with my soul's purpose this day. I'm forever grateful to you Tanya!"

    The Center For Higher Knowledge website, edited

  • Review by Maj Hasager from Copenhagen, Denmark
    10 out of 10

    "I have joined Tanya Apriles yoga and meditation classes both in Copenhagen and Italy, and she is by far the best yoga teacher I have studied with. She is attentive to each yogi in the class – and her guidance allows my practice to develop much further. Her insightful, spiritual and deeply inspiring meditation guidance is allowing for a deep practice no matter how experienced you are. I can highly recommend her yoga retreats and meditation classes. She is absolutely phenomenal."

    The Center For Higher Knowledge website, edited

  • Review by Nadine from Italy
    10 out of 10

    "Practicing yoga with Tanya in the nature of Bagno Vignoni was a real opportunity to put into practice the true art of detachment and feel better benefits. Through guided meditation and asanas I lived unforgettable moments led by a wonderful teacher and accompanied by the inspiration I revived from the trees."

    The Center For Higher Knowledge website, edited

Copenhagen, Denmark

The Center For Higher Knowledge is established to work for the universal change. The center offers a complete spiritual teaching through yoga retreats, tantra and meditation sessions, and tours.

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