4 Days Personalized Spiritual Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Tuscany, Italy

Wellness and Yoga Retreat Italy

The Center For Higher Knowledge, Tanya and Michael Aprile, welcome you to a unique and unforgettable experience! Join this deep spiritual retreat, where you will be shown the way further into your spiritual path. The focus is within yourself to explore and experience the deepness of your own inner power and silence. You will stay in the most fantastic scenery at a spa hotel with outdoor thermal pools, surrounded by nature and silence.

Retreat highlights

  • Unique spiritual teaching
  • Daily afternoon personalized spiritual meditation classes
  • Daily morning personalized spiritual yoga and meditation classes
  • Unlimited access to the outdoor thermal spring pools and indoor spa wellbeing center
  • Welcome drink and Bagno Vignoni orientation tour
  • Daily breakfast buffet and lunch or dinner
  • 3 nights accommodation

Yoga styles

4 days with instruction in English
Spoken languages: Italian, English
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  • Hot spring
  • Spa
  • Swimming pool (outdoor)
  • Garden
  • Restaurant

In this retreat, you will be staying at the beautiful historic spa hotel Posta Marcucci. The hotel is newly re-open after a big a renovation and upgrading. Time seems to have stopped in those years when vinyl music swelled in rooms and cars, unassuming yet functional. Most of the visitors say that this hotel feels more like a home and in they are correct, welcome to your home away from home!

In addition, this spa hotel has a unique outdoor hot springs pools with deep therapeutic healing affects. It for those who prefer to have calmness and being close to nature while enjoying the amazing healing hot springs and spa wellness.

Moreover, the thermal pools, restaurants, rooms, and garden are all overlooking the Tuscan Hills. You will definitely enjoy your stay at this hotel, the available accommodation options are on a single and double room basis.

The Center For Higher Knowledge Yoga Retreats Italy Program

The Center For Higher Knowledge - Tanya and Michael Aprile's spiritual teaching is about finding back to the origins of yourselves, which is an all-knowing and omnipresent force that dwells deep inside all of you. It is also about revealing the illusion and the truth. You will experience a teaching that is unique as they combine all the elements needed to improve your awakening. You will throughout the retreat receive a strong healing and transformation energy. The teaching in this retreat is given through: spiritual yoga, meditation, individual session on Reiki healing, individual sessions on clairvoyance with healing and therapy, water de-tress mediation classes, and diet, detox, and health class.

What is spirituality

Spirituality is in its essence a huge energy that contains infinite love, wisdom about everyone and everything, ultimate peace and freedom. Everyone and everything is a part of that huge energy. Spirituality is about to walk the path back within yourselves to rediscover that energy - to find the origins of balance and love within your hearts. That huge energy has been throughout the centuries named in many ways such as the universal power, the universe, the universal energy, the light, the source, the God energy, or simply God. The essence of all the religions are based on the truth of that energy. The problem of the world today is that the truth has been misused and then mislead people into a false believe system. Tanya and Michael offers their knowledge to help the world and humanity to find back to the universal power, source, or God within your hearts.

Spiritual yoga with Tanya

In Tanya's yoga teaching, the goal is to help and guide you to reach higher levels of consciousness. The essence of the yoga philosophy will be passed to you - how to walk the spiritual path and use yoga and meditation as a tool for this. This yoga purifies your whole-being, transforms your physical and mental pain, and as a result brings you calmness, clearness, and deeper happiness. Everybody can participate in her teachings - no matter what level you are on.

She is also offering yoga for pregnant women and after-birth yoga. The yoga class is always combined with the deep practice of meditation, healing, and spiritual guidance. Tanya is using her capacities as a clairvoyant and healer, being a channel of the God energy in the yoga teaching. Therefore, you will receive a strong healing and transformation energy throughout the classes. She is channeling the messages, the knowledge, and the healing energy that her spiritual master - God - is giving her.

The yoga asanas she is teaching you are the beginning sequence and the primary series of Ashtanga yoga. She has modified it through her own experience and guiding from her spiritual master. Therefore, you might experience that some of the teaching will be different from the mainstream Ashtanga teaching.

Meditation with Tanya and Michael

Meditation is the way to reach the absolute balance in body, mind, and heart. Your life on this planet is about obtaining liberation and reach the absolute freedom. Your minds has to be freed from all old memories and veils. The only way you can reach that state is through meditation. In the stillness within you find everything. Meditation is the way to the universal power or God. By practicing steady with deep prayers, the goal can be reached. They are happy to guide you on this journey within your heart.

Clairvoyance, healing, therapy, and regression session with Tanya

An individual session that will give you new perspectives. As a healer and a channel of the God Consciousness, Tanya is connecting to this higher dimension and guiding you on your soul path. She will help you resolve physical and psychological pain by finding their origins, and helping you to release them.

You will if necessary go back to previous times in this life or other lives. She can answer questions you might have about your life, what direction to go, and choices to make - e.g. life purpose, partner, family, job etc. In a session, you will receive healing where she works with her hands on your body, and guides you into your heart to re-connect and release. You will learn how to meditate, and will receive tools to walk your spiritual path further on. You will leave the session with more clarity and a deeper understanding of yourself and your soul path.

Reiki healing and life consultancy session with Michael

An individual session where you will receive Reiki healing and support of life consultancy to your current situation. The session promotes deep relaxation, increases energy, removes energy blocks, reduces stress, enhances health and wellbeing, reduces aches and pains, preventative healthcare, energizes and balances, and strengthens spiritual connection. Reiki works because it connects the universal life force energy with the body’s innate power of healing.

De-stress water class with Michael

Learn about the thermal water and its benefits. Connect to the water, yourself, and the energy. Michael will be with you in the water, do light yoga stretches then floating de-stress exercise with you, and you will end the session with a meditation in the water. A class that leaves you with deep relaxation, peace, and happiness.

Diet or health detox session with Michael

Michael is pleased to show you a healthy way of living. Many of today’s illnesses, both mental and physical, can be healed with a correct diet. Some themes you can be guided in include:

  • The correct diet for the human being
  • Detoxification, behavior, and nutrition
  • Heal diseases through the right diet
  • Healthy vegetarian or vegan for adults, babies, and children

“The Hidden Reality” lecture with Michael

Learn about the hidden reality, the real reality of the world and universe. It is more important than ever to have a complete understanding of the world! Michael is touching themes such as spiritual philosophy, politics and its manipulation, the universe and its secrets, the rewriting of history, archaeological discoveries and their importance, the illnesses of modern times, modern medicine and its background, diet and health, the weather manipulation, etc.

These are just some topics between many. You will start the lecture with a small introduction and then choose the topic of your interest.

Tantra lecture with Michael and Tanya

Learn the benefits of connecting to the universal spiritual energy and the therapeutic techniques needed to improve the love and sexual relationship. A lecture where you learn about therapeutic spiritual tools and how to heal each other through that knowledge, how to grow and unify. They do not practice sex in their lectures.

Dance therapy class with meditation

Dancing is an amazing tool to explore and feel the deeper parts of yourself. By dancing you can transform emotions and as a consequence you will feel your power and the deeper happiness that is dwelling inside you. You will be guided through different exercises with different genre of music. Dancing is a tremendous glory! The classes are combined with the deep practice of meditation.

Walk in nature with meditation

Walk in the amazing nature around Bagno Vignoni. Connect with nature, its beauty and silence. Get recharged, and touched within your heart. You as well do a meditation in the nature. -Walk in nature with wine and cheese tasting at a local farm A walk up the hill that gives a strong exercise. You will see the amazing view over Val D’orcia and end at a local farm to enjoy local wine and cheese tasting.

Daily schedule

Day 1 - Arrival day

  • 17:00 Afternoon de stress water class with meditation
  • 19:00 Bagno Vignoni welcome orientation walk with welcome drink
  • 20:00 Dinner at your spa hotel and free evening to relax

Day 2

  • 07:45 Morning personalized spiritual yoga and meditation class with Tanya
  • 09:00 Breakfast followed by time to relax and enjoy the outdoor thermal pools and indoor spa
  • 13:00 Reiki session with Michael followed by time to relax and enjoy the outdoor thermal pools, indoor spa, and lunch
  • 17:00 Afternoon light spiritual yoga and meditation class
  • 19:30 Dinner at your spa hotel and free evening to relax

Day 3 - Departure day

  • 07:45 Morning personalized spiritual yoga with meditation class with Tanya
  • 09:00 Breakfast followed by time to relax and enjoy the outdoor thermal pools and indoor spa
  • 11:00 Check-out

Non-participant travel companions and partners are most welcome. Please contact The Center For Higher Knowledge for availability and price. Due to different unexpected situations outside The Center For Higher Knowledge's control, The Center For Higher Knowledge reserves the right to make changes to the program.


Tanya Aprile
Tanya is a spiritual teacher, channel of God, and yogi. She specializes in spiritual teaching, yoga, meditation, Tantra, dance therapy, healing, and clairvoyance. She has spent her life walking the path of the heart, finding the origins of balance, which is the source of infinite love, freedom, wisdom, and peace. If you decide to walk the path within your heart and to practice the path by surrendering yourself and focusing on God, it will certainly take you to the shore of release, peace, and deep happiness.
Michael Aprile
Michael is a spiritual teacher and an instructor for the new paradigm, as well as a diet, health, and life consultant. He is also a meditation and Tantra teacher and tour expert. He has spent his life studying spirituality and esoteric philosophies and has lived in various countries during his studies to gain deeper knowledge. Naturally, one of the countries he has spent a lot of time in for his studies is the land of spirituality itself, India, where he met his wife Tanya in South Goa Patnem, Palolem.

Retreat location

This retreat will be held at hotel Posta Marcucci in Bagno Vignoni, it is a medieval village located in the heart of the world’s famous Tuscan Hills. The hotel is a peaceful and tranquil haven, located in a quite and peaceful corner of Bagno Vignoni.

In addition, the Bagno Vignoni is also known for its special soothing energy, unique scenery, cafes, wine bars, and restaurants with wonderful Italian food and wine. During the year, many events are held in the village such as weekly live music, classical concerts, and markets with local products.

Nearby places

  • Buonconvento train station, 22 kilometers
  • Chiusi train station, 42 kilometers
  • Florence Airport (FLR), 133 kilometers
  • Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport (FCO), 231 kilometers
  • Motorway, 31 kilometers
  • Pisa International Airport (PSA), 182 kilometers
  • Siena, 50 kilometers

Unique features


  • Massage
  • Reiki
  • Sauna
  • Spa
  • Wine tasting


  • Garden
  • Restaurant


In this retreat, half board meals are included in the package. Therefore, you will be served with a rich breakfast buffet and four-course dinner or lunch option. In addition, there are also vegetarian food and vegan food option available as well.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Dinner

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Regular (typically includes meat and fish)
If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation

Things to do (optional)

In this retreat, there are plenty of extra services for you to enjoy and add to your retreat package with additional cost.

  • Additional spiritual yoga and meditation classes with Tanya
  • Diet, health, and detox consultancy with Michael
  • Extra Reiki session with Michael
  • Extra thermal water de-stress and meditation class with Michael
  • Guided hikes and walks in the nature
  • Hidden reality lecture with Michael
  • Individual clairvoyance and healing therapy session with Tanya
  • Intuitive dance therapy class with Tanya
  • Spirituality class with Tanya and Michael
  • Tantra lecture with Tanya and Michael
  • Visit the cultural and nature tour at Tuscany, hill top towns, and wineries with Michael
  • Walking in nature with meditation and spiritual teaching with Tanya and Michael
  • Wine and cheese tasting at the local farm with Michael

Spa treatments

The thermal spring in the center of Bagno Vignoni is the foundation of the outdoor hot spring pools with deep therapeutic healing effects. There are two different pools where you can enjoy two different temperatures of the hot healing water. It reaches up to 45 degrees Celsius. This is for the ones who would like to have calmness, originality, and being close to nature while enjoying the amazing healing hot springs and spa wellness. The outdoor pools and the indoor spa is open from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. It is also open for an unforgettable night bath under the stars from 9 p.m. to midnight. They kindly inform you that The Centre for Higher Knowledge does not recommend pregnant women and children under five to access the outdoor pools because of the strong affect of the thermal water that can create damage to pregnant women, the baby, and small children. There is as well a big garden with sun chairs where you can relax, read a book, or simply just look at the amazing nature. The indoor spa offers the small covered swimming pool connected to the two outdoor thermal pools, as well as the stanze dell'Acqua with hydro-massage pool, finish sauna, biosaline, and Turkish bath. The indoor spa area also offers different types of massages. They would like to inform you that children under the age of 14 are not allowed in these rooms. For maintenance reasons, one of the two pools will be closed every Thursday.

What's included

  • Unique spiritual teaching
  • Daily morning personalized spiritual yoga and meditation classes
  • Daily afternoon personalized spiritual meditation classes
  • Unlimited access to the outdoor thermal spring pools and indoor spa wellbeing center
  • Daily breakfast buffet and lunch or dinner
  • 3 nights accommodation
  • Welcome drink and Bagno Vignoni orientation tour

What's not included

  • Airfare
  • Airport transfer
  • Medical emergency
  • Spa and massage treatments
  • Train station transfer
  • Travel insurance

How to get there

Arrival by airplane

Please arrive at one of these airports Florence Airport (FLR), Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport (FCO), Ciampino-G. B. Pastine International Airport (CIA), Pisa International Airport (PSA) or Siena-Ampugnano Airport (SAY). Transfer from and to the airport can be included on request. The Center For Higher Knowledge can organize a shuttle to pick you up from the airport.

Arrival by bus

Take the regular bus service from the Buonconvento train station to alight at San Quirico d'Orcia and Bagno Vignoni. The transport company that in-charge of the service to Bagno Vignoni is called Rama, you can check the bus schedule from their website.

Arrival by train

If you are taking the train, the nearby train stations are Chiusi train station (50 kilometers) and Buon Convento train station (20 kilometers). Also, you can get a direct train from Florence to Chiusi train station as well. If you are from Rome, the train takes between 1.5 to three hours to arrive, depending on which train you decide to take. If you are from Pisa or Bologna, it will take two to three hours for you to arrive.

Moreover, you make visit the rail transport website to see the options for train travel. In addition, The Center For Higher Knowledge can organize a shuttle pick-up upon your arrival, you may contact the organizer to check for the transport rate.

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 30% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid 30 days before arrival.
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