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The Center For Higher Knowledge offer you a complete spiritual teaching with yoga, meditation, healing, therapy, clairvoyance, lectures, dance, Tantra and more.

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Tanya Aprile

Tanya is a spiritual teacher, channel of God, and yogi. She specializes in spiritual teaching, yoga, meditation, Tantra, dance therapy, healing, and clairvoyance. She has spent her life walking the path of the heart, finding the origins of balance, which is the source of infinite love, freedom, wisdom, and peace. If you decide to walk the path within your heart and to practice the path by surrendering yourself and focusing on God, it will certainly take you to the shore of release, peace, and deep happiness.

Michael Aprile

Michael is a spiritual teacher and an instructor for the new paradigm, as well as a diet, health, and life consultant. He is also a meditation and Tantra teacher and tour expert. He has spent his life studying spirituality and esoteric philosophies and has lived in various countries during his studies to gain deeper knowledge. Naturally, one of the countries he has spent a lot of time in for his studies is the land of spirituality itself, India, where he met his wife Tanya in South Goa Patnem, Palolem.

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Regina Galhardi

from France, July 2018

"Thank you"

I liked very much the location and hotel facilities. The instructors’ kindness and availability to adapt the practices according to my needs were most appreciated. Their attention throughout the days I spent there was crucial to make those days magical.

Frankie Cansler

from Rwanda, December 2017

"Fabulous stay "

Working with Michael and Tanya was a great experience. They are very caring and willing to work with and around my wishes and expectations. This was a truly enjoyable and beneficial experience for me. I would highly recommend them.both and this retreat.

Mona Blake

from Ireland, September 2017

"Beginners Retreat "

Loved the personalised nature of the retreat. Small groups makes it easy to get to know people and easier when learning something new. Tanya and Michael have great personalities warm, kind, good humoured and very knowledgeable. All activities were very enjoyable. Most enjoyable was the yoga, flotation and reiki sessions. The thermal pool in the hotel was fabulous and the small village had delicious restaurants and warm people in all the little shops. A definite to return to.


from Romania, August 2017


The location was spectacular and calming and soothing, much like the daily schedule and the services offered by Tanya and Michael.

Johanna Williams

from Great Britain, July 2017

"Perfect retreat "

From my first enquiry until leaving the retreat, everything was perfect.

Tanya and Michael are very caring and want what is best for all the group.

Have the most wonderful time, with lovely people.. feeling blessed

Xiaoqun Clever

from Switzerland, April 2018

"Eine inspirierende und aufbauende Reise zu sich selbst "

Eine ganzheitliche Behandlung und Coaching mit individuellen Unterricht, Wissensvermittlung, praktischer Übungen und Anleitungen für zu Hause. Yoga kombiniert mit Meditation, Ernährungskurs, Reiki Behandlung, Destress Wasserkurs, eine Wohltun für den Körper und die Seele, sehr zu empfehlen, um Energie aufzutanken, den Weg zu sich selbst zu finden, und auch einfach zu relaxen.

Joakim Buttigli

from Switzerland, September 2017

"5 Day Retreat"

Great programm, stunning landscape, amazing food, very nice hotel and spa

Testimonials 5


The Center For Higher Knowledge website

I would like to thank you, Michael and Tanya, for this life changing experience. There is no words that could express how grateful I am to have met you both. Thank you for your love, for your compassion and for your teachings. I will always remember you and you will continue to inspire me for a long, long time. When I booked this 4 days retreat, I did not know what to expect. I had some questions about myself, about my life, and I was feeling very tired and stressed. I needed time for myself and for self-introspection. I did never hear about Bagno Vignoni before but I could not dream for a better location for such a retreat. The atmosphere in this small village of Tuscany is truly special. I found there was something mysterious and magical in this place where time seems to have stopped. An open door to let go and to be present. The Posta Marcucci hotel is lovely: beautiful room, awesome meals, warm, friendly and professional staff. Tanya and Michael are two beautiful souls, very inspiring, non-judging and compassionate. Tanya is, to me, the incarnation of love. I immediately felt safe and confident with her. She is beautiful, gentle, shining like the sun. Everything she does contains love. Through her teachings, her healings and her love, Tanya gave me confidence in myself and in life. She answered some deep questionings I had about myself, helping me understand some of my big emotional blocks. She has amazing capacities. The meditation sessions with Tanya are very powerful. She has a voice that immediately carries you away from space and time and guides you towards your inner self, to your heart. Adding a spiritual dimension to the meditation and yoga practices was an amazing experience. My practice has taken a complete different sense since then. Michael is an incredible man. He is so knowledgeable. He has a simple way to explain complicated things. Through his teachings, he releases mental beliefs, bringing your mind at a higher level of consciousness, challenging things you were certain about. I loved our discussions and his teachings. Michael’s healing gift is powerful. I have never experienced such a deep level of relaxation than during and after reiki and de-stress water sessions with him. I was able to let go very quickly. It gave me an incredible sense of confidence and left my mind clear and quiet. I was in the now, it was an amazing gift. At the end of the retreat, I felt so grateful. I have learnt so much about myself. Tanya and Michael guided me with love to the path to my inner self and I will be grateful for this gift all my life. I came back home with new eyes, full of energy, with a sense of confidence in everything that is and everything that will be; with an understanding of the deep connection we have with the universe and how important we all are. I am now continuing my spiritual work by meditating and practicing yoga. I hope I will meet Tanya and Michael again, maybe in Goa :) With love, Jessica

Maria Sweden

The Center For Higher Knowledge website

The retreat by Tanya and Michael in the beautiful hidden paradise village Bagno Vignoni really did me well. Going through large life changes I felt I wanted to go somewhere where I could get proper guidance by professionals and this I really got. Tanya and Michael really complements each other and were excellent hosts . There was time for your own reflections and the schedule was of perfect balance. I also enjoyed time with the other people who were their for their individual journey. I now feel that I have more tools than I had before and can see my path more clearly. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone who wants to relax, heal, develop and grow. The surroundings and the village Bagno Vignoni is a place I will return and I loved the hotel and food. See you soon T & M.

With Love, Maria Sweden

Birgitte Denmark

The Center For Higher Knowledge website

Dear Tanya and Michael.

Thousand thousand thanks for a such a fantasitc trip to Tuscany and your very nice place.

I am delighted and thankful to have been with you for these days in Bagno Vignoni ... your hospitality and the cooperation we have been in, is life-giving in every way, and has opened up for blocks in my spirituality, which I - very long - have been longing for having flow in. There is flow now .... heartfelt thanks for the cooperation.

I am SO happy to know you and have been with you in Tuscany...

Tanya, I am deeply glad you have so clear and clean a soul and contact to the universe - and that you have shown me paths to walk with your presents and especially with your femininity. I'm SO happy to have met you and your loving way to look at life - thankful that I do not need to explain and fight for being understood.

It means a ot to me that you are so mild, and as well insistent and arguing to follow the power of yoga and meditation in the way to reach higher levels of consciousness. I can feel the power and the depth ... Thank you, Tanya because you are here !!

Michael ... from my heart thank you because you are so clean, honest and warmth-hearthed in your way of being human and man. You have an openness, spontaneity, directness, and love for people you meet, which is an invaluable gift for all - and especially people who have low self-esteem, I feel. Perhaps you do not see the great value yourself, but I feel the very strong flow from you to the outside world. I am very pleased that you showed me how a man can be handsome and powerful at the same time.

The Hotel Posta where I stayed for the retreat is a cozy, clean and decent hotel with a standard over 3 stars, which it "only" has.

Hotel Posta is beautifully located in the Val d'Orcia area, with scenic views of the hills with Tuscan cypress trees.

The food is good and well sorted and the staff are very friendly, accommodating and helpful!

Hotel Posta has very clean and well-kept surroundings - the sun and the warmth is life-giving to body and soul, where the beautiful shady pine trees around the pool create the best conditions for peace of mind. Heat sources from the underground provide the natural, warm and living water of the pool, providing great opportunities to relieve stress and mental imbalance.

Hotel Posta is a very lovely place to stay and provides the best setting for the treatments with Tanya and Michael so it all is perfectly united. I would like to come back to Bagno Vignoni, Hotel Posta - and not least to Tanya and Michael's loving was of being and their retreat.

I know we talk and meet again - and look forward to it-whenever it will be.

All the best for you and your little family.

See you!!

Loving hug

A traveler Dubai

The Center For Higher Knowledge

I arrived in Bagno Vignoni tired, stressed out and with a painful ankle, having twisted it badly the day before.

I left Bagno Vignoni happy, rested, with inner peace and confidence and no pain at all in the ankle.

Tanya and Michael took care of me from all points of view: physical, energetical and spiritual.

The yoga with Tanya took care of my phisical blocks in the asanas from a very different perspective, helping me to move further than i ever did. She is totally angelic and will just accept you as you are. Nothing is imposed or forced.

I had a wonderful reiki session with Michael, i totally advice it, i had the best night sleep afterwards and felt rejuvinated. I also enjoyed our talk on food.

Also....if you are interested on the history and art in the region, do ask Michael, he knows EVERYTHING there is to know.

I also had a special spirtual session with Tanya. The lady is very gifted but be warned, if you want the max benefit, come with open mind and heart. Then real shifts will happen.

A couple of words on the hotel. It is in a wonderful location with a perfect tuscan view. Its thermal waters have special healing properties and must be tried to believe. The rooms are lovely and the staff professional and superkind.

If choose this holiday, it will change you in the best version of yourself, Tanya and Michael will support you all the way.

Rita Dubai

The Center For Higher Knowledge

What a life changing and enlightening experience it was! I can't describe how amazing were the natural spring water pools and the breathtaking sceneries at spa hotel Posta Marcucci and in Bagno Vignoni, Tuscany.

Tanya and Michael spread their positivity, their love and their knowledge in such a wonderful and overwhelming way....After 4 days of balanced yoga sessions, beautiful meditations, fun dance therapy, inspiring clairvoyance and healing Reiki session, I felt how much this retreat was so needed, for my physical and emotional state of being with Tanya & Michael Aprile, The Center For Higher Knowledge Bagno Vignoni, Tuscany.

I am so grateful that I got to experience this life changing retreat! Can't wait to go back in September!

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