The Bhakti Center

New York City, United States

The Bhakti Center offers yoga events and courses where you can deepen your learning in the wisdom of yoga’s sacred texts, arts, and practices.

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  • Jesica S.

    The Bhakti Center website

    I’ve been looking for a home for my yogi heart since returning from a long retreat. Although New York City has a number of amazing studios, many of them are focused on the asana practice and not the other 7 limbs of yoga but I think I found that place. They have regular Gita talks and kirtan at little to no cost, which makes my heart (and wallet) smile. If you are taking the time to read this, then take the time to check it out.

  • Molly D.

    The Bhakti Center website

    This place has wonderful energy. It is very warm, a real sanctuary in the midst of the city. The teachers are some of the best around and their knowledge is deep.

  • Jennifer L.

    The Bhakti Center website

    For anyone looking for great yoga classes in the East Village, and a center of all things spiritual / Eastern philosophy / holistic, this would be a great place to start.

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