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4 Days Healing Yoga Retreat in Boracay, Philippines

  • Dante's Hide Away Resort, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines


Healing Yoga Retreat in the Philippines

Expand, relax, and rejoice through a deep yoga flow experience on Boracay white beach. Merge with the elements, the turquoise sea, the white sand, the cool breeze, and learn to find space and peace within. Let the beauty of the scenery touch you as you will explore the secrets of yoga, at sunrise and sunset. Experience true peace and joy at the world famous Boracay Beach.


  • Daily beach yoga
  • Body postures instruction
  • Daily guided meditation on the beach
  • Breathing and purifying techniques
  • 3 nights accommodation
  • Paradisiac island
  • 4 days with instruction
  • English, French
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You are given the option to choose from various accommodations: a bed in a dormitory room at Tree House Resort and Bar, or twin or double bed in an air-conditioned room. The rooms will be at Island Jewel Inn or Sundown Gardens. The center is located at Dante's Hide Away Resort. There are many great local restaurants and other great places around to eat and drink, including the very popular Red Pirates sunset bar and many.

Morning beach yoga

You begin the class with a gentle centering, acknowledging the natural power of the surroundings. Then you start the practice of breathing and purifying techniques. Once your consciousness is opening, you enter into a flow of specific series of body postures, starting with sun salutations; the series is based on Vinyasa yoga, gentle flow, or more dynamic depending on the students. You will work on bending, balancing, stretching, and twisting postures, connected with an expanded breathing flow. The last part of the class is a guided meditation, where you are invited to surrender totally, and move deeper into relaxation and peace. After the class, The Beach Meditation highly recommends to jump in the refreshing turquoise water and have fun.

Sunset beach yoga

You will begin the class with a gentle centering through breath, acknowledging the natural power of the surroundings. Then moving into a flow of specific series of body postures. Taking more time in each of them, work on deeper layers of muscles and body structure, making this practice more Yin oriented. You will keep all the practice connected with an expanded breathing flow. In the last part of the class, you will start with a guided meditation, before the sun gazing meditation with the most amazing sunsets. After this, you may be perfectly ready for a swim or a shower, before a juicy cocktail!


Meditation is learning to go within yourself and dissolve the unconscious veils, in order to discover your true essence. It is the art of living a life from your truth, embracing all the levels of existence with more awareness, easiness, and clarity. In yoga, the body postures (asanas) and the breathing techniques (pranayama) are just bridges to move towards the experience of meditation.


  • 08:00 - 09:30 90 minutes morning yoga followed by free time
  • 16:30 - 18:00 90 minutes sunset yoga
  • Josef Huber

    Josef, a German national, is a meditation teacher and Emotional Release therapist. Finding his way through books, seminars and trainings, he soon started to teach yoga, meditation and practiced hypnotherapy. In the US, he received training as a regression and rebirthing therapist.

  • Samuel Boursier

    Samuel is a yoga and meditation teacher, and a breathwork facilitator. He comes from Paris, France, and has spent most of the last seven years traveling, exploring the inner and deepening his experience of yoga and meditation. He has been trained in Vinyasa Yoga at the FFY, and learned meditation in India at the OSHO International Meditation Resort. He studied Grof's holotropic breathwork and transpersonal psychology in Paris, and went through various shamanic initiations with plant medicines (Iboga, Ayahuasca, Teonanacatl). Now he is back to the Philippines to share his inspiration and love.

Boracay Island in the Philippines is a paradise for certified beach and sun-worshippers around the world. Its premiere white beach was rated the best in the world by the Sun Herald in Australia, National Geographic, Yahoo Travel, and Harper's Magazine. Boracay Beach is the venue of this yoga vacation that promises expansion, peace, and transformation.

  • Boating nearby
  • Diving nearby
  • Fishing nearby
  • Fitness center nearby
  • Gym nearby
  • Massage
  • Sailing nearby
  • Sauna
  • Scuba diving nearby
  • Shopping nearby
  • Snorkeling nearby
  • Spa
  • Surfing nearby
  • Swimming nearby
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Beach
  • Night club nearby
  • Restaurant nearby
  • ATM / banking nearby
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Local market

The food is not included in the package. However you will eat healthy dishes in different restaurants at the center and at the beach.

  • Diving
  • Island hoping
  • Sailing
  • Snorkeling
  • Water sports
  • 3 nights accommodation
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Daily meditation practices
  • Meals are not included in the price.

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Godofredo P. Ramos Airport (MPH).

The fastest way to Boracay is to fly from Manila. There are also many flights to Kalibo, one may also take the Manila-Kalibo flight.

Arrival by ferry

An adventurous but more leisurely and romantic way to travel to Boracay is by ferry from Manila to Caticlan or Dumaguit, near Kalibo. Travel time is about 17 hours.


  • Caticlan - 1.5 hours
For information about the booking conditions, please send The Beach Meditation an inquiry.
  • Review by Julien from Brisbane, Australia

    "An amazing meeting! More than that, a new friend. Samuel, you did me a power of good. I was so tired of everyday life, work, personal life. In this crazy world, where we give ourselves' all, your 4 days retreat was a key part of my stay to balance and refocus personally, and be more aware of the moment. I wasn’t prepared for this unique experience, but know that I come home with not only a sense of well-being but also tools for my everyday life. Another big thank you for your sharing and hope to see you for a another renewing retreat. See you soon!"

    The Beach Meditation, edited

  • Review by Callum from New Castle, UK

    "Hello Samuel! I thank you for everything yo have done for me, the retreat has been a real learning curve and I'll be sure to carry on the practice wherever life may take me. You have genuinely made my life a more open place and I wish you all the good luck in the world. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me. God knows I needed it. Thank you so much!"

    The Beach Meditation, edited

  • Review by Alexandra Walker from Hongkong

    "I originally signed up for the 4 day Yoga retreat which turned into 9 days of yoga and meditation! I went into this retreat because of a personal trauma and wanted something that would help with the healing process. I had no expectations or experience of meditation previously and so was completely open. The first meditation session I experienced a peacefulness and relaxation that I have never felt before, although I didn't really give myself fully to the meditation at first, it made me look within myself, at the emotions I was currently facing but to also look at all parts of my life and who I am. As the days went on and we moved through the different types of meditations I started to give myself more and more and I was elated by a natural high, happiness and oneness I felt within myself, which I have never felt before. The yoga on the beach and at the place I stayed during my time in Boracay with Samuel were some of my most beautiful memories, he gave me so much confidence in myself, and made me realize that in fact I am not really a beginner. Samuel is a beautiful teacher, he is humble, caring, supportive and a truly inspiring man. Throughout my time we laughed and were joyful even when I was facing some very tough emotions. After each meditation Samuel would offer his time to discuss and listen to our experiences and feelings during the meditation or just talk about life in general. All in all this was a joyful, overwhelming, liberating and exciting experience that has inspired me to start a new journey in my life. I would highly recommend this retreat to everyone.", edited

  • Review by Traveler from New York, USA

    "I was always curious about meditation and all the yoga programs that go along with it. As for myself, I am in shape but only for some gym workouts. I visit the Philippines from New York quite often but never ventured into the meditation world of the inner self. I had to give it a try. I took advantage of a four-day, three-night promo package, food not included. The Beach Meditation Center is operated by Josef Huber and Samuel Boursier, meditation teachers, yoga teachers and therapists. They both traveled extensively and teach in Europe, Bali, India. I learned there are many different forms of yoga and meditation. Dantes Hide Away Resort where the center is located is at Station 3, Along Angol Street about 100 meters from the beach. Boracay Beach, by the way, is rated as one of the most beautiful in the world. I must admit, after four days, I experienced a wonderful time"

    The Beach Meditation website, edited

  • Review by Michelle L. from Hong Kong, China

    "We practiced with Samuel at a quiet stretch of the beach, away from the crowd in Station 2. Samuel is able to adjust his sequence based on the level of experience of his participants, offering various level of challenges for everyone. We did two sessions, sunset yoga and sunrise yoga, during our three-day stay in Boracay. During our sunset yoga, it was wonderful to open our eyes from shavasana and witnessed the most amazing sunset at Boracay. We very much value our practice outdoor (versus our usual cramp studio in Hong Kong). Samuel's guidance on our alignment as well as breath work left us rejuvenated. We would consider opting for a longer meditation cum yoga retreat if we have the time next round."

    TripAdvisor, edited

  • Review by Zoe and Daniel from Australia

    "My partner and I did yoga on the beach with Samuel at sunset, and it was beautiful! My partner had never practiced yoga before, Samuel guided him through with great support and teaching. As a regular yogi myself, the experience was like no other! Amazing setting, incredible teacher and unforgettable experience. A definite must do, even if yoga is new to you! "

    TripAdvisor, edited

  • Review by Elli Norris

    "We signed up to this meditation retreat with no expectations, just ready for a new experience and an opportunity to delve a little deeper within. This experience was truly enlightening yet fun and joyful at the same time. We previously had a little bit of experience with meditation and yoga but after the 4 day retreat our knowledge and opportunity to explore ourselves has developed and grown immensely. During this retreat we experienced feelings and reached a truly natural high on many different levels. Some of the sessions were intense revealing and releasing hidden emotions and some of the sessions were full of laughter and joy while putting us in a beautiful state of relaxation - however we felt safe and prepared for all of these sessions at all times. Samuel's supportive and caring nature enabled us to feel free and comfortable to participate in all the different types of mediation and yoga at our full potential. Not only did Samuel fully support us during the meditations and yoga sessions, he offered his time to further discuss anything we needed to whether it be the meditation or yoga sessions specifically or just a general talk about life. Samuel is a truly inspiring and humble person. If you just want to bring some joy and happiness back into your body and life or experience delving a little deeper within yourself or just simply feel cleansed and energized then we would highly recommend this retreat." website, edited

  • Review by Johanna Sanneborn

    "I'm so satisfied with my beach meditation! The only thing is that I got sick the third day from something I ate, so I couldn't participate in the last two days which made me really sad. But my first two days was amazing. Samuel is so kind and such a good teacher who listens and really take his time for you. I would recommend this to everyone and I would love to go back and do it again, the whole program! I loved the fact that the group is not so big, it makes you feel more comfortable sharing your thoughts and stories if you want, and really made it easier to get the most out of the experience. I'm so glad I did it, even if I could only do half the program my experience was really great and would definitely go back whenever I get the chance! 10/10!" website, edited

  • Review by April from Vancouver, Canada

    ""Grateful to enjoy a wonderful sunset yoga session on the beach. The sand made it extra tough but SO worth it. I’m really feeling it today. If you’re ever in Boracay, you must check out The Beach Meditation. They offer beach yoga and active meditation classes in this incredible paradise. Namaste!""

    The Beach Meditation website, edited

  • Review by Gina from Manila, Philippines

    ""Samuel was just what I needed. We were on a 4-day vacation when I accidentally stumbled upon him conducting a yoga class at the beach at about 7am. I was jogging and when i saw his class i could feel the serenity and calmness going on with his students. I immediately asked for our own yoga session, and got hooked! He is very nice, calm and helpful in teaching us yoga”"

    The Beach Meditation website, edited

  • Review by Reena from San Fransisco, USA

    ""Hi Samuel! I'm back in the white blanket of fog that sweeps the city of San Francisco and am missing my yoga by the beach experience in sunny Boracay. Thank you for your patience, guidance and support in teaching a beginner like me. Your calm and soothing voice, and individualized attention allowed me to be confident and relaxed during the sessions. The sound of the waves and the light ocean breeze was the ideal set-up for this meditation experience and the breathing exercises. I felt restored, balanced, happy and relaxed after the classes. Accommodating to all yoga levels with a noncompetitive, nonjudgmental & friendly atmosphere, the sessions were fun as well as challenging at such an affordable price. I'm grateful to have a dedicated teacher in you and I look forward to the next time and the next head stand.Namaste!”"

    The Beach Meditation website, edited

  • Review by Teresita Clemente

    "My four-day stress release yoga retreat at the beach meditation last February 25 to 28, 2016 was truly a unique experience. This was my first time to practice yoga at the beach, especially at the beautiful beach of Boracay! Aside from the beach setting, what made the experience even more unforgettable for me is my teacher Samuel. He has a welcoming presence which made me feel comfortable and open-up easily. All my questions were answered with wisdom and much clarity. He specifically devised the retreat program based on my level of practice with yoga and meditation. As an experienced teacher, he taught me different techniques like breathing, mantra, dancing, whirling, among other things. Also, the holotrophic breathwork helped me to understand myself better. Samuel's encouragement inspired me to continue this practice all the more. All in all, it was a mix of overwhelming, relaxing, fun and liberating experience! I never felt so alive coming out of this retreat! I highly recommend this retreat to everyone." website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from New York, USA

    "This review will be about The Beach Meditation Center at Dante's Hide Away Resort on beautiful Boracay Island in the Philippines. I was always curious about meditation and all the yoga programs that go along with it. As for myself, I am in shape but only for some gym workouts. I visit the Philippines from New York quite often but never ventured into the meditation world of the inner self. I had to give it a try.I took advantage of a four-day, four-night promo package, food not included. The Beach Meditation Center is owned and operated by a gentleman named Josef Huber, a meditation teacher and therapist. He has traveled extensively to teach in Europe, New York, and India even having written a book called Celebrate Your Life I learned there are many different forms of yoga. Dantes Hide Away Resort where the center is located is at Station 3, Along Angol Street about 100 meters from the beach. Boracay Beach, by the way, is rated as one of the most beautiful in the world.I must admit, after four days, I experienced a wonderful time. The staff was very friendly and understanding not only for the amateur but the experienced persons as well. The facilities were immaculate and refreshing."

    The Beach Meditation website, edited

  • Review by Jane from Vancouver, Canada

    "Recently, I joined the Beach Meditation's four-day stress-release meditation in the beautiful island of Boracay, Philippines. It was a truly magical experience and I have since gained immense insight and tools to aid in dealing with the stress of today's high-paced world. I have learnt a variety of techniques in the forms of yoga, breathwork, and active meditation. Active meditation was a new concept for me and prior to this experience, I had only participated in silent meditation. Active meditation uses a combination of breath-work, movement, and dance; I felt that my body enjoyed this new process of preparing for meditation and I found that it allowed me to dive much deeper than usual. To anyone considering this retreat, I absolutely recommend taking part. Josef and Samuel are outstanding teachers and I have learnt so much within my short time in Boracay. I will be back in the near future."

    The Beach Meditation website, edited

  • Review by Kuba from London, UK

    "To start off New Year, my wife and I spent five days doing morning yoga on the beach and afternoon meditation sessions on a rooftop while on Boracay. It was truly transformative experience, so if you planning to vist Boracay you need to give it a go. Personally recommend session of Holotropic breath-work with a good measure of Kundalini. Not to mention mind and body bending yoga before breakfast."

    The Beach Meditation website, edited

  • Review by Natalia from Moscow, Russia

    "I had a great experience practicing yoga with Samuel on one of the most beautiful beaches of the world - white beach during amazing sunset . These practices helped me to find love, peace, and balance in my soul as well as inspired to search for more other practices back to snowy Moscow."

    The Beach Meditation website, edited

  • Review by Beth from UK

    "Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you Josef and Samuel for the couple of mediation sessions you lead for me. They were like nothing I've experienced before, and I'm so grateful to have tried them. Thank you both again. I wish you both all the best with this new endeavour - I've no doubt that it'll be very popular."

    The Beach Meditation website, edited

  • Review by Danielle from Shanghai, China

    "Leading a typical busy life of a teacher in Shanghai, the desire to de-stress and and reflect was growing. Then I saw the advert for the beach meditation. I met the lovely Samuel and Joseph who gave me and my friend a rooftop active meditation session and were both happy to discuss things further to help us. I also joined them for sunset yoga on the beach during my stay in Boracay. I felt relaxed and got the desired motivation to seek out how to continue this when back at home. The perfect setting whatever your level, and both teachers are inspiring and well informed. Thank you both! Blessings."

    The Beach Meditation website, edited

Boracay, Philippines

The Beach Meditation helps you learn how to get rid of emotional burdens and experience true peace, joy, bliss, and love at the world-famous Boracay Beach.

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