The Beach Meditation helps you learn how to get rid of emotional burdens and experience true peace, joy, bliss, and love at the world-famous Boracay Beach.

Reviews (9)

Jessica Desgagnes

from United States, February 2018

"Priceless learning experience"

I genuinely enjoyed this meditation retreat. I was not expecting this style at all, but I feel that it has helped me to grow. Initially I was scared but I am happy to have tried and learned something new and will take it with me. The morning yoga on the beach was a peaceful way to begin the day. The afternoon breathwork and meditations were a very new style to me and have sparked great interest. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening meditations. This retreat gave me the chance to really just take a time out and reflect on myself. Samuel was a great instructor; he creates a safe space, is very knowledgeable in quite the variety of techniques, is patient, and is plain and simply a very warm individual. A previous reviewer remarked on his eyes that seem to look right through you - I have to agree. In addition he allows for silences that you may feel the need to fill at first, but don't - just allow for it. Thank you, Samuel. Thank you.

Also, it must be mentioned that the staff at the Jewell inn was exceptional. They were extremely friendly and helpful. Margie even walked me to catch a ride to the airport. Should I return to Borcay I'll stay at this inn given the location (3rd beach and therefore quieter) and the great staff.

Shahida Angullia

from Singapore, December 2017

"A wonderful experience "

It was a wonderful experience. Samuel was a great and kind instructor who guided me patiently even though I am a meditation beginner, I was able to try it out and I really enjoyed the retreat. The yoga on the beach in the mornings was a highlight for me. It was the most peaceful way to start everyday with yoga and the sound of the waves and Samuel's calming voice. I would be back again if I ever get the chance!

Cornelia Kontek

from United Kingdom, November 2017

"True transformation in paradise"

When I first arrived I was a bit worried about the length of the meditation sessions, but even after the first session I felt the change in me, the shift of energy. Every session was different, and Samuel made them a lot of fun. The morning yoga on the beach in a gorgeous setting was the perfect way to start each day. I really hope I can go back.

Verender Bhatia

from Philippines, November 2017

"An amazing experience!"

The Yoga-Medotation retreat helped find inner peace and relaxation.


from France, January 2018

"Surprenant... et finalement decevant. "

La plage sur laquelle nous faisions le yoga est très belle.

Le lieu de méditation était propre.

Venera Jakupov

from United States, November 2017

"Unforgettable time of Transformation"

I had my first experience of osho meditation and I liked it very much, especially because it's a good mix of active (dance, breathwork etc.) and passive /relaxing meditation. I already felt a transformation after a few days.

I also enjoyed the morning yoga classes at the beach very much and the sunset beach meditation with an amazing view.

Samuel is very nice, funny,competent, full of positive energy and just the perfect teacher. The spiritual conversations with him were very inspiring.

I definetely come back!