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Federica Clemente

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Valérie Calmès

from France, January 2020

I highly recommend that retreat with Federica.

The quality of what she proposes, the place, the food.

So much more than just a yoga retreat.

Unforgettable experience !


from United States, January 2020

"Beautiful experience"

This was a transformative retreat that was exactly what I needed to start the new year. Federica creates a beautiful space for everyone to dive deeply into their own inner work. From morning yoga to beautiful meditations and activities in the evenings, each day was different and exciting. The group of women on the retreat was incredible and inspiring. La Luna Nel Pozzo is a perfect location. Natasha's cooking was nourishing for the body and soul. All in all, you won't regret investing in this retreat if you are ready to take a leap into self-exploration and healing!


from Great Britain, January 2020

"What an incredible journey "

These days blurred into a time of understanding. As someone who has spent the past 8 years diving into various physical healing techniques and forms of meditation, these 8 days were the most valuable experience for progressing my own journey of greater consciousness. I have never investigated the real mind-body-soul connection the way we did with Federica. She is a woman oozing with contagious life force, capable of creating a truly magical space where women quickly move from strangers to core supporters. I feel so grateful for this experience that I shared with my fellow women. Now, I have the privilege to put the broad set of tools and understanding gained during the retreat into practice at home. Two weeks out of the retreat, and I can already see and feel its tremendous positive impact.

If your intuition is guiding you to a retreat with Federica, trust it. This is unlike any yoga retreat that sits on the 'physical' level. This retreat can help you chip off big chunks of your armour and really start to touch the soul energy that rests within all of our cores, just waiting to be channelled.

Elisabetta Scalari

from Italy, January 2020

"Much more than a Yoga Retreat"

The variety of activities, the delicious and healthy food, the location in the countryside yet 15min away from Ostuni historic centre and, of course, the women who shared this journey with me and made it so special.

Cristina Marinelli

from Italy, January 2020

"A journey discovering yourself"

The New Year Retreat organised by Federica is extraordinary. I was looking for a yoga retreat, but I found much more here. Federica is an amazing, energetic, powerful and deep woman. She guided a group of 20 incredible women through a deep journey in ourself and out of our comfort zone. Since the very first moment, she created a safe and trustworthy environment, where we were able to embrace openly the many emotional challenges Federica gave to us.

"La Luna nel Pozzo" is beautiful and the food was excellent,

lovingly cooked by fabulous Natasha.

It was great to start the New Year surrounded by so many incredible women!

Arianna Allocco

from Italy, January 2020

"Don't think about it, just do it! "

Be aware that this is not a typical retreat, this is a proper journey and if you let it go freely with trust in the work and in yourself you will never be so grateful to have made the decision to do it.

Federica's retreat is a life changing experience.

It has been definitely more that what I expected, she is a curandera and she guided us in a journey inside ourselves as woman and human being, as I'd never done before.

I experienced the power of being connected with my self, my inner child, my ancestors, my feminine and masculine part, my sisters and with Mother Earth.

I touch with hand the power of sisterhood and women circle!

For the first time I felt truly awaken! Still lots to come ahead... But it's a big shake and everybody should experienced it!

And the location, La luna nel pozzo, is just a magic place where you will feel well treated, cared for and cuddled!!

Alessandra Madio

from Great Britain, January 2019

"Unforgettable Experience"

This was my first time doing a yoga retreat and it exceeded my expectations. Everything from the location, through the food to the beautiful human being that Federica is made it one of the best experiences I had in 2018. Federica is so especial and make you feel so welcome and comfortable and at the same time she triggers everything within you so you make the most of the experience. I can say that in 1 week I've learnt a lot more than I have ever learnt from reading books or doing yoga. I highly recommend this retreat to all women, especially a womens one because I feel with the feminine intimacy and connection is where the magic happens. A real sisterhood was bornt from this retreat. The food was vegetarian and really delicious and varied. Natasha and Alessandro were so nice and adapted to our needs. Bedrooms were lovely with a rustic but comfortable and cosy feel. I loved everything about this experience.


from United States, January 2019

"Perfect way to spend the new year"

Federica’s yoga Reteat was a journey into my inner world. The perfect balance of body, soul, spirit work as we prepared to leave 2018 and welcome 2019. Excellent food and a lot of unexpected awakenings. Great to spend time in the company of amazing women xxx

Maria Kurth

from Germany, January 2020

"Traumhaft "

Ich kann mich nicht gut genug ausdrücken, um zu beschreiben, wie schön es war und was ich dort erlebt und gefühlt habe.

Ein paar Eckdaten vielleicht trotzdem:

Neben der wunderschönen Chancen zum persönlichen Wachstum und einem wunderschönen Raum, im Kreise von Frauen, der dort entstand, gab es überragenden Yoga Unterricht, Essen, im dem man Liebe schmecken und fühlen konnte, (Ich war zu jeder Mahlzeit wieder so begeistert.) die herzlichsten Gastgeber, eine unglaubliche, wunderschöne und heilsame Location auf dem Land und eine großartigen und inspirierende Lehrerin - Frederica.

Ich bin sehr dankbar für das Erlebnis, und ich wünschte, jede Frau würde erleben, was ich in der Woche dort erlebte habe.


from Germany, January 2020

"Amazing, transforming week"

The group was great and Frederica is an amazing and inspiring woman.

It was good scheduled the sessions. Many self-development work was done and I released many emotions. I was really sad to leave the retreat and looking forward to come back. If you think to book it, book it.. your inner voice is right...