The Alchemy of Living, offering yoga retreat, has the vision to make you a shining human being, vibrant, and healthy.

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Batya Goller

Eran Dolev

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Sarah Curts

from Canada, March 2018

"Transformation on the lake "

I loved working with Eran and Batya. They held such a beautiful and sacred space together and individually. The work we did was so nice and perfect for where I was at. I got way more out of it than expected. A whole new outlook on how to live my life. My own personal meditation and yoga practice renewed. Really, I feel blessed.

The Yoga Forest was such a nice escape from life as well. No internet, no electricity, not many people... such a nice retreat.

Camilla Boler

from Great Britain, August 2017

"A real soul enrichening experience. "

I really loved my experience on the retreat and I have definitely come away with a new lust for life. Not only was batya and Eran great to talk to, they were a fountain of information and knowledge. I simply hadn't expect to learn as much from them as I did.

My eyes have been open to Ayurveda and I now have tools of how to work some of be practice into my life. Plus, I really enjoyed learning Satyananda yoga and am looking to continue of my practice of it.

The yoga forest was a magical place and perfectly fitted the retreat. We were able to look out onto the lake and the volcanoes as we practiced our morning sessions which, really added to be magesty of it all.

Thank you so much for such a life changing week.

Holly Mills

from United States, August 2017

"Batya and Eran are fabulous!"

This retreat was everything I had hoped for and more. Eran and Batya both were extremely knowledgeable and caring. I would take another workshop with them in a heartbeat.