The 10 Day Process

The 10 Day Process offers pranic living meditation retreats led by Ray Maor, an international breatharian lifestyle guide.

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Kacper Postawski

The 10 Day Process website

Nothing prepared me for what would happen next… and how drastically my life would change.


The 10 Day Process website

It’s amazing to see what the body can really do. In the end it’s not about food. It’s about freedom in every way.


The 10 Day Process website

For me the first 2 days were very hard. But on the 3rd day I woke up with so much energy and it only got stronger.

Jenn and Max

The 10 Day Process website

People want to feel bad for you because you don’t eat. For me this is luxury living. And I love luxury


The 10 Day Process website

The process made me spiritual. Now I can see that my body and I are one. Makes you look at life differently.

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